The good, the bad and the TNA (By Connie Williams)

I’ve wanted to write a wee opinion piece on TNA for a while, and now is that time. I’m not really sure where to start, I’ll just go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Firstly I assumed my words would be negative, that I’d be including many swear words and much anger about the ongoings in the promotion as of late. I’ve changed my mind somewhat. I firmly believe in that we should always try to find the positives in pro wrestling. That being said there are still some issues that must be addressed. I also accidentally came across spoilers on Facebook. Which showed me some things that actually sound good. I clicked it. I read it. I’m weak. I have no will power. I’ve been aff it for ages, spoilers I mean. I let myself down. Spoilers ruin lives. Stay away from them. Now that I’ve gave you a wee row I suppose I better start saying things about TNA. My words may contain SPOILERS. Not much, a wee one here and there, so if that’s not up your street then I suggest you stop reading now. Cheers xo

Just my opinions on the bad and good parts of TNA in the past few weeks and still to come. Awwwwwww here it goes.


Why is Lashley champ? Answer me please. My brain cannot comprehend it. It hurts even thinking about it. When was the last time Lashley was relevant? The answer is never. Sometimes I think he may be broken, never in my life have I witnessed someone with so little personality. I have more charisma in my left erse cheek. Some might say I’m being too harsh, I say fuck you. Can he wrestle? Kinda, but he’s incredibly mediocre(he was fantastic in his match with Joe at Slammiversary, something in the water that day though). Can he cut a promo? Not if his life depended on it. Some might argue that it’s a good idea to put the belt on him, to generate some anger among us fans, and I agree with that to an extent, but I don’t believe Lashley was the right choice. I know it can be hard work to generate heat when it’s a wrestler you respect playing the heel, but that doesn’t mean to stay stick it on a guy nobody gives a shit about. Seriously have you ever met a Lashley fan? Haha, even sounds funny saying that, a Lashley fan. The point in Lashley being champ is to give TNA more exposure I assume? And then for when the eventual hero, whoever that may be, to save the day and take that belt from him and it’ll be dead special. It’s not really working. Not for me anyway. It’s only caused anger, real anger. Not I’m angry at the character, more I’m angry with this company. I don’t understand why Dixie always spunks her load for him. I’ve always been left feeling unsatisfied when he makes his very brief returns to TNA.


This is 2014 right? And ECW ended when? April 2001 I think? Why is Dixie or whoever makes these decisions still rehashing storylines involving ECW? It’s time to let go. I respect the shit out of the company, ECW, but it’s the past now,. TNA seem to concentrate on the past and not the future and to me that’s the main thing they are getting wrong. As I said this is 2014, this is about the future. This is about, Austin Aries, the almighty one, the greatest man to grace this plantet. A man who can cut a spectacular promo, a man who can out wrestle them all, a man who sticks baws in your face just because he can. I want a replica birthday cake next year of his baws in Christy’s face. If you’re my pal you must do this for me. This is about Bobby Roode, the IT Factor, the leader of the selfish generation, once one half of the incredible Beer Money, and of course the longest reigning world champ. This is about Samoa Joe going to kill you. Can you remember when he was the most feared man in TNA? I genuinely believed he was invincible, and not once did he have a bad match, he was a true champ. TNA need to concentrate on these guys. The past becomes boring and people start to have no interest or reason to watch. TNA seem to take dig themselves out a hole and then end up right back in it again. It baffles me why anyone with a business sense could make such horrendous decisions for their company.


Ugh. Has she improved? Yes. Do I hate her because she’s a good heel? Nah I dislike the woman because she is no boss. Just someone in the business who for some reason happens to have power. She struts about getting pictures with the boises trying to be a part of it. Ever see Vince getting selfies with the boises? Nah. And you know why that is right? He is a leader, a BOSS. I’m not just needlessly being cruel about the women. I couldn’t do her job, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be at times. But you can only make so many mistakes before the money completely runs out. Concentrate on the fantastic roster you already have instead of trying to get big names from the past booked, concentrate on the storylines, on the matches, on actually selling tickets. Just please don’t depend on ‘has beens’. It upsets me greatly that I’m referring to wrestlers such as Dreamer, Snow, Rhino etc as has beens, but in terms of how they are booked in TNA that’s how I see them because ECW is gone. These men worked hard, and were part of something special, and entertained us greatly, but they must be allowed to move on. These men have their own identity, so why not book these guys to do their own thing instead of trying so hard to have that special ‘ECDUB’ moment. It’s gone. We’ve already saw the moment on TNA several times. Adapt or perish and aw that. Also Dixie, you don’t NEED to be on tv. I don’t like how she puts so much of herself into the show. There really is no reason for it other than to cause me genuine rage, and not in a she’s a good heel way, in a get the fuck aff ma telly before I smash yi kind of way.


Lashley winning the belt on an episode of Impact. WHY? This is surely very, very bad for business. I will never ever understand why they decided to end EY’s title reign on a taped episode of Impact. I have no words other than STUPIDITY.


I understand that they have to cut costs and that can mean releasing wrestlers. Letting Bad Influence go is the biggest mistake TNA have ever made hands down. Bad Influence were the perfect tag team, the definition of a tag team. Everything a tag team should be and more. They were booked horrendously and I’m not entirely sure how things went towards the end but all I know now is that both men have left the company. It’s good that they are touring and we’ll get to see them wrastle here in Scotland but it’s saddening to know that it’s over. I mean, I wanted Daniels to go for the big belt, the shiniest belt, and now those hopes have been crushed. I genuinely believe he could have carried the company with one hand. His pinky. He’s GOOD. And he never got the chance to show off his true potential. I wish both men all the best and all the success.

THE COMPANIES OBSESSION WITH MMA GUYS?(there’s a wee spoiler at this part)

Seriously what is that all about? King Mo’s back by the way. Why? He once responded to a tweet I wrote about how fucking ridiculous it was at how much TNA were paying for a thrown for him. He instantly became friendly. No idea why. He wanted to help me in some way with my writing and chatted to me on whats app, no idea why I’m telling you this, we’re pals though right? Anyway, one night he called me and for some reason I answered and the first words to come out my mouth were ‘goan bolt’. I put the phone down he unfollowed me on twitter and never spoke to me again. The END. Fuck MMA guys. Concentrate on wrestlers. Fuck King Mo.

I’ve made my point on this many times. Why should we get to decide what the wrestlers perform in? Talents have already spoke out saying that it makes things more difficult. So why bring back something that wrestlers find hard to perform in, I seriously don’t get it. Just because everyone constantly spews ‘mind the days with the 6 sided ring, those were gid’. Naaaah. It’s a ring mate. A ring shouldn’t fucking matter. All eyes should be on the wrestlers. Don’t understand why it’s back, hopefully it’s not a permo thing. Get tae fuck.


There was a time, not so long ago, that TNA prided themselves on the Knockouts division. And sometimes it was the only reason to watch the show because all the ladies were consistently booked to wrastle each other, it was amazing. They all prided themselves on putting on great matches for a company that allowed them to do so. What happened? Angelina Love and Gail Kim’s feud, ugh. Their match at Slammiversary was given so little time, and it just didn’t work. And it just centred around a ref, Hebs wane, who wants to pump Velvet who wasn’t even in the match. This could have been special. In the past, it would have been. I don’t know if those days will ever come back. I hope they do. By that I mean I hope Awesome Kong returns and Implant Busters them all.


And of course, the big one, Fucking story lines not having a conclusion. I HATE IT. I need a story to have an end. It’s like almost completing a jigsaw and realising the final piece is missing. I need it to be like a book. BEGINNING and END.
So now the good stuff. If you take away the bits that are shite, free your mind, now concentrate on the good.


This was truly beautiful. In every way. Please watch Slammiversary. If there’s a tag team in history that deserve an honour like this then it’s the Dudley’s, without a fucking doubt. And this didn’t feel like some low rent team getting inducted into a HOF that has pretty much zero credibility(I feel the same way about the WWE HOF, but they promote better than anyone on the planet and are good with keeping up appearances). The crowd treated the boises like the super stars that they are. Devon was visibly touched, and it was such a nice moment, Bully played up the moment perfectly to, maximizing the already huge reaction they got. Amazing gear. It felt so right. So very, very right. A special moment. Please watch.

A hugely fulfilling event. Which was quite unexpected. The negatives weren’t all that negative and the positives were beyond positive. What I’m trying to say is it was a very a entertaining ppv. The best from TNA in a long, LONG time. The main event is a must see!


I don’t know whether I like this or not. I don’t really get why they are going to Japan for Bound for Glory. Does TNA even air in Japan? It would have made much more sense to come to the UK where they draw really decent crowds. Is it because Japanese wrestling seems to have gotten more popular and they want a piece of it? It could either be the best or the worst idea. We shall see. One thing TNA proves is the minute they get knocked down they try their hardest to get back up again. The thing I like about the connection with Japan( TNA has a working relationship with Wrestle-1 who helped put this together) is MUTA. The almighty MUTA. I was in tears almost. SPOILER. Apparently he got no reaction at the latest Impact tapings. He squashed Robbie E in a match, didn’t get enough time atall. James Storm attacked Muta for some reason but Sanada saved the day. I respect Muta huge, huge amounts. I like seeing him on my tv again.

The Beautiful People

TBP are my favourite women’s stable of all time. They just get it spot on every single time. Even though what they are currently involved in is simply put, a pile of garbage, they still manage to be top baddies that make you genuinely want to slap them. TNA made a smart choice bringing Angelina back. Even if they aren’t getting enough time in their matches they still manage to entertain.


And of course I have to mention the boises again, Roode and Aries. TNA is what it is because of these guys. Wee Eric Young’s title reign was tarnished massively because a lot of people felt that TNA were just copying the WWE, having an aw beard champ. It’s a shame because he always deserved a big push. It was just booked horrendously. Samoa Joe is still killing it, giving us top-notch matches. Never forget Joe. Some of his matches are my favourites of all time. He’s an important man but sometimes lost and forgotten. Never forget. That guy gives it his all in the ring. He really could be the focus of a promotion again if only they wrote him well. Kurt Angle always has my attention because he’s Angle, one of the greatest of all time, easily. Truthfully, I believe he belongs in a WWE ring, I don’t even feel like that’s opinion, more fact. Imagine him returning with the old theme and everyone chanting you suck just cause, I’d be sobbing uncontrollably. But if there’s a Kurt there’s a me watching, that’s my point, and he’s recently been recovering from an injury and made his “comeback”. Rockstar Spud and EC3 are also hugely surprisingly entertaining, and on occasion EC3 is actually quite impressive in the ring. James Storm’s still scooping beer and kicking the coopin’s aff everyone but his theme is no longer ‘longnecks and rednecks’ so fuck him. Basically, as much as there is bad, there is a list of guys on the roster that do good things.
I don’t really know where I’m going with this, guilty of the thing I’m accusing TNA of. Having no conclusion. I don’t know where I am right now, as in whether I’m with TNA or not, I’ve read the results for the next few weeks, including Destination X, it’s annoying they tape so many things. But what I will say is that I recommend them all. Some of the matches sound fantastic. Other things seem ridiculous.
But I suppose, this company will always have my heart. Been watching since day one. I’ve saw them fall and get back up again so many times. And I was always proud. Lately I can’t bare to watch it. But I know I mustn’t give up on it. I think that’s what I’m trying to say…You can’t give up on the company because as flawed as TNA is, if you give up on the company you give up on the wrestlers, the men and women on the roster who you have supported for so many years. There’s a list of bad things, yes, but there’s enough good things to keep on going. I know none of this actually makes sense. Its just me listing the bad and good points, but I think there is a conclusion in here somewhere.

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