An Interview With Stevie Boy Xavier



The bold Stevie Boy. If he’s not one of your favourite cunts, you’re watching wrestling wrong. Fun to watch, and more importantly his stuff makes sense. Every time. Singles, tag, jumping aff balconies, Canadian Destroyer-ing cunts intae next week. Its always top notch. He’s very good at what he does, and for me doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. When Davey Boy went down injured just before ICW had a run of 7 shows in 8 weeks coming up, he was faced with a challenge. Fight or flight. And yer man came out the corner swinging. Holding on to the tag belts proved a wee bit too tricky, but Stevie Boy certainly showed his mettle teaming with Kay Lee Ray and even dabbling in singles action in a belter of a match against Chris Renfrew during that run. Proving beyond any doubt that he can fuckin go. So I fired a few daft questions at the bold yin, and he fired some answers right back at me. Fairly self explanatory I suppose eh, that’s kinda what an interview is, but aye………read it, love it and be more Stevie.

1. Usual shiter of an opening question, but I’ll fire a wee daft question on the end to jazz it up a bit. How did you get into wrestling, and what made you pursue it as a career? Also…what’s your favourite pizza topping?

I first got into wrestling at 12 years old, my brother is a blacksmith, when he came in from work one day he said he had been working with some people who had opened a wrestling school at the bottom of the street, fixing there ring. So already being in love with the sport I flew down there to see what was going on! I went down an walked straight into SWA’s area 52. At first I was to young to train so after school I would hang out and watch the guys train. Also keeping note of what they where doing so I would have a bit of a head start when I started myself. Like if they where doing bumping drills one day I would run home pull my mattress off the bed and start trying to bump….. ( eventually had to stop due to the loud banging and next door complaining ) but still was good fun haha. Anyway when I turned 13 I actually got to train with the likes of Bt Gunn, Chris Renfrew, Big Damo and others.

What made me want to pursue it was my mum. We would always watch smackdown on SKY 1 on a Saturday morning and she was a proper mark for “that wee mysterio”  but unfortunately not long after I started training she was diagnosed with cancer and shortly after passed away. Even though she was in so much pain she would still come to watch me train and spur me on! Because she knew how much it meant to me. So just like she fought I was determined to fight just as hard for what I wanted and am still fighting to this day.

On a more cheery note, my favourite pizza topping is any sort of meat haha.

2. You’re one half of two of the best tag teams in Britian right now in The Bucky Boys with Davey Blaze, and Just-Uz with BT Gunn. How much do you enjoy working with those two, with them being such different performers?

With regards to teaming with Davie and BT, its the most fun I’ve had in years!! Honestly 2 of my best mates and we get to tear it up on a regular basis! As for teaming with them it has been a sort of weird experience as both teams more or less have the same style except blaze is a bit more of a beast and BT is the quicker of the two. Wrestling with BT has gave me some of the best matches of my career but at the same time so has teaming with Blaze… It’s a bit of a weird one but I think because I have such good chemistry with both guys and am quite close to them both I’ve never really thought of them as being any different.

3. With Davie sidelined with injury during a hectic period of shows, it’s given you the chance to work with Kay Lee Ray in ICW. How much have you enjoyed working with Kay lee and feuding with Liam Thomson and Carmel?

Working with Kayleigh has been an absolute blast!! Of course everyone knows me and Kayleigh are a couple and I think with that come it’s advantages, as in we will be lying in bed and one of us will pop up like ” I’ve got a beast of an idea we can use on Sunday” haha and are more than happy to test moves out on each other haha. But at the same time it can be a bit worrying as I’ll see her practising something and be like ” I suppose we’ll be visiting the hospital after this” as I’m sure she also does with me. So I suppose it is a good and bad thing but at the same time something I wouldn’t change for the world. As for working with Liam and Carmel it’s been some of the best/easiest/hardest matches I’ve had haha. I love those two guys to bits but my lord they can pack a punch. But in all seriousness it’s been a blessing! As when Davie was first injured I was crapping myself as I didn’t know how to carry on, but then came these guys and some of my favourite matches to date.

4. How do you see your future in wrestling, do you see yourself as a tag specialist or are you looking to make your mark across the board? The match with Renfrew in ICW was stellar, and gave folk another glimpse of how good you can be in singles. Red Lightning regards his match with you as his best as Champion, so it says a lot that you can bring out that level of performance in established guys.

For my future in wrestling I’m really not sure at the moment. I’m just happy to be doing what I’m doing and will just see where it takes me. With regards to both those matches I am really proud of them both as I have always seen myself as a tag wrestler and have been terrified to wrestle myself… As I have told Dallas every time he books me in a singles match haha. I’ve always been someone who felt they have a point to prove and those matches where the platforms for me to do so and for that I am so thankful. But for what’s coming next, only time will tell I suppose.

5. Any personal heroes in wrestling? People who have influenced you and your style?

My all time hero is HBK. Always has been always will be! But at the same time I take a lot of influence from people such as Paul London, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and people of that nature. Although having said that I try not to let them influence me to much as I still want to have my own individuality so try to come up with a lot of my own stuff and own ways of doing it.

6. ICW are going on a magical mystery tour in October, with you confirmed for all 5 events. How pleasing has it been to see the company come so far, and how big a role do you see yourself playing in it in the future?

With regards to ICW it’s been exactly that .. A magical mystery tour! And something I will always be proud to have been a part of!! With regards to my role in the future I don’t see myself going anywhere soon, having nearly beat a former champion and have a victory over the number one contender, so watch this space!!!

7. Do you have a favourite opponent? Someone you feel you’ve had cracking matches with, and will continue to in the future?

My favourite opponents would be the likes of BT Gunn, who I really hope to have a singles encounter with as I feel it would be top drawer. I also love to working the Sumerian Death Squad as they seem to push me in ways I could never imagine. I feel I have grown quite close to tommy end due to this and consider him a good friend and mentor. Also you have Liam and Carmel who I will never tire of working and hope for many more encounters. But I can’t ignore the S.T.I and the battles we had in my early years of ICW and matches which I honestly, hand on heart feel built the tag division to what it is today!!!

Wholehertedly agree with the patter about Stevie vs BT being off the charts. Somecunt get that booked! Those STI matches were something else anaw. The Canadian Destroyer off the ladder is one of the few times wrestling has genuinely astonished me. The stuntman stuff might not be for everyone, but when its executed like that its hard to argue with.

8. Any long term aspirations in wrestling? Going abroad, going to the WWE and winning aw ra belts…that sort of thing.

My goals in wrestling at the moment are just to travel! Get out there and see the world doing what I love to do. And possibly one day make it to the big time as I think is everyone’s dream.

9. Bit of a daft yin, but I’ll always remember my first ICW show, as the main event involved you jumping off the balcony in The Garage (whilst Jimmy Havoc was having a cheese grater ran accross his dome and naecunt paid any attention cause there wis a guy jumping off a balcony!) is that the craziest thing you’ve done in wrestling?

The balcony jump is by far one of the most craziest/ stupidest thing I’ve done haha! Along with the double tower of doom in the Buckys vs Kid Fite and Mossy!! But yeah, I remember before the show going up and just standing there thinking ” why the fuck did I say to Dallas I would do this” haha but when the adrenaline takes you is honestly feel there’s nothing you can’t do…. But at the same time as I’m not very good with heights it’s not something I’m in a rush to do again either hahaha

So “not very good with heights” goes down as a reason not to do it, alongside “ye might fuckin die ye mentalcase” 

10. Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about, feel free to do it here. Upcoming shows, social media stuff, or The Stevie Boy branded extra strong ale you’ve been brewing. Anything ye like, fire away.

All I can really say is thank you! Thank you to all the people who have helped me get where I am today. Thank you to all the people who have given me the chances to show what I can do… Mark Dallas, Ross Watson and all the others!!! Thanks you to all my opponents who have trusted me in our matches and had faith in what I am trying to accomplish, and thank you to the fans!!! As much as we have no doubt changed your life you have also changed mine!! And that is something that will be with me for the rest of my days!! So I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you to you all!!

11. Naw I tell a fuckin lie. This is the last one, but I need tae ask since I’m asking someone questions who can actually do the move. How the fuck do you do The Canadian Destoryer? Like….its fucking mesmerizing to me how two people can do so much flipping in such a short space of time and land it safely. Is it even real? I’ve always thought it was some sort of optical illusion.

Ahh the old destroyer haha in all honesty it’s all on the guy taking it! I’m just there for show haha well that an to give them something to land on haha like the one I hit in divers off the ladder… I bet any money in the world that hurt me a shit load more than it hurt him hahaha

The mystery of the destroyer stays strong. Seriously though, huge thank you to Stevie for taking the time and answering the questions so honestly and in depth. Hugely talented guy, if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching him do what he does best, get yourself along to the next ICW, PBW or any other event he might be performing at.

I usually dae social media stuff at this bit, but tbh Stevie doesn’t have a lot of shit to plug. He’s not on twitter to my knowledge, and theres nae fan page, so basically, get out there in real person life and watch him do his thing. That wrestling thing. Ye might’ve heard of it. Its a cracking laugh.

BT Gunn vs Stevie btw. If someone books that, I’ll be your best pal. I’ll write a wee poem for you and everything. Legit. Do it.

Cheers as always to the main man David J Wilson for the photo

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