WWE RAW Review 07/04/2014 (POST MANIA RAW..GET HYPE)


Sometimes I litter these wee intro’s wae shite talk. A wee long winded joke or suhin. Lets ye settle in and sets the tone for whits tae follow, but this show needs none of that. This show spoke for itself, and it spoke loudly and proudly. It spoke wae its baws oot, and it spoke whilst waving them aboot. This is the post Wrestlemania RAW, and as usual, it was a wee bit special.

We start off wae a stunning wee video package for Daniel Bryan. WWE always fuckin nail these things eh? The VT for the Wyatt vs Cena feud was magical anaw, and this yin pretty much filled ye in on the whole Daniel Bryan story for anyone who might not have been in the know. Shows ye aw the heely goodness that we’ve had fae Triple H n Stephanie McMahon, and builds it up beautifully tae the moment he finally took the belts for keeps at Mania. I shed a wee tear. Nae shame. Wrestling has me again. In its fuckin clutches, and I think if ye call yersell a wrestling fan and yer no in the same boat, its probably best that ye stop kiddin yersell on. This isnae for you if ye haven’t found yersell totally invested, and on the verge of emotional wreckage after something that happened at Wrestlemania. Its over for ye. Deid fae the soul up. Pointless going on really int it? Can ye even taste food? Dae ye even crack a smile when birds chirp a merry tune while ye walk? I don’t think this is for you. This ‘life’ ye claim tae be living. Cause whit is life without the wee things that make yer heart race, and get lost in dalliances wae shirtless antics. Whit is life without the moments that send aw yer blood, sweat, tears and spunk spillin oot every orifice. Whits the point? whit is life without wrestling?

Sorry I got a bit carried away there, but I’m sittin here watchin Daniel Bryan lead a packed arena in a thunderous YES! chant, and I’m gettin emotional mate. Its been a turbulent few months for me personally anaw, and I feel like me n DBry have emerged fae it aw together. Climbed oot the wreckage as bearded brothers in arms….triumphant. He lets them chant his name for a gid 2-3 hours, before we eventually hear fae the champ. The champ is here. He lets us know about the stuggles he’s faced having tae raise his arms wae that YES! chant wae a title in each haun. Too heavy. Then…aw man, I cannae greet again. I’m aw cried out. Tear ducts are wilting. A fuckin “you deserve it!” chant? Come on tae fuck. I couldnae handle it. Too much emotion. Too much everything. If ye were losing interest in Daniel Bryan and his pursuit of the belt, the emotion involved in this promo must have brought ye back. Surely it did. It had tae.

Then the Beak came oot wae his delectable wench in the wee black dress. Guys I’m mildly obsessed wae the idea of seein these two pump. No gonnae lie tae ye. I think it would be refreshing tae sit down and watch a celebrity sex tape that ye don’t feel a deep sense of shame about chuggin yersell daft tae it. Aw I really need is tae see if Steph is as flexible as I imagine. Basically I envisage a scenario where she can wrap her legs roon a Range Rover and no split hersell in two. That’s aw I need tae see, anyway..they’re out tae shout at DBry for a while, but Hunter vows no tae get in the ring incase he does something tae DBr he might regret. DBry stauns right in his coupon and hoists they belts towards the sky as they aw bathe in another magnificent YES! chant. Trips announces that his wee moment is just that…a moment, its his show, and he’ll dae whit ye wants, and dye know whit he wants? a title shot. So he went n gied himself wan in the Main Event TONIGHT. Cracker of a main event tae be announcing right enough, but it also made yer erse clench up real tight cause there wis a very real concern that it might end before it even gets started. A wee part of me has a right chubby over the prospect of Trips in aw his beaky heely glory, staunin over stricken DBry n lifting the belts towards the sky as he toasts World Title reign number 14 wae his most proficient burial of all, but see at the same time? naw. Lets no dae that. Yer time’s been and gone Trips ma man, Daniel Bryan is here tae be at the forefront of the new era, and the futre’s bright. The future’s beard.

Orton n Bawheidsta bellyachin backstage cause they both hink they’re due title shots, so tae shut them up they’re given a fuckin Tag Title Shot as a unit. Naw. Naw naw naw naw. None ae this kerry oan. Nae eyes and nae talent cannae be taking the belts aff ma Usos. Ye must be out yer fuckin mind if yer thinkin of doin that. Aw Christ, the ersed clenchyness I had after the DBry vs Trips announcement is fuck all compared tae how tightly wound I am at the prospect of these fandans taking the shiny belts aff The Usos. Yees better back the fuck up before ye get smacked the fuck up boayz. No by me like, I’m a lover no a jabber, but I know a guy that knows a guy, who knows a guy’s number who works wae a guy, and he could easily sort it out for me. 

The Wyatt Family vs John Cena, Sheamus and Big E

Beautiful. Emphatic. Decisive. Fuckin…….majestic. This wisnae quite a squash that was on par wae The Shields demolition of The Outlaws and Kane, but the Wyatts got the job done in style. Crowd were right wae them the whole time anaw, wae Sheamus, Cena and Big E gettin roundly booed for any offensive moves they could muster. Rowan and Sheamus had a wee skin pigmentation free battle, before Big E got in and leathered Rowan wae a trio of gutbusters. Despite aw the booing team Cena got, they were intae Big Es work, but he made the mistake of tagging Cena back in and turning the rabid crowd against them again. Harper drapped Cena on his face tae the backdrop of a fuckin deafening “Lets Go Harper” chant. This shit wis marvellous. Exactly whit needed tae happen after Bray losing that match last night. It shouldn’t have happened that way, but we needed some kinda indication that the Wyatts are gonnae get pushed tae fuck in the long terms. DDT fae Harper is followed by a big leg drop fae Rowan as the Wyatts went fuckin daft. Bray stomps frenetically on Cena and the soundtrack tae that is a “John Cena suuuuucks” chant which they crowd were hilariously daein tae the tune of his theme music.

Sheamus gets in and leathers everycunt wae some extra heely mocking of Bray as he sinks tae his knees, immediately gien himself 3rd degree burns. Ye cannae get away wae that wae skin lit yours big man. Big E gets in there wae Brya and delivers a belly tae belly, before the whole hing went fuckin daft. Rowan cleans Cena oot. Luke Herpurr hits a peach of a suicide dive, and in the ring we see perhaps the maist picture perfect crab walk Bray’s ever hit oot wae, as he crawls oot the corner tae a stricken Big E, before laying him clean oot wae Sister Abigail. Belter of an opener, and it wis a Wyatts win in a match involving Cena so it held a great deal of significance. The boays let the adulation seep intae their pores as the crowd went daft. He’s got the whole of New Orleans in his hauns. 

Santino and Emma vs Fandango and Summer Rae

Nah. I’m no daein it again. Sorry. Its the same as aw these matches have been. Whits the fuckin point ataw? Just let Emma be Emma ffs. She’s mare than capable of gettin her quirky wee character over without this daft dick and his sock puppet sweatin aw err her. Maybe it just resonates too much wae me, seein a self conscious bearded man struggle tae function roon aboot braw lassies. Story of ma fuckin life Santino mate. Emma makes Summer tap wae the Emma lock which brought an end tae one of the few lowlights of this stoatin RAW. It wis easy enough tae ignore right enough, but still. Change it up, or fuckin end it, but whitever ye dae, dont keep this feud on the tele the way it is. Naecunt cares. One guy wis thinkin about caring, n he waited so long for suhin interestin tae happen that he slipped intae a catatonic state. His maw has tae feed him mashed up peas n carrots wae a plastic spoon and its aw this feuds fault. Sake Santino!

Paul Heyman (Brock wis there tae)

One guy involved in this promo has been instrumental in selling the streak ending the way it did, and the other one is Brock Lesnar. I didnae buy intae Heymans words in the lead up tae the match, cause there wisnae a single part of me that really believed the streak wis enough. I basically switched aff tae any patter that suggested it might, cause it just seemed like a totally fuckin daft idea tae me. I didnae believe, so technically I’ve nae business being treated tae this promo. I shouldnae be allowed tae enjoy this as much as I did, but by fuck…I most certainly did. Paul Heyman is a genius. I don’t necessarily think that makes him a great manager btw, but thats another story. Tae me a great manager is one who elevates whitever wrestler they’re put wae, and at times Heyman has been guilty of overshadowing his charges. I spose thats why the Brock dynamic works so well, cause he’s content tae keep it shut while Heyman allows a fountain of brilliance tae spew out his chubby wee gub.

He points tae that fuckin t-shirt again wae that “Eat, Sleep, Wank oan the beach” patter, or whitever it fuckin says, before going on tae describe Brock as a man who makes children cry. Brock reacts tae that line by scouring the front row for edible children, but he deems none of the suitable so he ate his ain haun instead. Heyman then goes on tae inform us that Taker collapsed when he came through the curtain at Mania, and he needed treatment for a concussion. Vince wis so concerned he went tae the hospital wae him, held his haun throughout and told him that when he wis aw better they’d go tae Vinces house and watch aw his auld Garfield tapes, and they can have ice cream tae! Heyman pretty much goes on tae tell the world that Brock Lesnar wis prepared tae kill the Undertaker tae kill the streak. But Paul….how can ye kill something which is already dead?

Heyman then goes on tae call the whole roster wannabes. Infact, he called maist folk on planet earth wannabes, cause they aw sit their on their fat arses, talkin about how they COULD have been the greatest. They could have been bad mama jammas. They could have jumped fae the ring tae the Octagon, but they didnae have the intestinal fortitude or vertical leaping ability tae pull this shit off so they just dae….nothing. Brock Lesnar does it aw. Brock Lesnar is everything. In Paul Heymans eyes…Brock Lesnar is the one.

Here Ryback mate, you hearin this? Brock Lesnar’s cuttin your grass.


He goes on tae rhyme aff a list of legends who’ve never achieved whit Brock Lesnar have. Triple H, The Rock, Ludvig Borga, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Max Moon, The Ultimate Warrior, Jamie Noble, Kevin Nash, Shawn Micheals….aw legends in their own right, but none of them are THE ONE. Brock Lesnar is the ONE. The one in 21-1.

Mare patter about how there are legends, superstars and piss artists who like knockin yer ma’s pants aww the washin line n sniffin them, and the key tae that is that they’re aw PLURAL. Brock Lesnar is….THE ONE.

Utterly majestic words fae Heyman, and in an instant the streak ending makes so much painstaking sense.

The Usos vs A coupla beltless dicks

Need tae keep tellin masell its awrite. It disnae matter that they got a doing, cause they held on tae the belts, but I wisnae intae this. Seemed like a kop out. Why no just let them have a match. This made The Usos look a bit weak, as it descends intae a brawl early on. Nae eyes n nae talent put The Usos through an aimless doing on the outside as both teams get counted out. Orton hits Jimmy wae a DDT aff the barricade and Orton hits Jey wae the Batista Bomb on tae some steel steps. And yes, I did guess when it came tae whit Uso wis whit there, how could ye tell?

RVD vs Damien Sandow

Ach this wis nice. I’m a wee bit of a mark for RVD, so I didnae mind this ataw. He’s no an upper tier guy in terms of reachin top boayzie status, but he entertains me. I respect the way he lives his life anaw. Does a bitta wrestling…goes away for a while n smokes aw the weed in the west coast of America…..eats a lotta durty cheeseburgers, then he comes back n does mare wrestling. Its a routine I could get on board wae mysell (only joking kids, don’t dae drugs, they’re bad fur yeh) RVD hits oot wae his usual routine of various spinning heel kicks, other weird shit and sweating profusely. JBL talks about how RVD had this habit of puttin ye on stuff then jumpin on ye, and that wis the first bit of genuinely spontaneous comedy I’ve heard oota any of these cunts in months…maybe ever. RVD hits rolling thunder and the 5 star frog splash for the win, and I genuinely cannae recall if Sandow flung a punch in anger. Total nonsense whit they’ve done wae him btw, and its lit tae him lookin totally disinterested and a wee bit outta shape. He wis never one of these ripped cunts, but he looks a wee step slower than usual. Mibbe on the same diet as oor RVD eh, but RVD can stomach it after aw these years. Sandow’s a mere rookie.

We’d hit a wee lull here eh…as nice as it wis tae see RVD, it makes ye sick tae see Sandow gettin squashed, and really….who gies any sort of discernible shite about RVD? He managed tae get his name chanted but this is post Mania RAW mate. A Brooklyn Brawler appearance wid get a chant flung at it. But anyway, we needed somethin tae wake us up fae this wee lull and what better thing is there in life tae provide yer life wae a wee lift than some baaaaaaad neeeeews.

Rey Mysterio vs Bad News Barrett

Fuckin Wade Barrett wrestling! Yees mind that guys aye? that used tae happen…aw the fuckin time, and he wis rerr and good at it tae. Shame for Rey but, he got booed tae fuck during the match, after getting a muted reception for his entrance. Its no his fuckin fault he’s been booked as an irrelevance is it? cut the cunt a break ffs. Wid it kill yees tae start a wee 619 chant? I hate the move, but let me tell ye, I love the oomph he gets behind it. Its a right oomphy move. I dunno whit I’m even sayin anymore guys, I’ve wrote a lot of hings the day and the words dont look like words anymore. I feel like my fingers urnae even real fingers. Wee rubber vessels I use tae peddle shite patter, and nothing more. Nothing less. Bad News Barret has his ain vessel for shite patter, and he calls it a mic. He has some baaaaaad news for us before he starts on the wrestling, but Rey stops him in his tracks by smackin his daft coupon. Wade soon gets tae bossin this shit but, as the crowd get the fitba chants going. A boisterous “Bad News Barrett” chant echoes roon the arena anaw, and yer man Barrett must’ve had a cheeky wee semi fur this shit. Absolutely fuckin magic. He takes Rey up for a superplex, after hittin him wae a move reminiscent tae a Bossman Slam, but Rey blocks it and hits a Seated Senton aff the top rope. Hits the 619 and gets roundly fuckin booed for it, but when he goes up top tae drop the dime Barrett sends him baws first on tae the top rope, before knockin the poor lamb the fuck OOT wae the bullhammer. 

Gid tae see ye Barrett ma man, and perhaps more importantly, gid tae see ye winnin. Push Wade Barrett. Like he shoulda been pushed aff the back of the Nexus thing. I’m still heavy intae the idea of a European 4 horsemen wae him, Drew, Devitt and Cesaro…but thats wet dream stuff. Don’t concern yersell wae that unless yer intae waking up wae yer own bedsheets stuck tae yer crotch like some sort of catflap for yer boaby.

Rusev vs Ryder

I’ll no pretend I get it wae this cunt, cause I dont. He’s Vladimir Kozlov wae a broader chest and better kicks. I don’t gie a flyin fuck. Least Kozlov wore boots ffs, this bare footed big bear wis kickin oor Zachary square in the face wae his mingin sweaty feet. He knocks fuck outta Ryder, hittin a nice fallaway slaw before tapping Ryder out wae a Camel Clutch he calls The Accolade. I’m no saying the big yin won’t win me over. I like him in the ring, but I dunno. There’s somethin about it that disnae click wae me. Might take a wee bitta time, so on a scale of 1 tae Broadus Clay, I gie this debut a 6.

A wee VT of the best bits fae the Hall of Fame, I didnae mention this in the Mania review cause I forgot n that, so aye…Jake’s speech was fuckin phenomenal and made me bubble lit a bairn. Scott Halls wis good anaw (fuck the kliq but) and it wis a lovely time for everyone. Especially Mr T, who got the pleasure of revealing to the world that he’s in love wae his maw, and harbours desires tae buy her pretty dresses and candy floss. 


You’ll all have heard about Warrior passing by now, I kinda poked fun at his promo originally, because it felt like rambling nonsense to me, but in light of his death it sort of makes sense. Unless its one of yon mad co-incidences, his words pointed towards him knowing that he might not have much time left.  Whilst I was soured towards Warrior in his later years due to some of his bigoted views, its impossible not to see the impact he had on wrestling in the early 90s. An impact that sees him still regarded as one of the most exciting characters ever to step foot in the ring, despite it being over 20 years since he was at the peak of his powers.

Below is a wee part of his promo…eerie to say the least.



AJ skips out for a wee chat

Stoater of a promo fae wee AJ. Whit a lovely wee evil thing she is. Talkin about how shite aw the other divas are, and how shes given them 290 odd days worth of chances tae prove her wrong. She chastised them wae that promo aw those months ago when she slated the Total Divas burds. She tells us a wee bit of her back story, and and goes on tae talk about being being the saviour of the Divas divison. She is THE ONE. The rest are WANNABES..naw wait, thats suhin else. Oh look! there’s Paige! whit the eff!!!!!

Paige is just….swell. Perfect. Incredibly talented wrestler, and an engaging character despite some occasionally shite mic work, and theres also the added bonus of her bein pale, huvin braw eyes and lookin like she probably hates ye. I’m intae aw sorts when it comes tae burds if im honest, but yon gothic burds wae that permanent look of disdain on their coupons? That’s ma thing. Mind you I also want Tamina tae heider me, so maybe I just need tae seek some sorta therapy eh. We’ll tackle that issue another time.
Paige is out tae congratulate AJ, but AJ isnae intae it. Gies her a wee boop on the nose, and challenges Paige tae a match. Paige initially refuses, cause even though she’s in her full gear she claims she’s no ready. AJ disnae gie a shite, and slaps her before tellin her AJ decides if shes ready or not. The match wis on, and it wis FOR THE FUCKIN TITLE.

AJ vs Paige (Divas Title Match)

Its a match everyone’s bein foamin at the baws tae see, but ye knew fine well it wouldnae be a proper match. This was as close tae a Ziggler cash-in moment as this years post Mania RAW was gonnae get. AJ tries tae get the Black Widow in early but Paige reverses it and hits the botchiest Paige Turner oot tae become the NEWWWWWWW Divas Champion.

Bold move. Bold as fuckin brass. Taking the belt aff an established, strong champion and putting it on a rookie? I know she’s been wrestling for years, but wae this sort of pressure? Dodgy so it is. Don’t get me wrong btw, I love that they’ve done it and I hope it leads tae a smasher of a feud between these two while aw the Total Divas numpties fight amongst themselves (sorry Nattie hen, and you Summer x) but we’ll see if Paige has what it takes tae make the same sort of impression as AJ has. I have a feeling she’ll fuckin dae it but. Too much talent no tae.

Hogan presents Cesaro with the Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy

Awwwww fuck aye. Hogan has a wee self deprecating laugh about the Superdome/Silverdome mixup. Hogan seems a lot better in this wee segment than he has been for aw the other yins. I hink there’s a wee relief element tae it cause he knows he wont need tae dae it again for a while, so his natural charisma wis flowin. Quite nice so it wis, he said nice things about Andre before welcoming our Cesaro oot.

So how can ye spot a newly turned face? Dae they go about shakin hands wae strangers, and puttin score notes in yer back pocket while yer no lookin? Is it more of a demeanour thing when ye notice the person in question smiling a lot more and generally looking a lot happier? Can ye tell when they stop shaggin yer wife? Nah mate. Its none of they things, the way ye spot a face turn is when yer man strolls oot wearin a snazzy new jaiskit and thats exactly how our Cesaro went about it. He’s out wae Zeb, indicating that despite the apparent rift between Tony and Jack Swagger, that The Real Americans remain united, but that wisnae the case for long as Zeb gies it some patter about making him a “Zeb Colter Guy” Cesaro had tae intervene. I don’t often quote things directly, but nae other words will dae this moment justice. Cesaro grabs the mic and let this bombshell loose…

I’m sorry Zeb, I’m not that guy…I’m not a Zeb Colter guy….I’M A PAUL HEYMAN GUY


Awwwwww my fuuuuuuuuckin god. Ye WHIT. Cesaro being a Paul Heyman guy is a fantasy scenario up there wae that European 4 Horsemen shite I wis spoutin earlier. This is a living, breathing example of glory. This is whit perfection looks like, and as Heyman grabs the mic, slags everycunt within a 50 metre radius of the ring and basically tells Zeb tae get fucked, Cesaro stauns beside him lookin like he belongs. This is the thing about yer Paul Heyman guys, they need tae have something special for it tae work. They need tae have a strong character of their own that he can enhance rather than overshadow, and Cesaro is that guy. Aw I’m so fuckin excited about this, ye widnae believe it. Had tae get a colostomy bag fittted cause I cannae stop pishin. I’ve had the tele paused on the moment Heyman came oot and stood beside him and I keep on occasionally strolling up tae it, giving it a wee kiss and gaun “stay golden”.

Anyway, Zeb isnae happy and expresses this by poking Cesaro in the chest and fae behind Jack Swagger ambushes him. Countdowns on Swagger ma man, when dae we stop gien a fuck about you now ye’ve nae Cesaro? How long’s it gonnae take? I gie it a month tops. He grabs the trophy and smashes it tae fuckin bits, before Cesaro sends him tae the outside wae some hellacious uppercuts, and we gout ourselves an impromptu match made by the king of sweaty rings…Brad Maddox.

Cesaro v Swagger

Cesaro hits the deadlift gutwrench suplex early on, before he leathers him wae some stiff knees tae the gut. Heyman dwells on the outside, clutching whits left of the trophy like a newborn bairn. I fuckin love that he does that wae any belt/trophy/effigy belonging tae his guys. Swagger has a wee spell of dominance, before Cesaro turns it on its heid when he hit that fuckin majestic middle rope suplex fae the apron. Raw power. Follows that up by running Swagger intae every corner and scuddin his jaw wae uppercuts. Swagger departs in an act of rampant shitebaggery, and lets himself get counted out. Who gives a flyin fuck mate? Cesaro’s is a Paul Heyman guy and for once, all is right wae the world.

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H….didnae happen

Awww I didnae want this RAW tae end man. This closing segment wis just…perfection. Yer wondering aw night, after a fairly nondescript but dominant Wrestlemania performance, where the fucks The Sheild? are they not even on RAW? Why the fuck woud they be gettin pushed aside of all people? A wee backstage segment wae Stephanie tellin Kane and The Shield they need tae get on the same page tae help Trips win the belts, helps confirm that The Shield are alive. Kane goes aff on a mad tangent about the Shield being nameless, faceless dafties. Steph stops him and preaches some injustice patter tae The Shield boayzies but they’re buying none of it.

Oot comes DBry for his match tae another raucous reception, but the good feeling wis short lived as he’s just gettin settled intae his humble abode (that’s the ring btw…im insinuating that the ring is his home, cause he’s really gid at what he does…ye get it? aye…yer a smart kid) only for nae yes Orton and his slanty diddied pal Batista come strolling oot tae fuckin wreck it aw. They knock his bearded pan in and leave him lying sparkled after taking an RKO and a Bawheidsta Bomb. Kane comes oot tae seemingly bring some order tae this chaos, and he tells them tae back the fuck up, before chokeslamming his ex Team Hell No tag partner. Of course that wis the cue for The Beak tae emerge eh. Awrite son?

Fuckin sickening so it is. This isnae even the heely gidness I expected it tae be IF Trips wis tae take the belts. This wis designed so this cunt could look as sleekit and smug as humanly possible. He orders the beel tae be rung so he can cover out stricken hero and ride aff intae the sunset wae aw the belts and his total ride of a wife. I’d hate him a lot mare if I didnae want his life. BUT HAUD OAN….SIERRA, HOTEL, INDIA, ECHO, LIMA, DELTA…


“Hounds of Justice” rings oot aw through the Arena as our heroes stand at one side of the ring, with Kane, Orton and Batista at the other. They aw stand on the apron, ready tae fly for each other before entering the ring but Trips is tellin them tae back the fuck up, this is no happenin on his watch. Know whit wis about tae happen on his watch but? he wis about tae take take a spear aff Roman Reigns that seperated Triple fae his Hs (thats his baws btw, and I’ve made this joke aboot a million times too many noo) Ambrose and Rollins hits Batista and Orton wae suicide dives, before Reigns fights oota a chokeslam attempt and lays Kane flat out wae the Superman Punch, and then something magical happened. Three guys, who have done fuck all but impress since the came in, were about tae make a monumental impact. They were gonnae Triple Powerbomb the boss! and I dont mean Bruce Springsteen meht. They didnae get the chance though, as Dbry comes fae the blindside and knocks Trips the fuck out wae the Flying Knee. Nae conspiracies the day troops, Daniel Bryan is still on top and he has the best hauners in the fuckin business. Believe in Daniel Bryan. Believe in The Shield.

I also happen tae “believe” that this wis a stone cold stoater of a RAW, and if yer talkin Cesaro being a Heyman guy, if yer talkin Usos and Bryan leavin wae aw their belts, if yer talkin Wyatts winning convincingly and if yer talkin about Heymans wonderful promo then yer talkin about a RAW that easily garners 9 gutrench suplexes outta 10.

Also didnae mention that there wis Adam Rose and Bo Dallas vignettes being shown throughout, meaning more NXT call-ups. The Rose character is smashin fun, and Dallas is a good heel, so the future’s bright. There’s a definite feel about WWE right now that seems tae signify that its time for the new school of superstars tae be taking over.

Post Mania RAW mate. How dae ye always end up so….beautiful?

Hogan knows best.

Hogan 2

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