The Daily Thing – Day One

So I had an idea earlier to do a daily post. Coming from an idea I had to do a daily drawing and stick it on the Facebook page. This is happening instead. Or it will happen till I inevitably get bored wae the idea, start phoning it, and patch it completely. I jest, but essentially it’ll be a combination of three things. First thing, any wrestling news from that day summed up with my thoughts and feelings on it. Second thing, a link to a personal favourite match of mine wae a wee explanation of why I like said match, and lastly. A drawing of some description. Thats the things. Thats the format. I’ll probably fuck about wae it, cause I like tae fuck about wae things, but aye. I like simple names for shit anaw. So it’ll be called The Daily Thing. Or The Daily somethin anyway. Cheap and cheerful. Just like masell, apart fae the cheerful part. Lets gie it a bash eh! Firstly…

So today has been an eventful day for wrestling in no way whatsoever. Some people on Twitter got excited about ICWs latest video, and some have deciphered that it means Drew Mcintyre is returning at Shugs Hoose Perty. I’m no buying it tbh, cause he’s only been off for a week, and spoke of some project on Jericho’s podcast where he beheads a Sheamus lookalike in an epic battle scene doon the middle of Argyle Street. I think he was talking about a film, or maybe he’s just a murderer mate. Fuck knows. I think there’s a good chance he might make an appearance or two back home, cause he can’t do anything that would involve him being on TV for 3 months, so he’ll be looking to get on the indies and sharpen up before other opportunities present themselves to him. But the video wae aw the binary? I don’t think its about him. Would be a wee bit fast to have him booked, especially when Drew isn’t entirely sure what his next move is gonnae be, so everyone just calm it eh. Deep breaths n aw that. I actually reckon it might be the glorious long awaited return of the Bearsden Brawler William Grange, but fuck knows. Might even be my main man Red Lightning. I hope it is. Miss him and his captivating mic work. Extremely underrated as a champion if ye ask me. A proper fuckin heel who continually pinned everycunts favourite to keep haud of the belt. His celebration after winning the Fatal 4 way at Fear and Loathing 2 years ago is still one of my favourite ICW moments. Properly diving about like a mad yin so he wis. Loving life. Loving the sweet glow of victory.

Apart fae that, fuck all’s happened. I was gonnae say a bit about Smackdown, but I’ve no watched it yet. Safe tae say it contained wrestling. Some good shit, some pointless filler and probably an unsatisfying ending, but as long as it contained Dean Ambrose in the denims and vest combo, life’s no bad. I’m gonnae watch and review it later, so forgive me for skimming over it here. I’m just a man.

So now to the video portion of this wee venture, and the first video I’m gonnae present to you is one you all should have seen. If ye huvnae, then I’m very disappointed, but not surprised. I never trusted ye fae the fuckin start ya charlatan. Charlatan or not, sit down for 20 minutes and drink this in. Educate yourself. Bret Hart taking on Mr Perfect in one of my favourites of all time. Gums roon it.

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect (King Of The Ring 1993)

Good eh? Ye better have watched it before reading this btw. Don’t lie tae me! I’ll know. Might start following these videos up wae a wee pop quiz on the contents just tae make sure ye watched it.

For todays drawing I couldnae think of anything new, so here’s an auld yin. Ryback just can’t get enough FEED! #BigGuysNeedMore #BigGuyLife #CrushItAllDay



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