The Daily Thing – Day Fifteen (I Love Writing About Wrestling Mate)

Aye its more of a personal thing today. I’ve been brimming with ideas on how to make this site the best it can be, and if my vision for it was to come true, it would genuinely give me more fulfilment than any career I can think of. I’m delighted that the interviews are going so well, although all credit for that goes to the wrestlers who’ve taken then time to give interesting and informative answers. The Daily Thing snapped me out of a slump where at times I couldnae get my head around whatever project I was thinking of starting, so that’s served its purpose. It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing quite a bit tae, cause it gives me a blank canvas tae fill wae my shite patter, and well…that’s fuckin perfect for me. I’m very proud of a few of the articles anaw, particularly the Red Lightning one, and it gave me that hunger and focus back that I had admittedly been lacking after going through personal problems over christmas and new year. But where does that leave the vision I have for the site?

There’s still that unsolvable problem of turning the thing I love doing intae the thing that I do for a living. I’ve poured everything I have intae this this for over a year now, and I’ve had opportunities I could never have dreamed of as a result. I’ve written for one of the top wrestling magazines in the UK, and will hopefully continue to do so, but the problem that always remains is money. How to combine the thing that I love doing and the thing I believe I’m pretty fucking good at, with something that puts money in my pocket. I was on the degree year of my course last year, and admittedly I let my work suffer due to pouring so much into writing and personal distractions, but the main problem there was realising that I fuckin hated the course I was doing. Couldn’t be more the opposite tae me in terms of what drives me, so I’m kinda left in limbo now. Applying for every job under the fuckin sun and getting nowhere, when all I want outta life is tae run the most entertaining wrestling site on the fuckin planet. I think I have the tools, and motivation tae do just that, and since the Daily Thing has started the site has had between 110 and 500 hits every day. For a site thats a bit niche, and uses a lot of slang patter, I’m pretty fuckin proud of that. So even if this shit never earns me a dime, I could never give it up. Even if I answer phones, or stack shelves for the rest of my days, this will always be the thing that I’m passionate about. The thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, and perhaps more importantly, the thing that makes me feel alive. I was an unhappy, isolated cunt before I rediscovered my passion for wrestling, and in turn my passion for writing, so in a way…wrestling saved my life. I owe it everything, so its only write that I give back tae it wae my daft, often inaccurate words.

Laying off the WWE reviewing for a few weeks, but I have my best people (and Davey) covering it. Its one of those things where I could keep writing about it, but right now, Dean Ambrose aside, it doesn’t inspire me to give my best. And if its no my best, I’m no interested in writing it. Nae half arsed shite on here…cept when I dae put half arsed shite up, but stuff I’d consider half arsed is probably still pretty good.

I’ve nae idea if I have a point here. Been mulling over ideas in terms of turning this into something I can do for a living. I’ve seen donate buttons on blogs before, and nae offence to the folk that have them, but that’s no for me. Maybe its the Scottish pride in me or whitever, but it feels like begging. It feels like I’m telling folk they owe me for having the privilege of reading my shit, and thats just not the case. I get so much out of this personally, that It would be an insult in my eyes to ask people to give me money. Snapmare Necks costs fuck all to run since its a wordpress domain, so all I give up is my time, and that’s something I’m more than happy to do. I was thinking about a magazine anaw. I think I could easily handle the writing load for a monthly magazine, but would enough folk buy it to make it worthwhile? How the fuck do ye even start wae that anyway? Daunting so it is.

So aye. Fuck knows. I’m gonnae keep doing what I do, and hopefully you keep enjoying it. Cheers to everyone who reads my shit, and endorses it. Yer aw very attractive, and it is my desire to pump every last one of ye. Apart fae blood relatives and uggos.


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