WWE Smackdown Review 09/05/2014 (By Conneh Willliams)


Ahh Smackdown, mind how gid a show it used to be? Every saturday morning on sky 1, cereal in hand and butterflies in belly. It was all I looked forward to. But things change. And changed they certainly have. Lately Smackdown offers nothing, it appeals to me zero. I attempt to watch, I try so very hard but I usually pick my phone up and search pictures of Ambrose pierced ear instead. But, and here is where I contradict myself, this week’s show was good, really good. It was a packed with ACTUAL WRESTLING. Who’d a though it eh?
When a show opens with a delightful match it really makes life that wee bit better.

Sheamus v Dean Ambrose (US Title Match)

When Ambrose opens a show it’s a show you want to at least give a chance. When Ambrose opens a show where he get’s a chance at winning the belt that was so cruelly stolen from him it’s a treat. A truly lovely present, one a mere mortal like myself doesn’t deserve. My fingers and erse were crossed firmly for Deano.
Sheamus starts things of by hitting a shoulder tackle and applying an armbar on oor Deano. He sends him out to the floor and then into the commentary table. Ambrose manages to nail a suplex and Sheamus hits a rolling senton. After a quick break we see Deano hitting a lovely suicide dive, he chucks Sheamus back into the ring and applies a beautiful figure four. I was a happy scone. This was already a better show than it had been in months, that figure four completely sold it to me. Sheamus unfortunately manages to get to the ropes. Ambrose tries to grab him but instead is met by a kick and the Irish Curse, this gets Sheamus a 2 count. He applies the cloverfield but Deano gets to the ropes. Sheamus goes for Martins favourite thing in the world, the mighty chest beating spot. Hits oor Deanos chest a total of 10 times. Sheamus blocks a backslide pin but Deano manages to slam him on the mat. Unfortunately Sheamus surprises Ambrose with a brogue kick out of naewhere, it sends him flying out the ring. He sold it beautifully. I completely believed he was just booted full force right in the coopin. He manages to get back in the ring as the ref gets to a 9 count. Sadly he’s met with another Brogue Kick which he sold fabulously yet again. Sheamus pins and gets the 3 count.

That was a breath of fresh air, Sheamus may have got the win but the match made Ambrose look so strong. Why didn’t Ambrose get to have matches like this while he was the US champ? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Credit where credits due Sheamus managed to keep up with Ambrose in the technical department but more so at the beginning of the match. To see these 2 do some mat wrestling minutes into a smackdown show is really something. Although Sheamus never done anything ‘illegal’ he seems to be carrying himself in more of a heelish manner. Turning heel is the best thing for him. I enjoy him as a heel but as a face couldn’t care less.


I couldn’t quite believe that this was smackdown I was watching. Opening with a match like that and followed by another peach of a match. What is this sorcercy. It must be sorcercy. Must be.
Cesaro and Wade Barrett v Big E and RVD

E starts by slamming Cesaro and RVD goes for the spin kick but luckily Cesaro ducks and accidently hits E. Wade pulls RVD to the outside and hits him head first into the barricade, giving Cesaro the opportunity to hit E with the Neutralizer and pick up the win for his team.

This match was braw, my only complaint is that it could and should have went on longer. The match addressed two feuds, made sense, nice storytelling. And how amazing are Wade and Cesaro as a team, I’m not saying they should start a tag team anytime soon but please start a tag team soon. Nah, I like where both men are just now, it’s just their styles mesh so well, they’re both brawlers but technical kings at the same time. Wade seems like he’s loving life just now, you can tell he’s enjoying every minute of the Bad News Barrett gimmick, and it’s a delight to see the delight on his face.

Rusev(with Lana) v Kofi (again)

This was the ultimate squash fest, more so than their last encounter. Rusev sweeps Kofi’s legs. Kofi manages to roll to the apron and snaps Rusevs head on the ropes. The big man didny feel a thing. He slams Kofi in the corner but somehow Kofi manages to nail a kick to the face, and this stuns the big man. Kofi attempts some punches but Rusev just throws him like a sack ae shite and goes for a choke bomb. Kofi hits a dropkick and lateral press but Rusev isn’t phased in the slightest, he hits the side slam on Kofi and then applies the Accolade and he has no choice but to tap.

I do like Rusev, sometimes he bores me but he just isn’t yer typical powerhouse and I quite like that. He can still be hurt but he manages to shake it off and beat men using only power. It’s pretty cool. And also Lana.


Bray Wyatt. I never thought there would ever be anyone that could come close to having promo skills as good as Stone Cold or The Rock. Those men were born to cut promos. But Bray? Brays on a different league. He’ll never be Stone Cold or The Rock, he doesn’t need to be because he is Bray Wyatt. A man who eats worlds. A man who delivers words with such intensity and beauty it’s impossible not to be completely captivated, it’s impossible not to lap every word up.
Bray has some words for Cena. He says they need to talk judgement, it’s judgement that sets them apart, that fear will judge where they go. But nobody comes back from where they are going. Luke Harper whispers the word ‘Burn’ and the feed cuts. I love Harper he’s a big scary bastart. He muttered a simple word but it was so effective.

All good things must come to an end.

Fandango and Layla v Santino and Emma


Fandango goes for a kick which Santino manages to avoid. Emma nails Layla with a Thesz Press and then locks in the Dil-Emma. Fandango enters the ring as Emma goes for a Cobra Strike, Santino tries to prevent the interference but is thrown to the outside. Layla manages to roll Emma up and get the win. Fandango and Layla winch.

I hate this feud. I HATE IT. I love Fandango, but despise where he is both storyline wise and gimmick wise. I hate that Summer Rae has been replaced with Layla. I don’t like Santino. And I hate that Emma has been paired with him. It just offends me. I like Layla but she should be away doing her own shit. Same with Emma, she’s great in NXT, always has been, are they afraid to let her go out there herself? Fandango needs a new gimmick, even the Johnny Curtis one would be welcomes back with open arms. It’s about time he was taken seriously. With the Fandango gimmick he never will be. Time for change. Please. I beg.


YASSSS. Good things can get shit but then get right good again.

Roman Reigns v Mark Henry

Henry starts things off by whipping Reigns into the turnbuckles, he throws him out to the floor. He wraps Reigns around the ringpost and gives him a good stretching out. Henry whips him but Reigns is able to connect with a diving clothesline, then a corner clothesline but Henry manages to shoulder tackle him. He goes for a corner bomb but Reigns manages to avoid it and hits him with the samoan drop followed by a thunderous spear, and gets himself the win. Braw.

Compared to Deano’s match this offered us something very different. Deano’s match gave us technical abilty but this was all about power moves. Gid tae see Henry. Is he a heel or a face?


Los Matadores & El Torito vs 3MB & Hornswoggle

3MB take control but Diego(I think) manages to hit a fallaway slam. Fernando dropkicks Jinder off the apron. He goes for a crossbody on Drew but they manage to collide mid air. Horswoggle’s in next, this feud is his best work in the company so far i’d say. Torito bites him, Torito’s a wee shite. Hornswoggle responds by punching him right in the coopin. Torito connects with a kick and gores him to the outside. Hornswoggle runs at Torito, and Torito attempts a sunset flip but it’s blocked, Hornswoggle attempts a splash but naebody’s hame. Slater stops a pin and goes for a splash to Torito but misses and Torito connects with a springboard moonsault and wins this one for his team.

I have no idea what to make of the 3MB/Los Matadores feud. Sometimes I truly want to spoon my eyes out and other times I can’t help but think they are all working so very hard to make the feud work. It’s better than I assumed it would be. I think alot of people may actually be into this. I can’t help being cynical about it, 3MB consists of two of the best workers in WWE in my opinion. Drew is the chosen one and Heath sells shit like his life depends on it. Also Torito is a wee shit.


Batista v Seth Rollins

Naebody takes a bump like Rollins. He is just on fire as of late. He makes me watch in awe, and this match was no exception.

Batista goes straight for Rollins hitting him a few times and connecting with a clothesline. Rollins manages to knock him to the outside and goes for a suicide dive, but Batista manages to side step. Rollins changes course and follows but is caught in between the ring apron. Batista connects with a suplex and attempts a corner tackle but misses and Rollins splashes him. Batista goes for a powerbomb but Rollins counters it, he connects with a kick on the apron and attempts the Black out but Batista counters it and goes for the Batista Bomb. Rollins counters it and instead kicks him in the head knocking him to the outside. Rollins makes his way to the top rope but Batista manages to catch him. He slams him coopin first into the commentary table and makes his way back to the ring. Rollins is counted out meaning Batista wins this one. He decided to go on the attack hitting Rollins with a Batista Bomb afterwards. Weirdly Reigns or Ambrose never came out to help him.

I, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to feel. It pains me to say this but that was a good match. I knew Rollins would deliver, he always does…but so did Batista. It took me a gid ten minutes there to even be able to type that. It’s a strange thing. The ring rust Batista returned with seems to be dissapearing a little bit every week. This was a good match. Batista is a natural heel,
the final spot where he dropped Rollins coopin first on the commentary table complimented the heelyness perfectly, it was so brutal.


The Wyatt Family vs. Usos and John Cena

Cena starts things off by dropping Harper with a running bulldog followed by a kick to the head. Jey(i think) hits a corner forearm then kicks Harper and get’s him with a schoolboy rollup up for a 2 count. Rowan’s in next, he shoulder tackles Jey(i think) onto the apron. He kicks him and Bray joins the party and hits him with an elbow drop. Jimmy(i think) is hit in the corner a few times but he manages to send Bray to the outside. Jimmy goes for a tag but Harper stops it. Rowan goes for a bulldog on Jimmy(i think) but he manages to slam him into the turnbuckles then knocks him out the ring. Jey’s in, and he connects with a few punches to Bray. Cena get’s a wee cheap shot in and Jey knocks him down then connects with a superkick to Harper. Bray and Cena are having a wee brawl on the floor. Rowan gives Bray a hand but Jey takes the boises out with a big splash. But Harper’s still in the ring and he connects with a diving lariat to Jimmy(i think) and get’s the win.

This maybe isn’t on the same level as some of the six man tags we’ve seen in WWE recently, but it was still a belter and a good ending to a very enjoyable Smackdown. Harper is my main man, he really does get better every week.


So aye. This was a solid Smackdown, the overall card was much better than Monday night’s Raw. Raw’s main event saved the night. But Smackdown was stacked with alot of really good matches. I was chuffed. It’s dead nice when wrestling’s good.

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