BT Gunn – The Rebirth Of An Oddity


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BT Gunn was once the top dog in Scottish Wrestling. Before my time following it, he was the guy. Every single top company in the country bar BCW saw fit to put their title on him because they knew his adaptability combined with that air of unpredictability he carries would lead to top quality main events. Its a simple formula really. In companies where storylines aren’t all that important as you’re moving from town to town all the time, its all about match quality, and no one compares to BT Gunn when it comes to that. Not just the quality of the matches in a wrestling sense, but the way his work draws ye in. There isn’t a type of wrestling he can’t do (apart fae womens wrestling maybe, I’m pretty sure having a dick kinda stands in the way of that) and that gives him a broader appeal than most. From the bairns, maws and paws watching him and Stevie Boy get all windswept and interesting on us as part of Just-Uz, and the gore hungry adults watching him mutilate everycunt who dares get in the way of one of his chops (or a pair of scissors he’s wielding) as the NAKs resident madman, to the diehard wrestling fans watching in awe as he puts on clinic after clinic with the likes of Joe Coffey and Tommy End.

It’s always surprised me hugely that BT isn’t booked everywhere. Its not like British Wrestling lacks dynamism across the board, but for me there’s no one in wrestling quite like BT Gunn at the moment. There’s a lot of folk who share his attributes. Believability in his striking (best chops in Pro Wrestling btw…legit, if you’ve never witnessed a BT Gunn chop, you’ve not lived, and you’ve also never seen the top layer of another mans skin slowly disintegrate)ability to adapt to any opponent he faces, and some insane risk taking. A lot of people have those attributes, but no one combines them quite like BT Gunn does, and when you throw in that IT factor, and that sense that you never know hat he’s gonnae do next, you should have a potent force in WORLD wrestling (entertainment?) never mind just the local scene. So why hasn’t it happened yet?
He did lose his way a wee bit. When I first got intae the local wrestling scene, I didnae see a lot from BT Gunn. He was working his old NAK comrade Chris Renfrew in ICW, but the angle was more BT attacking Renfrew at every turn. A fucking captivating angle btw, and one that was pre-cursor for this incredible hot streak he and Renfrew are currently on, but from BT Gunn dropping the ICW Title to Red Lightning, and having a 2 minute re-match at the next show, to his heel turn with Chris Renfrew, he didn’t wrestle a match in ICW. That to me just seems like time wasted, because when BT Gunn steps through those ropes, there’s few better. He needed something. He needed a spark. He needed to be reborn.So he became an oddity. As he faced off with his former best friend Chris Renfrew in a “loser leaves town” match, he was backed into a corner. And he came out swinging. Swinging fucking everything he had tae. Fists, feet, swords, fire, a cat, the fuckin kitchen sink…you name it, he slung it in Renfrews direction. All in the name of destruction. He needed to make his brother realise. He needed to make him see. Open yer eyes. He had already nearly caused Renfrew to bleed out when he bludgeoned him dome wae a pair of scissors during their contract signing for the aforementioned match. He was unhinged. Attacking Renfrew and anyone else who dared cross his path on the way to the big showdown. The level of violence was so severe that all of ICWs referees refused to go anywhere near the match due to Renfrew and BTs aptitude for leathering them at every turn, so the only person who was willing to oversee the conclusion to that bloodbath was ICW owner Mark Dallas. And he paid the price for his bravery when Renfrew decided to crack him over the nut with a Kendo Stick and re-align himself with BT Gunn. That heel turn from Renfrew and re-formation of the NAK as a dastardly, jaw jacking heel stable led to the re-birth BT Gunn desperately needed, and that’s when he became the oddity.Since then BT Gunn has been on fucking fire. Driving home his new found certified instability by threatening former ICW MC Lianne with a pair of scissors whilst pregnant, and leading a vicious beatdown of Liannes partner Scott Maverick.
It’s been the past year where BT has really let the oddity character shine through though. Weaving the aura of instability surrounding him with some fuckin outstanding wrestling matches. Battling Joe Coffey in a stunning match earlier in the year, and finally taking on Red Lightning again, in what was a brilliantly engaging contest against the man who derailed his momentum and took the ICW crown from him all those months ago. Not to mention the scintillating tag team matches he and Chris Renfrew have been involved in, as the NAK have become the 3 time ICW Tag Champions. With the triple threat matches between the NAK, Bucky Boys and Sumerian Death Squad being particular highlights (seriously, check out the match they had at ICW in London if you can, one of the best tag matches you’ll see) but it was a singles match against one half of the brilliant SDS which showed just how high a standard BTs work is at. In there against one of most heralded talents in Europe, and perhaps the world, but BT Gunn matched him every step of the way in what was one of my favourite matches of the year. A clinic in the art of striking, as vicious kicks, chops and double stomps galore rained down on Studio 24 in Glasgow. There’s no doubt in my mind that BT Gunn is up there with Joe Coffey in terms of performers going out there and giving us top quality matches every single time, but theres something different about BT Gunn at the moment. There’s a hunger about him. I’m sure he enjoys the tag stuff, and he’s a part of two of the best tag teams in the UK right now, so its something he obviously takes a great deal of pride in, but I dunno man. Something about this oddity persona seems tae spark him.
Its never more obvious than when he faces off with his cousin, and fiercest rival Wolfgang. Wolfgang is an incredible talent in his own right, and has poured his heart and soul intae this feud as well, but without that element of unpredictability surrounding BT, for me that feud wouldn’t mean half as much. Even if they swapped roles and worked the exact same angle, with Wolfie as the psychotic heel, it wouldnt work nearly as well as it does with this dynamic, cause BT Gunn was tailor made for this character. Does that mean he has a wee bit of oddity in him? Or is it just the role he was meant to play? Dustin Runnels isnae even a tiny bit like Goldust when he steps out of that big gold onesie and gets Cody tae lick the facepaint aff, but as soon as he became Goldust you knew that was the role he was made for in wrestling. Maybe BT Gunn is the same. Maybe after being dragged all over The Garage by his cousin, who happens to be chained to his neck, he goes backstage and is the most docile guy ye could meet. Maybe after BT Gunn gets chucked from 30 feet in the air at the ABC, he goes hame as Thomas Mcgowan and listens tae classical music whilst reading the finest works of Dostoyevsky. I really dunno. The Wolfgang feud has indicated tae me anyway that there’s a bit of The Oddity in him though. When he shook Wolfies hand, after months of torment, and even a wee spot of attempted murder in London, that felt like the real BT Gunn. And when he wrapped that chain round his fist and knocked his cousin spark out with it, that felt real tae. The whole aftermath of that match felt like watching a real family dispute on the verge of being settled, before BT remembered family aren’t just those related to you by blood, family is an organic concept. Wolfgang might be his cousin, but Chris Renfrew, Dickie Divers and Darkside are his brothers. Renfrew in particular, as he seems to have been the man who brought The Oddity out in BT Gunn. The driving force behind the concentrated madness. Separate they are both forces to be reckoned with, but together they’re fucking unstoppable.
Its that air of villainous dominance that gives BT Gunn that extra spring in his step if ye ask me. Its that spark that has him knocking on the door of every company in Scotland (and perhaps the UK) and asking them why he isn’t the top guy. Even if he did lose his way a bit, and maybe allowed a few setbacks to derail him a bit too much, those days are in the fuckin past. BT Gunn is once again one of the top performers in this country. And all he needed to do was become something else. Something different. Something……odd.

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