The Davey Thing – Episode 4 (Elimination Chamber, Rybaxel Promos, Cliffhanger Ending)

Honestly, if I knew we could just copy and paste old reviews and pawn them off as daily entries in a blog, I’d have a lot more daily entries under ma belt! In quite possibly the most heinous manoeuvre from a respected journalist, Marty’s latest column was just a rehash of an old review. Which ye should read btw, it’s a braw review of a braw show.

Aye, I phoned it in. I was planning on quietly uploading the ICW Reviews from the old site and no telling anycunt, but I used a daily platform I’ve created on the new site to do so instead. Know what entitled me to do just that? Being the fuckin BOSS mate. Don’t you forget it. 

Davey did instruct me to link said review here, and since its a request of his which benefits me, I will do so.

Anyway, it’s also good timing. I need to get my reviewing chops back, what with the Raw gig coming up. It’ll be quite a change of pace, as I’m known as the PPV guy around here. I wouldn’t normally lower myself to reviewing television but I’m Martin’s friend, and he needs me to fill in for him. When the Big Guy needs help, he can count on the Axe Man. Here’s an abridged version of my Elimination Chamber 2014 review, which, fun fact, was the most viewed post on the blog until my now legendary Extreme Rules review smashed all records.

As I’ve said before, his Extreme Rules review isnae even the most viewed on the site. He’s a charlatan. I’m also not allowing him to copy paste something which exists on this site. Thats the difference ye see. My old review isnae on this site anywhere. So here. It was a good review though. He’s a funny man. Our nights on the town are often filled with tomfoolery, jokes and suggestive hat wearing. You should hit up the casino wae us one time. It gets mad fun. Mad instantaneously. 

Dave’s Elmination Chamber Review.

Ahhh. Randy as our champion. Think how stable things were back in February. We had a strong champion going into WrestleMania, TV wis braw every week, and the champ defended his title constantly, against EVERYONE. And now look, Daniel Bryan fucked it up so bad that they gave it back tae John Cena. That’s what yous get. You wanted Danny as champ, even though he just doesn’t cut the mustard. Oot for months cause he’s got a sare neck. He probably just slept funny or suhin.

Anyway, watch these 2 videos of Rybaxel. In one of them, Curtis refers to himself as the longest reigning Intercontinental champion of 2013. Imagine ye went back in time a year and tried tae convince yer past self that Ryback and Curtis Axel are cuttin the funniest promos in the company right now. Past Davey wid be like ‘here fuck off, I like Ziggler but I’m no really that much intae it again yet’.

As always, we’re gonna finish things up with


The joke here is, after denying previous requests from Dave to underline things, and denying his request to have that photo accompanying the post which it would have been pertinent in, I have done both things at the end of this. It also fucks up his ‘cliffhanger ending’ idea, cause this becomes the ending tae it now. Not a cliffhanger at all. Ties everything up quite nicely in fact. Moral of the story is. Don’t mock the boss. Clearly the tone of this post was tae rip the cunt out of me for putting an old review up and passing it off as a new blog post. Something which he had every right tae dae. At the same time though, fuck this motherfucker. I run the show, and any attempts at playing the villain by Davey can be easily thwarted by me knowing aw the passwords, and him knowing RIDE AW. 

As I always do, I’ll be finishing off this post with a…

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