The Daily Thing – Day Three

Got something decent planned for the morras daily thing, but whilst I don’t wish tae weigh yees down with me being a negative Nigel, I’m tired as fuck, and this will most likely be kept short, sweet, and good to eat. Like a French Fancy kiddin on its a blog post. Or eh…..I dunno. I’m all metaphored out man. This is the 4th blog post I’ve had writing involvement in today (Cause yees aw know I was the star of the show for Davies thing eh? Course ye dae) and I just want tae lie slap bang in the middle of my bed, spread out like a starfish, and gently massage the contours of my baws wae an XBOX pad on a stick.

In terms of news in the wrestling world, nothing I care about has occurred ataw. Well the thing that’s happened that we all took notice of is the thing I’m gonnae talk about the morra, so I won’t say much about it here. Let’s put it this way, it sounds like “Blew Rackintyre Is Looked For Yiddish Rampionship Breastling” so aye. Crack that code if ye can. BIG MANS COMIN HAME.

RAW was on. I’ll review it properly tomorrow, but its the first time the show as a whole has impressed me. There’s always good shit. Enough for me tae not hate my eyes for watching it, but this was the first genuinely braw episode in months. Even the shiter of a main event, had a good enough ending to make it worthwhile (not the whole segment to end like, just Reignsys moment in it) So aye, RAW was smashin. Cannae wait tae get stuck intae it the morra for a proper review.

Aye fuckin….whit else? TNA decided to go back to the 6 sided ring, despite getting rid of a large amount of the wrestlers who made it famous, cause TNA don’t really give a fuck anymore do they? I stopped watching it entirely about 2 months ago, after catching up with the previous 3 months I’d missed and pretty much breaking my already puggled brain. Even Connie’s gien up wae them, and she’s TNA daft. I just cannae be fucked even thinking about it man. Lashley wae the belt? Fuckin charisma-less bawheid Lashley? Naw.

Today’s match is a wee belter from NJPW. One of the matches between Okada and Tanahashi which took place last year. Every match they’ve had has been superb, but this one is my favourite…cause it just is mate.


Kurt Angle still loves a Cornetto. Some things never change.



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