PBW Academy Attack 2 Review

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Coatbridge bore witness to the dawn of a new era on Saturday night, and it didnae even know it. Whilst locals tuned intae Ant and Decs Saturday Shite Takeaway, or whatever other pish was on, some may have even been shuffling intae one of the local pubs for a spot of karaoke, but if ye weren’t in that wee chapel that I cannae mind the name of, yer Saturday might as well not have happened. Ye might as well had a game of chappy, except the only door ye chap if yer own cause yer too much of a fearty tae play the game right. Aye thats right, in this metaphor I’m trying to claim you played the game wrong by no coming to the wrestling. Did ye catch that? It wisnae really an option for you to attend though, as it sold out weeks in advance. I queued up months before it wis even announced to get my ticket, cause I just had the sense something huge was the horizon. Slept in a tent wae a big stain fae some cunt pishin on it at T in the Park anaw. Brutal. Well worth it though. Pish patter aside, it was hugely encouraging to see the amount of raw talent coming through the ranks at PBW. Plenty of debuts were had, with a few still in their first few matches tae, but no one could be disappointed with their efforts. There wis matches and aw that tae, so I might aswell say some words about them eh? Bored ye wae this patter long enough.

Lou King Sharp vs Tommy Marx

Probably just edged out by the main event for Match Of The Night, but this was still a cracking way to open the show. Lou King Sharp is a guy I’d heard a lot about, and he lived up tae every single bit of the hype. For someone so new to wrestling to have a character so spot on is a rare feat. If yer not aware of his character, he’s essentially a wee fanny. In the best possible way like, but a fanny nonetheless. He cuts about mingling with the crowd before entering the ring, telling men, women and children alike that he’s either gonnae pump their maws, or he already has. He’s the sexiest man in pro wrestling apparently, and that means its cool for him to throw tantrums if the ref has the audacity to only count up tae 2 when he tries to pin someone. He was in there wae Tommy Marx, who I’ve seen a few times in ICW. Always impressive in the ring with his high flying style, and if I recall correctly he took an absolute doing off the N.A.K at The Square Go. He was excellent anaw, and this match was the perfect intro for the fun and frolics to come. Started off nice and slow wae some armbar action, before Marx takes control with some kicks and a missile dropkick. That prompts LKS tae dive out the ring, encouraging Marx to come after him, since he needed a breather because “that wis sare!” Marx does eventually succumb to temptation, but of course Lou King Sharp done the bolt, and we’ve got ourselves a chase! It eventually leads us back intae the ring, where Sharp hits Marx with some stiff chops. Goes up top for the frog splash, but Marx rolls out the way and fires some stiff forearms at Sharp, before Sharp hits back with a beauty of a hurricanrana. The match had yer classic heel being a sleekit wee bastard finish, as Sharp pulls the referee in and delivers a baw hit to Marx on the refs blindside. Leaving it wide open for him to hit the frog splash on the second attempt and take the win. 

Lou King Sharp undoubtedly has something. Having the baws to take on a character and make it something that sets ye apart from the pack is something that’s all too rare in wrestling these days. Plenty of potential as a wrestler tae, but the only way to build on that potential is to improve, and the only way to improve is to get yersell booked and continue working with the best talent possible, and Lou King Sharp is certainly putting himself in the position to do that. Tommy Marx is another hugely talented wrestler with a ring presence that exceeds his years, but maybe needs a wee edge as a character himself. Too many cunts daein the kid on luchador thing though, even though his style suits it perfectly.

Stevie Xavier and Taylor Bellando vs Donnie T and Tony Martyns

Cracking pace to this one, as we saw wily veteran Stevie Xavier team up with young Taylor Bellando tae take on the man mountain known as Donnie T, and a wee cheeky bastard in a singlet who goes by the name of Tony Martyns. Donnie T was making his full wrestling debut, and certainly made an impression as big battering ram of a cunt wae a belter of a spear. The match started at a frenetic pace, with armdrags, hiptosses and shouldertackles galore. Young Taylor Bellando had no trouble meeting the high standard of his much more experienced tag partner, as they worked impressively together. Combining for a double hiptoss, before Bellando hit a dropkick. We had Martyns and Donnie T giein it the typical heel patter in the corner, by stomping fuck out Bellando with the refs back turned, before Stevie hits a beezer of a standing shooting star press. Donnie T hits Bellando with a beauty of a spear tae, but it was Xavier and Bellando who sealed the win with Xavier hitting a superkick, and Bellando getting the pin with something that looked like the Fame-asser. We’ll call it the Fame-asser for noo, if anyone wants tae correct me there feel free.

Another hugely entertaining match. Benefited from having Stevie in there for sure. Especially his young tag partner, who seemed tae thrive teaming with one of the most underrated talents in Scottish wrestling. I was impressed with Donnie T tae, seems tae be a big bear of a man, but he can move. Martyns has a right cunty heel vibe tae him anaw, seemed like the type who’d charge ye a fiver tae keep an eye on yer motor at the fitba, and let the air oot yer tyres as soon as yer outta sight.

Brendan Cooper vs Jamie Feerick 

Hugely enjoyable affair this yin. Feerick is a guy I’ve seen a lot of in ICW, but this was the first time I’ve properly seen him wrestle, and he’s a talented guy. Cooper is another highly rated talent coming from the PBW academy, and this match showcased them both well. Never gonnae be a show stealer, but it didnt need to be. Feerick works the arm early on. They ran the ropes, with Cooper getting intae the ascendency with a running knee. We had a Northern Lights Suplex from Cooper tae, before Feerick managed tae pick up the win with a Superkick. Cooper took great pleasure in telling us he was “THE MAAAAN!” throughout the match, and there wis a lot of truth in that statement, cept in this case he wis the man picking the lower half of his jaw up aff the mat after yer man Feerick dismantled it.

Davey Blaze and Aaron Echo vs Ace Anderson and Kenny Williams

We were right next tae the majority of Aaron Echos family for this, and pretty much all of them are 6 foot 5, so I’m gonnae gie him the best review I’ve ever gave anycunt, just in case they come lookin for blood. Aaron Echo is undoubtedly the greatest wrestler I’ve ever seen, and if he’s no on the WWE Show at the Hydro on Wednesday, I say we burn the place tae the ground. Nah seriously though, both Echo and Anderson were making their debuts here and they were paired with the perfect partners. Echo being a big burly bastard, wis paired with the biggest and burlyest of them all, the teflon chested shagger knows as Davey Blaze. Anderson being a fleet footed cunt, was teaming wae one of, if not THE most exciting talent in the country, the boldest of the bold, Kenny Williams.

We started off with Blaze and Anderson, Blaze sending his young opponent crashing with a hiptoss, before Anderson hits back with an armdrag. They went back and forth for a while, before we finally got the moment half the folk in thee had been waiting for, the debut of Adam Echo. He didnae let his army of fans down, hitting Anderson with a stiff elbow followed by a scoop slam. The match was largely focussed on the two debutants, with Kenny Williams watching his young tag partner take some hard uppercuts fae Davey, before Anderson rallied and hit a peach of a flying crossbody, followed by a clothesline. Kenny finally gets a taste of the action, only to have his momentum derailed by a big suplex from Adam Echo. Ace Anderson followed up some chops, with a single leg dropkick after that, wae Kenny hitting a hurricanrana tae, but it was the big burly bastards that got the win. Echo hitting a gutwrench powerbomb, followed by a Splash off the top rope from Davey for the pin.

Hugely encouraging stuff from the two debutants. Ace Anderson definitely has a future on the Lewis Girvan lookalike scene, but his skillset was not disimilar to Girvans so that’ll serve him well in the future. Adam Echo is technically adept powerhouse of a guy, and his tag partner is an example of whats possible for talents like that, if yer dedicated enough.

Eddie Sideburns, Saqib Ali, Ciaran Class and Alex Draven vs David Kyrcek, Craig Damian, TJ Rage and Krieger

So then we had us some 8 man tag action. With the team affectionately dubbed “Three White Guys and Saqib” by its members, taking on a team of mean looking bastards, including the man who puts the “fear” in “here…that big cunt gies me the fuckin fear” TJ Rage. I think if ye welded the opposition team together, you’d probably get about half of a TJ Rage, so naturally he was the guy to be avoiding in this match. Alex Draven, Kreiger and Eddie Sideburns all made their debuts here, and speaking as a pal of Eddies, I can tell ye he was proper shitting his trunks so he wis. He needn’t have been though, as he came through the whole harrowing experience unscathed. The match was fast paced and hard to keep up with at times, with quick tags being utilised early on to get the new guys plenty of ring time. Alex Draven took a fair bit of punishment early on, as TJ Rage and David Krycek used their experience to keep the match as a methodical hard hitting pace. Draven was impressive though, as was Ciaran Class, who provided the setup for Eddie to hit a low dropkick early on. The match wore on with everyone getting a slice of the action, before we made our way to a frantic finish.

Eddie hit a flying crossbody, cause in case ye hadnt heard, oor Eddie can flyyyy! Saqib hit a fame-asser at some point anaw, and I distinctly remember something resembling a codebreaker being hit but I cannae mind who delivered it. Apologies for that. Sideburns then gave us a wee taste of what I assume will be his finisher, a move he calls the Sideburner, before big TJ Rage took over. Emphatic clotheslines and forearms to Eddie and Alex Draven as they were dwelling at opposite corners of the ring, before poor Draven wis speared intae next week. You had to assume the same fate awaited Eddie, and being a pal of his, I feared that this was the last we’d see of him a full human being. Before TJ could separate Eddie fae his Sideburns, Sideys dodged the spear, and rolled the big yin up for a quick 3 count. 

As he held up 3 fingers, seemingly mocking a man who probably outweighs him by a stone in the cock area alone, Eddie Sideburns was hoisted towards the sky by his team mates. A triumphant moment, and one the cunt will probably never let us hear the end of. Seriously though, Eddie got the glory, but everyone could be immensely proud of their efforts in this yin. No more so than big TJ himself, who has had a big hand in training those involved.

Switch and Miss Cole vs JD Bravo and Emily Hayden

This was a strange yin, as it wasnt yer usual rules for a mixed tag, lassies could batter boay and vice versa. A lot of the time young Emily Hayden was on the receiving end of some mildly terrifiyng ‘offence’ from Switch, who’s character is fuckin….aye. Frightening. He entered with his tag partner Miss Cole, but he didnae enter the ring right away…instead choosing to wander about gien folk the fear, before full on screaming in a wee boys face. While Lou King Sharp had the brash sleekitness of his character down to a T, Switch has mastered the “make ye greet so hard ye actually end up shitein yersell in the process” elements of his gimmick equally well.

Switch starts it off with Emily Hayden, and is on the receiving end of a headscissors takedown tae kick things off. That was about as good as it got for Hayden early on though, as Switch and Cole managed to isolate her from her partner JD Bravo. Cole actually went and stood on the poor lassies hair at one point, pulling her arms up in the process. She follows the hair antics up with a half boston crab, before her and Switch batter fuck out the poor lassie in the corner. I admire JD Bravo for his stringent adherence to the rules, but at the same time, the big yin needed tae get himself over there and help the poor lassie oot. Somehow in the stramash, Cole winds up with a legit burst nose, but it didnae knock her out her stride. We also had Switch biting Emily at one point, before JD Bravo finally got in the mix. Following up Haydens twist of fate, with a Swanton on Switch. Cole managed to break up the pin, giving Switch enough time to recover and roll Bravo up for the win. 

A few moments early on where things came to a bit of a halt, but overall it was an entertaining match, with the added element of a legitimately mental looking bastard biting a lassie to provide ye with yer nightmares for the night/forever.

BT Gunn vs Ryan Hendricks

I’d say this just edged the opener for MOTN, as BT Gunn put on a helluva show with a young dreadlocked English fella names Ryan Hendricks. Must be a source of inspiration for all these young yins to see BT in full flow. Thats the level yer looking tae reach. Hedricks was impressive tae, playing to the England vs Scotland element of the match by laying on a thick as fuck English accent.

We started off with a couple of trademark BT Gunn chops, before he grabs a handful of Hendricks dreadlocks and asks “whit the fuck’s this?” . More chops on the outside, before Hendricks reverses and gets BT propped against the ringpost, only for BT to move just in time tae see Hendricks chop the ringpost instead. I don’t think he gave it his full power right enough, probably no a big fan of having a broken hand tae n that. BT sits Hendricks on a chair before scuddin his already red raw chest with some big kicks. Back in the ring, BT hits a springboard crossbody, before Hendricks misses with a springboard legdrop. BT gets himself well in control, slinging Hendricks to the corner with a hard Irish Whip, followed by a big knee tae the jaw, but the young rastafarian getleman hits back wae a Side Russian Legsweep. More jabs from BT are followed by 4 or 5 harrowing chops fae BT. Hendricks chest looked like it had been scaled wae a hot iron rather than a hand belonging tae a human being. A lot of folk can lay claims to various feats on the Scottish scene, but there is one thing that’s an absolute stone cold dyed in the wool fact, and thats BT Gunn having the sarest of aw the chops. Probably in wrestling generally, but certainly in Scotland. The noise that comes aff them is a mixture of the tormented screams of the recipient and the chilling echo from the chops themselves. Saaaaare. Hendricks dusts himself down, and gets on wae it right enough, hitting a reverse Rock Bottom type move. Fair play tae him, but it wasnt long before he could get up the road and probably greet uncontrollably while looking at his permanently branded chest in the mirror, as BT Gunn hit the Firemans Carry Sitout Powerslam (I’m sure he’ll have a catchier name for it like) for the win.

PBW Academy Attack 2 was a belter of a show. Entertaining from start to finish, with a good mixture of youth and more established stars to guide them through. Good to see shows like this become a regular fixture, and I’ll certainly be making an effort to attend more of them. Congratulations to all involved, particularly those who made successful debuts on the night.

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