ROH – Global Wars Review (by Connie Williams)

I’d have ate cat shite, dug shite, human shite. Any shite, to have been in attendance at either Global Wars or War of the Worlds. I’m not fond of shite by the way, the ppv’s were just astonishing in every way shape and form, that eating shite to be there in person would 100% be worth it. It’s taken me daaaaays to review both ppv’s. I like to think I’m pretty good at knowing my wrestling moves, but after viewing both these shows and attempting to review them I realised I’m quite pish.
I know some people have yet to see either of the ppv’s and my advice to you, as a friend is GET THEM WATCHED. Global Wars was the first of two shows co produced by ROH and NJPW. When I heard the news that this was happening I knew I had to watch it. Nothing could stand in my way. So far I’ve watched both Global Wars and WOTW 3 times each just to try and take it all in. I still haven’t. Let us begin.

Global Wars. May 10th 2014

We get straight into a match.

Michael Bennett v ACH

Bennett has a sore knee and it’s bandaged up so naturally ACH goes right after it, kicking the injured knee repeatedly. Bennet connects with a few stiff brutal right hands. Bennett seems to think he’s in control but he runs straight into a standing dropkick and ACH takes back that control. Maria(Bennet’s real life burd and her that was in wwe that you probably don’t remember cause she was shite) sweeps ACH’s legs from the apron, wee cow I screamed. The two men brawl to the outside where Bennet connects with a big spinebuster to the floor, it looked awfully sore. He starts limping around the ringside area, that sare knee’s playing up. Maria’s on commentary, never noticed her leaving ringside, but there yi go. She says the sore knee is just making her man more heated in this match. They roll back in the ring where Bennet hits a side effect. He motions for a Twist of Fate but ACH manages to kick the injured knee and takes Bennet down with a lovely dragon screw. He goes up top and connects with a perfect double stomp to the injured knee. It looked so painful, he sold it well to. I believed his knee was in agony. Maria get’s up on the apron, at which point I breathed fire with absolute rage, ACH goes after her but that causes him to run into a superkick from Bennet when he turns back around. He motions for a spear but ACH rolls out the way and Marie get’s speared instead. YASS. Really good gear. Bennet checks on his other half and ACH connects with a senton corkscrew splash, the crowd were into it, I was into it. ACH rolls Bennet back in the ring and goes for the 450 splash but Bennet manages to move his erse out the way then connects with, and no word of a lie the best spear I have ever seen. HE SPEARED ACH OUT HIS BOOTS. It was truly a remarkable thing to see. He connects with a Dominator and gets the win.

I haven’t saw alot of ACH matches, only saw a few from when he worked for Chikara and one or two watching ROH. I’ve saw plenty of Mike Bennet though, I have serious trap envy from his traps, he’s also quite entertaining to watch in the ring and can execute a beautiful spear. Noticed there was shades of Matt Hardy from Bennet with him hitting the side effect, Matt’s his new mentor so I guess that makes sense. This was a decent opener and with Maria being by Bennett’s side it added enough elements to make this match even better than it was. Nothing mind blowing mind you but it was what it needed to be. If I got any moves wrong then shut up and DEAL WITH IT.
A wee recap showing how Michael Elgin became the No. 1 contender for the IWGP Title

Takaaki Watanabe v “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Elgin takes control of the match, he connects with a stalling vertical suplex, he holds it for 30 seconds. What a strong man. Elgin gets Watanabe in a side head lock. Wantanabe manages to drop down and connects with a jawbreaker. Elgin goes up top and goes for a corkscrew senton but he misses and Watanabe gets fired up hitting some forearms and a big hooking lariat. Elgin connects with an enzuiguiri and a lungblower off the middle rope. Waranabe shows his more powerful side by hitting a spinning backfist and a Saito suplex(I think?). Elgin hits a mighty elbow and a deadlift german suplex for a near fall. Beautiful. Elgin is some man. The two brawl to the apron, Wantanabe crotches Elgin on the second rope, and connects with a backbreaker, he comes off the tope rope but Elgin manages to counter it with a mighty uppercut, he connects with the Buckle Bomb then the Elgin Bomb and gets himself the 1,2,3.

The crowd seemed total deed for this. I was fair into it, thought it was a braw wee match. Hadn’t saw any Wantanabe matches before, and he quite impressed me so much so I’ve youtubed the shit out of him. Pretty good for a 27 year old. I’ve saw Elgin plenty in ROH and I remember when him and Brian Cage were the PWG world tag champs. I still wouldn’t say I’ve saw enough of him to be a fan or not. The guys shake hands, respect n that.
ReDragon(O’Reilly & Fish) v the Decade(BJ Whitmer/Jimmy Jacobs) v the Briscoes(Mark & Jay)

Mark Briscoe starts things off by hitting Bobby Fish with some Kung Fu only a red neck version. Whitmer tags himself in taking out Fish with a mighty clothesline. Jay and Mark go to work on Whitmer using hard right hands and kicks. Jacobs spears Mark off the apron. Whitmer and Jacobs take a wee break while ReDragon take care of Jay Briscoe. O’Reilly gets a big boot to the face from Mark and then plants Jacobs with an Urinage. Whitmer makes the save though and connects with an exploder suplex. O’Reilly connects with a yakuza kick to Whitmer. But Jacobs makes the save and him and Whitmer set up for the all seeing eye on Fish. The Briscoes make the save. Jay hits a fireman’s carry driver on Jacobs. The Briscoe’s motion for the Doomsday Device on Jacobs, connect, and get the 1,2,3.

Ah, I wanted this match to have more time, it needed more time. It could have been something so special. So much was crammed into such a short match. This could have easily went on for 20 minutes no problem atall, and personally that’s all it needed to be great. All the guys did an amazing job though, considering the time they were given. MON EH BRISCOES!


It’s only been what 40 minutes, if that, already we’ve saw 3 matches and a few video packages. I was expecting longer, better, amazing things. I’m not complaining though because nothing I’ve seen so far has been bad, the matches just needed more time, especially the last one. So far we’ve saw only 1 advertised match and only 1 new Japan talent. So I’m hoping this means the rest of the show will be fabulous.


Cedric Alexander v Roderick Strong

And this is where the show really took off.

Cedric sprints down the ramps and goes on the attack. He sends Strong to the outside then hits a mighty suicide dive. Back in the ring and Strong hits Roderick with a one footed dropkick. Strong locks Cedric in he tree of woe and hits THREE! running dropkicks to the face, lovely spot. The ref gets Cedric out the ropes and Strong gets him in a side headlock. Cedrick manages to fight back a wee bit but is soon caught by a dropkick. Roderick transitions into an abdominal stretch. Cedric manages to counter out of it with a lovely arm drag combo thing followed by a 540 kick to the side of the dome He connects with a Michinoku Driver and gets a 2 count. He attempts a fireman’s carry but Strong gets out of it and connects with a lovely backbreaker getting himself a 2 count. Cedric rolls Strong up out of nowhere and gets a nearfall. He hit’s him with a kitchen sink knee lift. They fight to the top turnbuckle, Strong manages to connect with a superplex and almost gets the 3 count. He locks in the Strong Hold after showing some frustration but Cedric manages to pull himself to the ropes. He goes for another roll up and gets a 2 count. At this point I was like WHAAAT because Strong started mouthing off not sure what he said but Cedric legitimately spat in his face! This sends Strong aff his head and he hits him with a series of elby’s and knees. He connects with a big spinning kick but Cedric manages to kick out. Cedric connects with a springboard kick, this must be it 1,2..NAW. He makes his way to the top rope, Strong manages to catch him and connect with a backbreaker Strong motions for a Sick Kick but Cedric manages to counter it with a backbreaker. Get’s a 2 count. Then Cedric gets Strong with an inside cradle and wins the match.

After the match Roderick’s Decade buddies BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs hit the ring and attack Cedric. Strong hits him with the Sick Kick and Jacobs and BJ set up 4 chairs in the ring. Strong puts him through the chairs with a flipping suplex. A real shame but it made for great viewing.

What a great bit of storytelling. And a great match. I’m a huge fan of Cedric’s, he is without a doubt a future main eventer in ROH and tonight he showed us why. I’ve followed his rise trying to making it as a singles guy and it’s been enjoyable. Even though he lost, in my eyes I’d still class it as a win. He’s going places, mark my words.
IWGP Junior Tag Team Title Match: Forever Hooligans(Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero) v Young Bucks( Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Time Splitters(Yujiro Kushida & Alex Shelley)

YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. The crowd begin chanting welcome back to Alex Shelley. Then chant his name. It was beautiful and a wee tear poured down. Alex Shelley is one of my favourite wrestlers of the past decade. I have followed his career since day one so I was very, very excited to see him back in a ROH ring. Shelley and Matt start things off by trading blows. Romero tags himself in and attacks Matt. He connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Matt leaps up and tags in Kushida. Wee Kushida gets a mighty pop which was nice. He connects with a few dropkicks and arm drags Romero. Time splitters do some double team shit tagging each other in and out, picking apart all of their opponents. Some back elby’s and Poetry in Motion followed by a flying forearm, to the Hooligans. Koslov manages to pull Shelley to the floor. Romera connects with a flying knee off the apron and takes control of the match. Koslov connects with some kicks to Shelley then a double stomp. Romero hits a basement dropkick to Shelley. At this point I had burst a blood vessel and called my cat a tube. I was frustrated. LEAVE ALEX SHELLEY ALONE. The Bucks are in the ring and they decide to dish out some punishment to Shelley to, this was well doing my nut yet entertaining me ever so much. They connect with a leaping knee strike, a lovely sliced bread then a shining wizard.
Shelley dropkicks Matt which makes Nick accidentally kick his brer. Kushida hits some handspring kicks to the hooligans, then connects with a leaping enzuiguiri and springboard missile dropkick to Matt. The Bucks manage to hit each other yet again. Kushida hits a step up enzuigiri to Matt. He climbs up top and dives to the outside taking out the Hooligans. Inside the ring Kushida and Shelley hit a frog splash/standing moonsault combo to Matt, it was a thing of beauty, it really was and it gets a 2 count. The Hooligans attack everyone left standing. Matt holds the rope down and Nick hits a spinning corkscrew dive over the top rope onto Kushida and Shelley, it was mental, a great spot. Koslov decides to follow that with a senton splash to all 4 opponents. Koslov hits a mighty step up kick to Matt. But Koslov’s met by a superkick from Nick. Shelley and Kushida are back in the ring, I can’t even begin to explain what they did, ALL THE COMBO’S. They just went combo daft. Nick fights back and connects with a spike tombstone to Shelley. They double superkick Kozlov and Romero. The Bucks connect with More Bang for your Buck to Koslov and get the win and retain the belts.

WAW. This match was MENTAL. Mental in a really good way. I’m so giddy just writing about it. I know for a fact I’ve missed things out and got things in the wrong order, it was just completely insane. Please, I beg you, watch this match. Not only did we see a proper WRESTLING match but it was actually really fun to. All 6 men involved were so impressive, I literally cannot give this enough praise that will do it justice, words simply aren’t enough. Just watch it. I really expected Chris Sabin to come out and him and Alex to share a cuddle and everyone to chant MOTOR CITY, it really would have been the cherry on top of an already delicious cake. Saying that The Time Splitters are my favourite tag team at the moment and this match proves why, so I don’t want them to split any time soon.
RD Evans is out, he’s comedy gold and pretty decent on the mic. His current streak 104-0. He hypes up the ‘new streak’ he announces it in French and English. He gives ring announcer Bobby Cruz an envelope, asks him to read out his next opponent’s name. And it’s the bold Cruz himself. RD rolls him up from behind and get’s the 1,2,3. The crowd chant “streak!” x 10000000.
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Jado

Nakamura starts things off by locking up with Tanahashi, he gets the better of the few exchanges. Jado’s tagged in, he receives a kick to the head and falls to the mat Ric Flair style. Liger tags in next, the crowd are Liger daft. He dropkicks Jado to the outside. Jushin connects with a facepalm strike to Jado. He rolls into the corner. The ref get’s distracted and Jado hit’s a low blow. That’s no nice. Nakamura and Jado alternate out with quick tags each battering Liger. Liger connects with a backbreaker to Nakamura, he quickly rolls to safety and tags in Tanahashi. He hit’s a flying forearm to Nakamura and dragonscrew legwhip to Jado. He makes his way to the top and connects with a 360 senton splash. Waw. He hits Nakamura with some knife-edge chops, but he manages to turn things around by connecting with a spinning wheel kick. Nakamura places Tanahashi on the top rope and hits him with a knee lift to the gut. Jado’s in and he locks the crossface on Tanahashi, while Nakamura does the same with Liger. They both manage to get to the ropes. Tanashi is fired up and starts throwing dropkicks left, right and centre. Liger connects with a cross body to the outside and takes down Nakamura. Hiroshi heads to the top and connects with a delightful frog splash to Jado and gets the pinfall.

Wasn’t overly impressed with this match, some spots were nice but there just didn’t seem to be any flow to it in the slightest. Everything felt just a little disjointed. I’ve saw better from all 4.
Ring of Honor World TV Championship: Jay Lethal v Matt Taven v Silas Young v Tommaso Ciampa

THE CHAMP IS HERE aka Jay Lethal. All 4 guys head to the outside. Ciampa sends Taven into the rail and hits him with a running knee. And then does the same to Lethal x2. Ciamp tries to climb over the rail but Young manages to grab him and suplex him off the corner of the rail out to the floor. Which was a really cool spot. Loved it. Taven flies over the top rope hitting Ciampa and Lethal. Lethal grabs him and send him into the rail. Taven connects with an enzuigiri to Lethal and delivers a superkick to Ciampa. This is so exciting! Taven heads to the top rope but Young sends him off the top and crotches him. He connects with a lovely step up lariat then a backbreaker/lariat combo to Ciampa. Lethal connects with a dropkick to Taven as he comes of the top rope, then hits the Lethal Combination to Ciampa. Lethal is the only man standing. Young gets up first and counters a fireman’s carry with a high knee and a handspring springboard moonsault. He goes for the pin but Taven breaks it. Ciampa connects with a knockout knee to Taven then connects with an air raid crash to Young. Lethal connects with a mighty superkick to Ciampa and a step up enzuigiri to Taven. He’s on fire. Not for long because Young KILLS him with the almightiest of lariat’s. Someone see if he’s still got a pulse, fuck sake!! Taven connects with a superkick to Young. Hits a bicycle kick to Ciampa and hits Lethal with the Angels wings. He heads up top and hits a perfect moonsault on to Ciamp and Young on the floor. Truth Martini gets on the apron(Taven’s ex manager), Taven pulls him in the ring, this distraction allows Lethal to connect with the Lethal Injection for the win.

I’ve been very briefly following the Taven/Lethal storyline, and what I’ve saw has been great. I wished that this match went on longer, even an extra wee 10 minutes would have sufficed. Another match that was just too short to be considered great, which is saddening. I feel the match was kindof rushed to and the ending was pretty flat 😦
AJ Styles & Karl Anderson v Kazuchika Okada & Gedo

WHAT A PEACH. I’m very excited to write about the things that happened in this match because it was right good and I really hope that if you haven’t watched it already that these words will make you go watch it.

AJ gets a mighty pop despite being a wee heely basturd in NJ. He starts things off, he hits a backflip dropkick to Okada followed by a flying clothesline. Okada dropkicks Styles to the floor. Gedo’s tagged in and goes straight for the ‘The machine gun’ Karl Anderson, delivering some punches. Anderson connects with a spinebuster. Styles hits Gedo with a backbreaker. BULLET CLUB ARE IN CONTROL. Anderson connects with a leg lariat and gets a 2 count. Gedo connects with a flying crossbody and tag’s in Okada. Okado delivers a big boot to the coopin of Anderson. He sends Styles out the ring and connects with a DDT to Anderson. He hits a top con hilo from the apron to Anderson followed by an air raid crash into a neckbreaker across the knee. He makes his way up top and connects with an elbow to Anderson. He goes for the Rainmaker but Anderson manages to block it and connect with a neckbreaker. Styles comes in with a springboard flying forearm but runs into a huge dropkick from Okada. AHHHHH! Gedo connects with a backdrop, jawbreaker and DDT to AJ. Okada connects with a flapjack to AJ but he comes back and hits Gedo with a Pele kick. Anderson connects with the ace crusher on Gedo, Styles hits a fabulous brainbuster then the styles clash on Gedo and gets the win.

This match was EXCELLENT. A very, very, very good match. BULLET CLUB 4 LIFE!!! Okada is amazing to, literally could watch him wrestle for hours and hours. I’ve probably missed out loads from this match to, I was paying attention, it’s just so much was happening for my brain to comprehend. AMAZING.
Here we go!!!!

Ring of Honor World Chamionship Kevin Steen v Adam Cole

The bold Steen brought a Canadian flag to the ring. Steen throws a roll of streamers at Cole when he’s posing on the turnbuckle. Cole’s a mighty heel, the crowd despise him.
Steen starts things off by delivering a knife-edge chop, then another, and another. Cole dropkicks Steen’s knee. They fight to the floor. Cole goes for a suicide dive but Steen casually walks away and let’s him fall on his face. Steen sees a sign, it says ‘Eat Steen Eat’, he takes it and puts it over Cole’s head. He picks him up and runs his groin into the ring post. Cole sells this wonderfully. El Generico ‘ole’ chants. Kevin does mounted punches as the crowd chant in spanish. Steen BITES Cole and has a wee celebration after it, not for long though because Cole dropkicks Steen’s knees from behind. The crowd begin chanting ‘fuck you cole’. How rude. Cole continues the damage to Steen’s knee, kicking and then hitting a knee-d-t. Steen comes back with a quick DDT off the ropes. Both men are down. When they come to they fight to the floor. Steen powerbombs Cole into the ring post then picks him back up and powerbombs again. He picks Cole up and hits a 3rd powerbomb into the apron. And would you believe it, he does it for a 4th time!!! Cole rolls into the ring and Steen flys off the top rope with a senton splash! Gets himself a 2 count. They both slowly make it to their feet. Steen climbs the ropes but Cole kicks him in the knees again. They brawl to the top of the ropes. Steen connects with a massive cradle superplex and gets a 2 count. Steen sets up for a package piledriver but his sore knees give out and Cole manages to counter it into a FIGURE FOUR!!!! Which was my favourite thing in the whole world, a very lovely figure four. He pressures the hold for a wee bit but Steen shifts the direction of the hold, so he breaks it. Cole goes for the Florida Key but Steen manages to pick him up, he hits a huge powerbomb then locks in the sharpshooter. His knees give out again. He plays possum and manages to hit a suplex, he almost gets the win! Michael Bennet shows up, Steen throws him in the ring and hits him with a package piledriver but the distraction means Cole connects with a mighty superkick to the back of Steen’s head. He follows this up by connecting with the Florida Key. STEEN KICKS OUT. Was well not expecting that. Cole is completely shocked. He just sits there, contemplating what to do next. He finally locks in another Figure Four but Steen manages to roll it into a sharpshooter. Fan’s are going daft, they really want him to tap. He gets to the ropes. Steen sells the injured knee for a bit. Cole connects with a step up kick in the ropes and regains control. He makes his way to the top rope, Steen gets to his feet and climbs the ropes to, I literally had spew in my mouth because I had no idea what the outcome would be, it was ever so exciting. STEEN HITS THE BRAINBUSTER and holy shit it was perfect. Crowd are going daft again, and so was I. Taps aff, pants doon, what a match. He gets himself a 2 count. The ref checks to see if Cole’s ALIVE and he suddenly rolls Steen up with a small package, gets himself a 2 count. Steen goes for the package piledriver but Cole manages to counter it. He hits Steen with the superkick and gets the 1,2,3. Retaining his shiny belt.

This was just, waw, amazing from start to finish. There was a bit too much comedy at the beginning, but I’ll not hold it against anybody. Sure, Steen’s a funny guy, but in this angle I don’t think the comedy really fits in, if that makes sense? ADAM FUCKING COLE. He’s one of my boises, he is the future. He has every tool to really succeed. I honestly cannot wait to see what the future holds for him, whatever it is, it’s going to be great. Cole’s heel run really just proved to me he has what it takes. He’ll main event wherever he goes. Trust me on that.
Overall Global Wars was a decent show, though I was left feeling somewhat unsatisfied. I just expected…more. A few of the matches truly could have been so special if they just were given enough time. The IWGP tag title match was nothing short of phenomenal. Heel AJ Styles is the best AJ Styles. Was good to see the Time Splitters to. Get yourself geared up for World of the Worlds!

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