An Interview With Andy Wild

andy wild

Its time for this shit to change isn’t it? Some of the best wrestlers in Scotland almost seem persecuted for being good at what they do. Or overlooked at the very least. “He’s good but he’s no got enough personality” “He’s good, but I prefer his tag partner” “I just cant buy into him” blah, blah fuckin blah. It’s a tragedy that some of the best technical wrestlers, and in-ring storytellers out there don’t get the recognition they deserve. One who I’d have placed on that list until recently is the bold Liam Thomson, but his current villainous run in ICW, and his reign as PBW champion seems to have put an end to those days for him thankfully. It shouldn’t happen to any of them though. These cracking wrestlers, who have technically sound, engaging matches, yet so many folk couldn’t give two fucks. I understand the need for big characters, and the appeal in having them. I even understand why they’re favoured at the top end of the card, but I reckon its our duty as fans to pay some fucking attention to the guys who burst their arses to get really good at WRESTLING for our entertainment.

Andy Wild is one of those men. A former PWE Champion, and ICW Zero-G Champion, and one of the fraternity of unfortunately ‘underrated’ talents working in this country. His fast paced, technically flawless matches with Noam Dar always hit the mark, with that very match-up IMO stealing the show at ICWs first show at the 02 ABC, Fear and Loathing 6. So if you don’t have Andy Wild somewhere in yer top 10, and you think that’s an acceptable situation, sit back, read this interview and realise how very wrong you are. I’d continue talking about his talent when I’m mentioning reasons as to why he should be one of yer favourites, but I’ll take a break from that for a minute to let you in on a wee secret. Andy Wild is fuckin huge now. And will pick you up, and hurl you into the Clyde if you don’t sit up and take a bit of notice.

Enough outta me. Listen tae Andy.


1. Tell us a wee bit about your career to date. How you got started, and what made you pursue wrestling in the first place.

This is a question asked quite regularly in interviews so I will try and keep it short and sweet. Basically, I always watched wrestling from a young age with my Dad and due to personal confidence issues and lack of physical fitness i never tried to persue it. After my Dad passed away in 2005 I made a concious decision to to pull the finger out and pursue my dream. I found the NWAUK summer training camp in Ashford, Kent and started my journey there, I then continued my training at the PBW Academy there after. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to wrestle all over the UK, Europe and America.

2. Your appearance has changed recently. Seemingly in a deliberate attempt to “bulk”. Any particular reason behind this? And what changes did you make to your diet/exercise routine to make it happen? (besides rippin sheeps heids aff n eatin them whole)

The reason is that nearing the end of last year I asked a load of my peers and workers I look upto their opinion on myself and what I need to work on in 2014 to be in a position to get a tryout with one of the big companies. The general consensus was – ”Your in ring ability speaks for itself but your physique is up and down and you have a lack of personality sometimes”. So I asked myself who ‘Andy Wild’ actually was and decided that I wanted to work towards the look and style I have always idolised (Dean Malenko, William Regal, Technical solid wrestlers) And started to make changes to look that way eg. Change in physique, Ignoring trending movesets and being true to my ‘Character’.
Nutrition and Exercise wise – I had been in a HUGE calorie deficet for about a year and training like absolute maniac trying to be lean leaving me overtrained and what I like to call ‘SkinnyFat’. I decided just to go back to basics with my nutrition and throw in a load more calories and just get a better relationship with food again. Training wise I got Sean South (@Ratherbedean) to write me a program to shock my body into growth. After that I’ve completely stripped my training back to Powerlifting training and hope to compete in a Powerlifting Meet at the end of this year.

3. You were always one of my personal favourites in ICW, but that part of your career seems to be over, or at least on hold for the moment. Do you miss working for company? And is there any scope for you to go back? One of my first shows had you defending the Zero-G belt against Jimmy Havoc, and I’ve not seen a tape of it back but it always sticks out as one of my favourite matches in ICW. Considering Jimmy is best known for the hardcore stuff, it was a belter of a wrestling match.

ICW is very close to my heart and I am thankful for all the oppurtunities I recieved there, Mark Dallas has always been an absolute gentleman to me and had alot of faith in my ability. Sadly, at the moment there is no place for me on the roster. I am not bitter about this, the talent in ICW is huge and when my time comes i will happily return. In regards to my match with Jimmy – Jimmy is a very old friend of mine and one of the first people I ever locked up with and is a very accomplished techinical wrestler/shoot wrestler aswel as the hardcore stuff he is prominently known for. Personlly, being in the ring with Jimmy felt great and I loved that match, he is someone Ive looked upto since day 1 and was a big deal for me to work him.

4. You’ve always had incredible matches with Noam Dar. The latest instalment coming up in July at Pro Wrestling Elite’s ‘Gradomania’. Is that down to anything in particular (you being best pals, or him saving you from drowning that one time and your souls bonded forever…that kinda thing), or just good in-ring chemistry?

Haha! Noam and Myself trained together every weekend for about 4 years. When people were on their lunch at training we were in the ring. When people were farting about at shows we were in the ring. Our friendship has always been bonded with a mutual love of wrestling and an almost painful drive to achieve. I honestly think our chemistry comes about because of these things along with the fact that for the past 4 years we’ve been trying to out-do everyone on the Scottish scene and prove we want it more than anyone else. I’m obviously not saying we are the best or think we are the hardest working that would be a silly statement when you’ve got guys like Mark and Joe Coffey out there with the same kind of mindset all I’m saying is EVERY time we get in that ring together we have a point to prove.

5. Do you watch a lot of wrestling? If so, which companies? If not, feel free to tell us about something else here. Maybe a favourite cartoon?.

I dont get a huge amount of time to watch wrestling with working 60 hour weeks, training and having a Son and Fiancee but when I do I love to watch old WCW Cruiserweight matches, ECW Cruiser matches (Eddie and Malenko 2 out of 3 falls almost every week), William Regals Japanese matches and of course Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask matches.

6. Favourite match of your own?

Noam vs Myself final of PWE Worlds Heavyweight Title Tournament.

7. Favourite match of all time?

This one is very tough. For 2 completely different reasons – Angle/Micheals I think it was Summerslam. Guerrero/Malenko 2 out of 3 falls.

8. Favourite wrestler of all time?

Theres no 1 in particular I can pin point but defo Regal, Malenko, Dynamite, Jericho, Guerrero and Devitt.

9. Any aspirations to go abroad and wrestle at any point?

I want to be signed this time next year. Whether it happens or not we will have to wait and see.

10. Finally, if you could pick one opponent from the past or present. Who would you pick and why?

100% Guerrero or Malenko. You would learn so much from just being in there with them.


Now you’ve learned a bit more about Andy Wild, get to know his patter by following him on twitter.

Andy is a regular performer across Scotland, particularly on PBW and PWE shows. If you’re a fan of his matches with Noam Dar, they go at it again at PWEs Gradomania at the Ayr Town Hall. All info for that event can be found here.

So get out there, and get watching Andy chuck folk about at a venue near you.

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