A Tribute To Nelson Frazier JR (AKA Viscera/Mabel)

Because why the fuck not? He might not have been the most significant guy in wrestling, nor wis he ever a particularly brilliant wrestler, but for the best part of 15 years he was a fuckin workhorse for WWE. A super heavyweight who could be relied upon for at least half decent matches. The man who paved the way for wrestlers wae magnificant man diddies, tae whap them oot and wave them aboot.

As Mabel he was one of my early favourites. I remember being daft on Mabel and Mo as a bairn. Men on a Mission tae make me smile so they wur. Scooped up they tag belts for a wee while tae. Then yer Mabel got that singles push we so craved. A wee King of The Ring win, followed by a brief, and largely terrible push to the top end of the card. This was 1995 though, and WWE employed 11 wrestlers, a guy who was adept at walking through airports carrying all 4 ringposts and eh…..I’m sure The Brooklyn Brawler was around then anaw. Basically oor Nelson got a push cause they needed a body that didnae belong tae Shawn Micheals, Bret Hart or The Undertaker tae challenge Diesel for a while. He main evented Summerslam against Diesel, and not tae speak ill of the recently deceased, or the Kevin Nash, but well…it wis fuckin pish. There endeth the push, and not long after that, his first WWE run ended anaw. That wasnt the end of the Nelson Frazier Jr story though.

Viscera wis a gimmick I never really bought intae. It wisnae ever allowed to grow. He was always an affiliate of someone bigger. Someone more important. Nae mic time, nae character development, and in all honesty he creeped me out. Him and that ill looking ex Godwinn they cried Mideon. I loved The Ministry, but Viscera wis never really my guy. Then Big Daddy V came along, and thats when we got to see those shimmering chebs of his more often. The original BBW (Big Beautiful Wrestler incase yer wondering) a hero to the every man.

I suppose the point in this rambling nonsense is that ye dont need tae make a huge impact on wrestling tae be remembered fondly. Sometimes doing yer job is more than enough. Sometimes understanding that yer no more than a spoke in the wheel, and making a comfortable living from that is worthy of as much praise as the more talented cunts at the top end wae their heids nestled comfortably up their ain arses.

This isnae me trying tae make ye think I’ve given any more than a passing fuck about Viscera for the past 10 years btw. This news hasnt devastated me, but at the same time, its important tae pay yer respects to the unsung heroes. To me we lost an unsung hero today.

So lets raise a wee glass tae Nelson Frazier Jr eh. Another wrestler gone far too soon. Most will remember him as Viscera, but tae me he’ll always be Mabel. He’ll always be a guy who once gently placed his baws in Bam Bam Bigelows gub.



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