An Interview With Lou King Sharp


Lou King Sharp is a name you might have heard and been intrigued by of late. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse in Scottish Wrestling, then everyones favourite wee dick will have undoubtedly been mentioned. I call him a wee dick in the most complimentary way possible , as he portrays that character brilliantly for PBW, BCW, SSW and PWE. So is the wee dick persona just that, or is it just him in real life? We were about to find out, as we fired a few questions at the up and coming star. Not wanting to ruin yer reading experience with spoilers and that, but he turned out to be hugely sound, and very enthusiastic about making a name for himself in a tough business. So you’ll want to hear from the man himself eh? Course ye dae. That’s why ye stopped by, so put the feet up, make yourself a cup of tea, or even pour yersel some nice cauld Lilt if that’s what you’re into pal. I don’t know ye personally, but ye seem like a Lilt guy. Kick back and drink in the goodness as Lou King Sharp explains how he got started, and who his biggest influences have been to date, as well as his aspirations for the future. Oh and more importantly than any of that…look sharp. And lookout for the cunt pumpin yer maw and/or missus when yer back’s turned.


1. You’re one of the new faces on the Scottish Wrestling scene, but you seem to have made an impression with your playboy, maw shagging, and occasional tantrum throwing character. How did you come up with that character and how much to you enjoy portraying it?

The character came about from before I made my debut and Kid Fite insisted I wasn’t a ned (Thats the gimmick I would do at training at the time) I was more or a wee Jersey Shore/Geordie Shore kind of thing and gave me some ideas for moves ect and told me I had a week to think of a name. So basically he gave me the general idea of it and I made it my own, with people as people such as Kid Fite etc giving me ideas along the way to form the character.

2. You’re a trainee at the PBW Academy run by Kid Fite. How much of an influence has he been in your career so far, and is there anyone else involved in your training who you’d consider a big influence?

He’s definitely been a massive influence on my career by taking that time to not only teach me how to wrestle but to teach me the business side of things and just how thing work in general as well as giving me so many opportunities on shows. Working with the likes of Robbie X, Just Uz and Kenny Williams and  having the chance to team with Martin Kirby. At the same time the assistant trainers of the PBW Academys have helped in huge way too. The likes of Scott Maverick, TJ Rage, Kenny Williams, Switch, JD Bravo along with people like Davey Blaze. Stevie Xavier plus some excellent advice from Graham Mckay (BCW promoter who plays the Chales Boddington character in various promotions across Scotland) when hes been down and I would like to take this chance to thank every one of them.

3. We’re halfway through 2014 now, and you’re name is becoming well known on the Scottish scene, any goals in particular for the second half of the year? Promotions you’re looking to mare your mark in etc.

I just want to be everywhere and anywhere really. Being infront of as many different people as possible, in the second half of the year I hope to be still working at the promotions I do now (PBW PWE BCW and SSW) at the same time i am hoping to become regular in ICW which and with me being on Space Baws (A show ICW are running in September more geared towards up and coming talents) Hopefully I can take that opportunity and run with it also id love to work down south in the likes of PCW, Southside, Kamikaze Pro ect. I’d also like the chance to work with the Scottish Promotions I’ve yet to work with, such as W3L, SWE, Discovery Wrestlezone, Showcase and of course SWA. Having aid that I’m more than happy with the opportunities i have at the moment so whatever happens happens and if new opportunities arise i’ll grab them.

4. You recently made an appearance at Pro Wrestling Elite in Ayr in a handicap match against Davey Blaze and TJ Rage. It was a wee bit of a removal from the arrogant heel character you portray in PBW, as the crowd got right behind you. How much did you enjoy that different slant on your usual character? (although I imagine the beating the two big bastards handed out wisnae too enjoyable)

I had a fantastic time. I wasn’t to sure how to portray the character as a face as I’m basically meant to be a wee prick, so I just kinna tried to be a good wee prick …a good cunt if you will. Working with TJ, Blaze and Charels Boddington was strange in a way for me as O remember going to shows and seeing TJ and Boddington; Blaze was there on my first day of training so it was cool actually wrestling them on a show.

I was at this show personally, and I can tell ye he took a helluva beating too. Kept coming back for more. Made me wonder what LKS would be like against some of the big bruisers in WWE these days. Ducking under the Brogue Kick to punch Sheamus square in the baws and shit like that, but I’ll chuck the havering and let the man himself talk eh.

5. You busted out a 619 in that match as well. As a smaller wrestler, is Rey Mysterio a particular source of inspiration for you considering all he’s achieved in an industry where size is spoken about a lot?

I’m not sure why but when I was a wee boy i always wanted to do a 619 and call it the 0141 (Glasgows telephone area code). Definitely when I was a kid, I was daft for Rey Mysterio but a think every kid is, but once I started training that he was a big inspiration. Making me think ‘well theres obviously other people doing this who are 5 foot nothing, so why can’t I?’

6. Any aspirations to wrestle abroad one day? If so, where in particular takes yer fancy?

I would love to wrestle somwhere pure random like Bulgaria or some tribal village in Africa that would be top notch. But id like to do the obvious ones like the US,Mexico and Japan and I’d also love to tour Europe; Places like Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy etc. Luckily i’ll be going to denmark in July to do a week training seminar with Chaos at DPW.

7. Favourite wrestler?

Rockstar Spud without a doubt. Hes immense in the ring and his character is brilliant aswell man.

8. Any moments or matches in particular that stand out as influences in you pursuing wrestling?

I started watching wrestling at a young age so I suppose seeing people like Sabu and he Hurricane and thinking this guys like an actual superhero. Guys like Hurricane and Rey Mysterio were automatically cool to me because they wore masks. It was actually going to British wrestling shows which showed me people in Scotland do this too and you can be a wrestler in Scotland.

What I’m taking fae this is that Lou King Sharp may or may not become a superhero in the future, turning plain looking cunts intae mad shaggers. We shall see.

9. It took me a depressingly long time to get that your name was a play on “looking sharp”, Who came up with that name? Its fuckin genius btw.

I know a guy named Harry Sharpe whos middle name is Luke, so when Ross (Kid Fite) told me to think of a name for this cocky jersey shore-ish character I thought Luke Sharpe = look sharp and was gonna go with Luke Sharp. Spoke to a few folk about a name my uncle mates ect then eventually came up with it pretty sure I was either in the shower or taking a shite

10. Lastly, anything coming up that you want to tell us about? Or anything ye might want to plug, tell us about it here. Lou King Sharp bicycle shorts or suhin (built for speed, not for comfort). That sort of thing.

The PBW Academy is growing at a huge rate with schools in Barrhead, Greenock and Airdrie every sunday if you are wanting to become a wrestler get in shape meet new people or just have a good time its the perfect place its more than a training school its a family.

PBW will be live at the BellaDrum Tartan Heart Festival on the 8th and 9th of August as well as live in Larbert on the 3rd of October and Aloa on the 4th
BCW will be live in East Kilbride on the 27th of june and in the Kilmarnock on the 29th of August, so get along to those shows if you can.
PWE’s next show Gradomania will be on the 19th of July in Ayr Town Hall. SSW is live in the Regal Theatre in Bathgate every month.
You can see me on ICWs Spacebaws Episode Four – A New Hope in The Garage in Glasgow on the 21st of September.
Plenty of other shows from PBW BCW PWE SSW or wherever has to put up with me only way to find out is go to the shows listed, there’s plenty there so there’s no excuse not to come out and see me in person. I’d also like to thank my auld da for driving me up and down the country to pursue this dream.

And finally yes… Lou King Sharp biker shorts, sports socks and badminton rackets will be found at all local convenience stores in the near future. Terms and conditions apply. Any enquiries regarding faulty goods should be directed at the retailer and not Lou King Sharp himself. #LookSharp


If you found this shit as utterly captivating as I imagine, you’ll be wanting to follow Lou King Sharp on the Social Media n that. So get on that. Here’s his twitter.

If you want to pursue wrestling, as the Sharp yin said, PBW has plenty of schools open at the moment. Details on how to get started can be found here.

Finally, a wee list of the official websites for the companies LKS has worked for so far. All info regarding upcoming shows, and mibbe a wee action shot wae Kris Travis whappin the dids out can be found in these links.

So what the fuck ye waitin for? All the info’s there, and speaking from experience of seeing him in action, Lou King Sharp’s got that wee special something. To accurately portray the “wee prick ye would never get sick slappin” character so effectively at such an early stage is a testament to how well he does it. Get along to one of the shows mentioned above and see what the fuss is about for yersell.

Oh aye…spose I better sign we should sign off wae this eh….look sharp. Always look sharp.

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