(a quick and shite) WWE Extreme Rules Preview

Didnae have time tae write a proper one.

Kane and DBry will be awrite. Kane will have some high impact moments. Maybe morphing intae a dragon n fire breathing DBrys face aff. DBry will prevail.

Big Es drappin the belt. Sadness.

The Shield are gaun err. Joy.

The Wee LC match I dunno…are the tables, ladders and chairs wee, or just the people?

Paige is retaining in what’ll be a stoatin match.

Rusevs gonnae sqwash.

If Sheamus is on the card, he’ll win. If he’s no, he’ll win anyway.

Bray fuckin MUST win, or at least take Cenas soul. Please.

Bring back the king of the ring.

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