The Daily Thing – Day Six (Dean Ambrose and why you should come to ICW in London)

So today’s daily thing is gonnae be a quick haver. That was the plan for the Red Lightning one right enough, and it turned into a 2000 word dissertation about his ICW Title run, but naw, this will be nice and short. I hope……

First and foremost, since theres nae big wrestling news stories to speak of, I’ll tell ye why Dean Ambrose should win the MITB briefcase. Straight out with it. Nae gently easing ye intae the subject matter or any of that. I’m no yer babysitter mate, this is real, hard-hitting, up in yer face journalism. So aye. Ambrose. I fancied him to win one of the MITB briefcases last year, and for him to hold it whilst part of The Shield (Could even have slung that US Title in the briefcase, since he was daein fuck all else with it) but it probably wasnt the right time then.

This year it’s all different. The landscape has changed. The Shield are no more (I know…I’m struggling with it tae, but like the storied solo career of Abs from 5ive, all good things come to an end) and Dean Ambrose has this loose cannon, Jon Moxley-esque thing on the go as a solo competitor, so that makes him PERFECT for the MITB briefcase. Having a potential main event talent, who appears to have a screw loose, carrying around a one way ticket to the top? Perfection. It could be used as a pawn for him to get the singles feud with Rollins that he so craves tae. Imagine they have a fuckin ladder match with the briefcase on the line man. Ambrose not giving a fuck about jeopardising his title shot, because compared to getting his hands on Rollins, it disnae matter a fuck. Belts are just baubles and tinsel to Dean Ambrose, the Christmas tree itself is having the chance to land one on Seth Rollins jaw in a sanctioned professional wrestling match. So aye, give Ambrose the briefcase, because he’s fuckin wonderful at what he does, and his cash in could easily rival Zigglers one if its timed properly. So fuckin dae it. Give Ambrose the briefcase, or give yourselves a hat that says “Worlds Biggest Bloody Idiot” on it, cause that’s what you’ll be if you dont.

Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan is yer match for today. It’s a belter.

(How dope was that Christmas tree metaphor btw? Fuckin dopest of the dope)

So next I want tae tell yees why you should come to ICW – What’s Your Boggle in London tae. There seems to be less regulars chatting about going this time around, and I get it guys, I dae, money’s tight. Easter is only 10 months away. Life’s difficult. I get it. Ye need money for the weans back to school pencils, and gear isnae gettin any cheaper. Honestly, I’m right there with ye, but here’s why I think you should ignore all those real life related problems and get on the fuckin megabus regardless.

1. Joe Coffey vs Noam Dar

The whole card is shaping up nicely, but I’ll chat about that more when I preview it, so for this wee piece, I need tae fawn over this recently announced match. This has been a match I’ve been fiending tae see since I first started getting familiar with folk on the Scottish scene, and as far as I’m aware, its a match that either hasn’t happened before, or hasn’t happened for a long fuckin time. A dream match. Sell a fuckin kidney if ye need tae. Be there. Dae it.

2. London’s no bad

Expensive? Aye. Huge and difficult to navigate? Indeed. A bigger, scarier, more Arsenal fan ridden version of Glasgow? Yep. London is all these things, but it’s also a neat big toon if you can look past all these things, and ye can walk 500 yards without encountering someone eating a Greggs. Can ye dae that in Glesga? Exactly.

3. I’ll be there

The whole Snapmare Necks team will be actually, and I’m fucking skint. So come tae London, introduce yourself and buy me a vodka. Connie gies haunies for Strawberry Daquiris anaw, but don’t tell her I told ye that eh. Nah seriously though, it’ll be a rerr time. Get yersel down there. Or if you’re a local, feel free to shimmy at a more leisurely pace. Just fuckin dae it man. Find yersel a wee durty anaw, and have a wee holiday romance. Push it. Push it real good.

Watch this video anaw.


Finally…BT Gunn chopping Eddies tits aff


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