An Interview With Bete Noire


Credit to David J Wilson

So Bete Noire’s a bit scary. In a good way like, but she’s definitely a wee bit different from the rest of the top women’s wrestlers in the country in the sense that she looks like she could not only incapacitate you using the various means at her disposal (legs, arms, big sticks etc) but that she’s take a great deal of pleasure in doing so. As the image above illustrates, with her slapping the taste out the mouth one of the scariest women in the U.K in Saraya Knight. Its that thirst for violence and in-ring skill that sets Bete apart, and in a business driven by those with unique selling points, Bete certainly has that. Starting to carry a big skull shattering Kendo Stick also disnae hurt her claim of being “hard as fuck” either, although the stick certainly would hurt, if it was…erm..swung? I dunno what the technical term is for striking a blow wae a stick, but needless to say, it would come under the “sare” category.

So I fired some probing questions at oor Bete, and by “probing” I mean “daft” and by “questions” I mean…well I mean questions obviously. Here they are, have a wee gander.

1. I’m really gonnae need to think of a less boring way to ask this, but it has to be done. Usual generic opening question, how did you get into wrestling and what made you pursue it as a career? In fact haud on. I just had an idea. I’ll do the generic thing AND ask a wee side question about something entirely unrelated. So aye. Lets try this. How did you first get into wrestling, what made you pursue it as a career and how many sugars do ye take in yer tea?

I’d always been a fan as a kid, the usual Saturday morning effort around the time the Attitude era in the WWE was really getting started. I did what everyone does at some point and fell away from it for a while and didn’t really come back to it until after I finished University. I remember sitting around with a friend of mine and he made a joke about becoming a wrestler. That was it, the idea was planted in my head and I was looking up Wrestling schools in Scotland and that’s when I found what’s now the Source Wrestling School. I kinda fell into it then fell in love with it.

I don’t take any sugar in my tea, just milk thanks!

2. Did you feel that first question was too long?

Na, it was just long enough.

3. You travelled to Japan at the start of the year, fancy telling us a bit about that experience and how much you feel it improved you as a wrestler?

Japan was the best, most terrifying, eye opening experience I’ve had, not just in wrestling but life in general. I’d never travelled somewhere so far before, let alone completely by myself. The country in general is just awesome, I’d always wanted to go there in general, never mind to wrestle. Everyone was just so friendly!

I think it improved me in a sense that I’d gone from training maybe twice a week to five times a week, also while working shows around Tokyo so everything felt sharp. It also helps that from the complete change in work rate and diet I lost a load of weight, so it gave me the real kick I needed. Honestly, can’t wait to get back.
4. Fierce Females is beginning to gain a bit of momentum, with two excellent shows being run recently at Walkabout in the centre of Glasgow. How excited are you about the growth of the company and your own prospects being involved in it?

I am always going to be grateful to Mikey Whiplash for giving me a chance to be on that first show because really, nobody knew me at all or what I could do. Having been with the company since day one, I’m so excited about where they can go now. We have an amazing group of girls working in Scotland at the moment and having our own platform in this country is exactly what we needed. The fact they’re bringing in other girls from around the country is an added bonus. I can’t wait to see how far I can push myself in Fierce Females.
5. You got the opportunity to wrestle Saraya Knight for FFs recently. Is she someone you look up to being very much of the same baw booting, hard as fuck mould as yourself?

Saraya Knight is someone who has done so much for women’s wrestling in Europe and I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to work for the Bellatrix promotion last year. I love her attitude in the ring, it’s something that I’ve always enjoyed watching so being able to step into the ring with her and go hell for leather was brilliant. That was a black eye I wore with a bit of pride!
6. You seem to be carrying a Kendo Stick with you everywhere you go now. No real question here, just wanted to tell ye that shit is scary. You’re very intimidating. Please dont heider me.

Well, I mean, not everywhere. I don’t take it into Asda or anything and smack people out the way at the checkouts. Maybe I should…

7. Do you have any burning ambitions with regards to your career? Stuff that you just HAVE to do before you retire?

It’s no secret that I really enjoy hardcore wrestling. I know it’s not for everyone in the business but I think if done right you can hit a balance between wrestling and the insane stuff that makes people wince. So some more hardcore stuff under my belt would be awesome. Maybe I’m just a bit of a masochist who enjoys giving my friends grey hairs!

I definitely would love to work for some companies in the states and without a doubt I’ll be wanting to go back to Japan. There are people who I met but never got a chance to work with.

I do have a strange burning desire to dive off the balcony at the O2 ABC in Glasgow as well…

8. You’ve recently wrote a few columns for our pals at Breaking Baws. Speaking very openly about personal things, and not to sook up yer arse, but I’ve personally found them very engaging. Is that something you enjoy? Please don’t start reviewing shows though. Cause then we’re rivals, and I don’t fancy my chances against the burd with the big stick.

Ha, I have a terrible memory so I don’t think show reviews are on the cards for me. I’d rather be ON the shows than writing about them. The guys asked if I would want to do it and I didn’t really give it a lot of thought when I said yes. I just kind of agreed and then went, “Oh…right, what the hell do I write about?!”

I’m a very honest person, so I guess I tried to be as honest as I can about myself without giving anything away about other wrestlers, promoters, shows etc. That’s not something I would ever do. Being so open like that is not for everyone, that’s fine, I completely understand. I guess I just wanted to put across what it’s actually like to do this kind of job, away from the lights and the sparkly costumes.

9. You’re good pals with the bold Viper, is it helpful to have one of your closest allies in the locker room with you?

I love that girl. Having Viper about makes life so much more interesting in general and it does help having someone that knows you so well backstage with you. Just means I’ve always got someone to talk to, to bounce ideas with, to steal hairspray from. All the important things in life!
10. Do you watch much mainstream wrestling? If so, which companies do you watch and who/what are you liking right now?

I do watch a lot of NXT and WWE. I think it’s important to keep a track of what’s going on and I don’t just mean story wise. It’s sensible to see what people are doing, how they’re working, how they’re talking, body language, all of it because if you then ever get that opportunity to try and get there then you’re already at least a tiny part of the way there with your research.

Currently loving Paige at the moment, and not just because I wrestled her Mum, I’ve always enjoyed watching the girl work even back on shows in the UK. She can only improve things right now.

And Ziggler. Because Ziggler.
11. Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about, feel free. Upcoming shows, Bete Noire branded toothpaste. Anything ye like.

Got a few shows coming up! I’ll be in Newcastle for Full Tilt Wrestling on the 19th of September and that same weekend on the 21st of September ICW is back in the Garage with Spacebaws where I get to team with Viper again to smash in some token Irish twins!

Cheers to Bete for taking the time to answer my daft questions, if you wish to check out some of her own writing, go to Breaking Baws for that.

Also like her on Facebook and follow her on twitter. Its important that you don’t actually follow her in person right enough, just in case she does decide to carry to kendo all the time. But aye. Talented performer. Get to the shows she spoke about above, and any other show’s she might be on.
Event info for the ICW Spacebaws show can be found here and the info on the next FFs show, Priscilla Queen of the Walkabout, which is in aid of Cancer Research can be found here.

That’s about it. Also, go out and watch a lot of Dolph Ziggler btw. Because as the bold Bete said herself.

Ziggler. Because….Ziggler.

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