NXT Takeover Review (by Connie Williams)


MATE. When a sentence begins with the word make in capitals it means its time to listen or in this case READ. Did you or didn’t you watch NXT Takeover 2? You did? GOOD. If you didn’t then all I can do is sympathise. Sympathise and advise you to watch the show.

Honestly, and you can argue this if you really want, but I’d say this was one of the most highly anticipated WWE ppv’s of the year so far. I know this is just opinion but seriously I don’t think I know anyone who wasn’t hyped as fuck for Takeover. Even my granda had taps aff for the show. He didn’t. My granda calls wrestling ‘fake crap’ and once tweeted Angle he should retire and Velvet Sky she had a nice pussy. Legend or mentalist, you decide. But in all seriousness everyone was looking forward to Takeover. Was it because we all foolishly convinced ourselves we would see our main man Devitt debut? Possibly. Was it because KENTA? Yes. Was it because we wanted Steen and Zayn to cuddle hunners? Fuck AYE it was. But not only that we had a beautiful main event to look forward to. I had butterflies going daft in my belly with excitement, that’s how every ppv should feel. And truthfully I can’t remember the last time a WWE ppv made me feel like that. So I best crack on eh? Get to reviewing the show. Did it live up to the hype? We shall see.


The show kicks off with a very enthusiastic crowd and an announce team who seemed genuinely excited for the show. How refreshing, wee Renee is a sweetheart. I’d wife her asap if given the chance. Heavy cute.

Kalisto and Sin Cara vs. The Ascension

We start things off with a video recap of the tag title team tournament which shows us the road to the title match for Cara and Kalisto. At the first Takeover show it was Kalisto and El Local who challenged for the belts. El Local has been released since and Sin Cara took his place as Kalisto’s bestie. So The Ascension have been the tag champs for 344 days, impressive eh? But in saying that the tag division is certainly one of the weak points in NXT. Anyways. Match. Moves they did.

Viktor starts this shit and locks up with Cara. Viktor is hitting Cara hard, but Cara flies early on and knocks the big man down but only briefly. Its not long before Cara’s dumped outside. Konnor gets to working over Cara as Viktor taunts Kalisto. Cara overpowers the Ascension’s offence, again only briefly as the comeback goes nowhere. Cara manages an enzugiri which dazes Konnor. Cara manages to get the hot tag and Kalisto is in and he’s on FIREEEE, not literally, but he goes daft, taking out The Ascension with a beautiful display of some mighty impressive aerial moves. Cara goes for the suicide dive but is caught by the Ascension, Kalisto follows this up with an incredibly well aimed dive and knocks the Ascension down. Delicious spot. Ate it all up and asked for extras. Greed. They get the action going again back in the ring. Kalisto managed to hit the Salina Del Sol on Viktor and wins himself and Cara the shiny belts. The Ascensions 344 day title reign is OVER.

The announce team puts this over as the biggest upset in the history of NXT and do a damn fine job of convincing us. Again, it was simply refreshing to have an announce team that actually gave a shit. I will admit to not being a fan of the Ascension, I’ve been vocal about how yawn I think they are. However in saying that I will admit as much as they are rough, they are, how do I say this? Fun? I think my eyes may have been opened. I’m not saying I’ve converted, because I haven’t but I finally see them for what they really are. And that’s fun but in an 80s bruising tag team sort of way, ya know? Does that make sense? Kalisto’s hot tag in this match really allowed him to shine with his high paced, fun as shit offence. That is what he was born to do. I was hoping for a wee bit more here but the title change was a nice way to kick off the show and it certainly got the crowd geared up. This loss can only mean one thing and that is its time for the Ascension to move onwards and upwards to the main roster. Its where everyone dreams of going but you have to bare in mind as much as it is glorious its also extremely dangerous to. I’m not sure the main roster is where the Ascension belong just yet. We shall see.

The “Eco Warrior” CJ Parker makes his way out. Opponent already in the ring. A heavily tattooed, heavily intimidating Baron Corbin.

CJ Parker vs. Baron Corbin

Parker straight away tries to charge Corbin. Corbin overpowers him by miles. Picks him up and hits him with a big slam and gets the 3 count. SQUASH. Very quick and very painful. A good debut I’d say.

So it’s time for the Hair v Hair match. Never been a fan of these. I cried when Angle lost and had to be shaved bald. I cried when Molly Holly lost and had to be shaved bald. Its not an enjoyable experience for me. Maybe seeing people shaved bald is your thing ya wee creepo but for me, nah. No thanks. But alas here we have one. Amore and Big Cass cut a funny wee promo, Enzo explains how he’s going to cut Lefort’s hair after the match. As a goff4life I’m not a huge fan of comedy and Enzo is all about comedy and SAWFT n shit. In this case I just accepted it for what it was, an old school type performance, wasn’t the worst.
Hair vs. hair match: Enzo Amore vs. Sylvester Lefort

Lefort looks like the stronger competitor of the two, in terms of stature and ability. Amore manages to show us he’s no slouch though. He keeps up with the attack until he finds something that works. He nails Lefort with a dropkick and pulls him off the apron and over the ropes by his luscious locks. Lefort gets his head back in the game and stamps Amore to the ground with some mighty kicks and works him over on the mat for abit. Enzo connects with a kick from off the ropes, dazing Lefort briefly. Lefort again overpowers Enzo putting him down on the mat time after time. Lefort gets a near fall but is distracted briefly which Enzo takes advantage of and rolls him up(with the tights, heel move mate) for the 3 count.

Aye so there you have it. Did you enjoy that? I didn’t. The match really done nothing to make me give a shit about any of them other than the fact Lefort has much nicer hair and much more than Enzo and to shave his head bald would be a CRIME. Lefort thankfully ran away and his buddy Marcus got some hair removal cream poured over his dome instead.

BOW DOWN TO THE KING. The NXT GM William Regal makes his way out and the crowd love him. No fucking wonder. He is a wrestling god. A man I have so much respect for. Growing his hair has been the cutest thing he’s ever done. The long hair makes him look royal, and royal he certainly is. I once had a 3 hour argument with my flat mate about how Regal should be knighted. He should be. Anyways Regal hits the ring. DOES THAT MEAN? YES, YES IT DOES!

KENTA. Admittedly I’d say 2014 is the year I really started paying more attention to Japanese wrestling and its the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve became obsessed and its inspired me more than ever. KENTA was someone I instantly loved. The reasons are obvious. He is simply an artistic masterpiece in that ring. This was special. This was the moment we had all been waiting for. I was like *dials granny* ‘granny, nxt, KENTA’ and she was like ‘WIT’? End of conversation. But in all seriousness it was precious and I loved it. KENTA says some things in Japanese. Which roughly translated to ‘a was lit aht pure mad hinging oot ae the back regal like aht geez aw the belts yass’ or so I’m told. He’s right though. Trips get on it. Hand him ALL the belts. KENTA tells us that it’s a dream come true to be in the WWE on NXT. You’re damn right kid. He says he’s starting over and as a tribute to one of his heroes he will now be known as Hideo Itami. EXCUSE ME? What is this? Hideo…Itami…That’s nice and all but you are KENTA. YOU ARE KENTA. YOU. ARE. KENTA. Nah if that’s what he has to do that’s what he has to do, he can still be KENTA in our hearts guys. He also mentions how he wants to be NXT champion which was the perfect moment for Trips to grab the shiny belt from Neville’s hands, make his way out and hand it to KENTA, I mean Itami. Fuck I’ll never get used to this. The Ascension show face and attack Itami, they demand Regal give them a rematch for the titles. KENTA’s back in the ring, he takes off his jaisket and leathers the Ascension sending them out the ring. Then (and I don’t know if I’m exaggerating here or whatever) took place one of the most perfect moments in WWE history. KENTA’s promo wasn’t spectacular, his English is good but not perfect but what he done next said it all. It told a billion stories. He needn’t have said a word. KENTA grabbed a chair placed it in the centre of the ring and sat down motioning to them to come ahead. They smartly decline and head back up the ramp as the crowd applaud the beauty they just witnessed.

I’m not even kidding you. I stood up on my couch and cried when he grabbed that chair and sat down. Wee things like that are so meaningful to me. This said so many things. They got it spot on and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for KENTA, well Hideo Itami. Whatever lies ahead it better be ALL the belts.


Bull Dempsey vs. Mojo Rawley

So these guys hate each other eh? They both start and mix it up quickly, Dempsey manages to overpower Rawley. Dempsey then takes to the air and connects with a flying head butt to the midsection of Rawley. Pin and win. Just like that. Not got much else to say. In out and away you go. I guess I’m fine with that. If that was a boabby I wouldn’t be, but its a match so I am. I’m typing my thoughts, oops. Bull hits another head butt after the match.

We see Big Cass and Enzo wandering backstage. Enzo needs to see someone bald tonight. They find Marcus and drag him out to the ring. They remove the towel that he was using to hide behind to reveal a partially bald head. Wee shame. I think this is supposed to be funny, so funny I forgot to laugh. Some P4 patter for you there.

There’s a wee preview of the women’s match which is coming up next. Bayley makes her way out first then the champ and the women who has my heart CHARLOTTE. I love that her, she really is an utter wrestling goddess.

NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Charlotte

Charlotte tries for a handshake before they begin the match but Bayley instead starts the fight. She drives Charlotte into the corner. Charlotte is quick to power back and takes control of the match. Bayley is quick to make a comeback to lashing out with a flurry of impressive moves. She’s a women on a mission tonight. She tries for the pinfall but with no success. Charlotte is far to strong and mighty for Bayley and works her into the figure four headlock, see that shit, that’s what I live for! Beautiful. Charlotte keeps this heavy offence on the go putting Bayley into a corner and laying into her with some mighty kicks to the gut. Bayley manages to resist but again Charlotte’s power lets her take control and she works her down on the mat once again. She locks in the figure four headlock a second time. Charlotte is on top non stop. Bayley makes a comeback yet again and rolls Charlotte up into a cradle getting a near fall! And again she manages to roll Charlotte up with another near fall. Charlotte is angered but she is always confident, the women begin fighting with all their might in the middle of the ring. Charlotte goes up top and attempts a moonsault but Bayley managed to flip her to the canvas instead. Both women are down at this point and the ref starts to count. Bayley slowly crawls towards Charlotte and gets into the position for the pin. The champ kicks out. They both continue to fight until Bayley hits her head on the bottom turnbuckle. Charlotte takes this opportunity to go up top again and attempts another moonsault. Whislt beautifully executed the landing was a bit iffy, but still a work of art in my eyes. Bayleys kicks out after Charlotte goes for a pin attempt. Both women are standing which told a thousand stories, Bayley will not give up, well not until Charlotte connects with the natural selection and gets the 1,2,3 thus retaining that shiny belt of hers.
Before this I wouldn’t say I was a huge Bayley fan, I’ve always regarded her as just ‘cute’. But she really made me see she’s more than just cute. She proved her worth in this match and I respect her a huge amount more. Bayley is different from every other women the WWE are trying to develop. You are convinced by her personality, she makes it so real. She’s the poler opposite of Charlotte, and this makes wee Bayley easy to root for. Bayley managed to come very close every time only for it to be cut off immediately. Yes, the story was simple but it was good. It was a tale of the over confident champ facing the whole never say die baby face. I think Bayley was booked great, she took everything Charlotte, fought back every time. The champ had to use everything in her arsenal to get the win. This match was most enjoyable but of course not on the same league as the Nattie vs Charlotte match from the last Takeover. Will that ever be beaten? Probably not. That should be main eventing fucking everything btw. That match was outstanding. I won’t take the limelight off this match though, it was certainly the best thing on the show so far. The crowd loved it, it had a good pace. This is what you call the good shit.

After the match Sasha Banks comes out to leather an already leathered Bayley. Charlotte steps in and pushes her away. RESPECT mate. This is the story they told. Charlotte has a new found respect for her once bestie and she was letting no basic bitch start on wee Bayley. At this moment in time Charlotte has no real identity. She’s not a heel nor a face but I wouldn’t regard her a tweener either. Who knows, a whole new chapter might be started on the next NXT show.


Guys! GUYS! It is time. Time for the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! On paper this had ALL the potential in the world, and I’m sure I speak not only for myself here when I say my pants were wringing wet for this main event. HERE WE! This match created a brand new novel in terms with how it ended and I’m overjoyed to write about it.

NXT Fatal 4-Way: Adrain Neville vs. Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd

All the boises are in the ring with Zayn getting the most support from this enthusiastic crowd, good shit. A brief four way stand off is how we start things off. Breeze and Zayn lock up whilst Kidd and Neville mix it up a wee bit. The action goes to the outside quickly. Zayn and Neville end up being the only two in the ring. They stand face to face. This is a great moment. But before they can begin fighting each other Kidd and Breeze rejoin this mighty battle. Breeze and Zayn end up on the outside quickly and Zayn takes control and even manages to take the time to take a quick “selfie” with a fans phone in honour of his chum Breeze. Crowd lapped that shit right up. Neville and Kidd are going at it, Kidd managed to break free and attacks Zayn instead. They are properly scrapping in the ring. Zayn attempts a clutch submission but its broken up quickly. All four batter lumps out each other on the ramp. Breeze and Kidd double team Zayn after Neville is neutralized. They take Zayn back to the ring to work him over. Work him over BIG. Go big or go hame. Neville tries to get in on the action but Breeze stops him, Zayn stays on the receiving end of a beating from the heels. Breeze goes for a pin but Kidd’s having none of that, he kicks Breeze’ beautiful face and tries to pin Zayn himself. NOT the FACE. Anything but his precious face. Its like setting fire to art. Stop that. Zayn manages to kick out of all these pin attempts. Kidd manages to keep Zayn on the mat. Neville’s in but Kidd chucks him to the outside. Kidd keeps leathering Zayn but there is nothing keeping him down. Both slug it out in the middle of the ring, Kidd staying on top for the most part. Breeze and Neville are away grabbing a scran at this point. A short while later Neville gets back in the ring and Kidd tries to toss him to the outside again. Please stop throwing people out the ring Kidd, I want to see you fight them.

Neville manages to hop back in. Breeze is in to. Hand to hand combat from the boises, Kidd and Breeze find themselves on the outside. Zayne gets geared up for a suicide dive. Neville steps in instead and hits Breeze and Kidd with a lovely moonsault. Its nice to see Neville have a bit of personality. Its time guys. Its time for Zayn and Neville to come face to face as the heels are layed out. They go at it, hitting each other hard and fast. Kidds back in and he breaks the party up. He turns his attentions to Zayn, goes for a pin and gets himself a near fall. He attempts the sharpshooter twice but can’t get it set up. Zayn starts to fight Kidd back until Breeze comes in out of nowhere connecting with a supermodel kick to Zayn. Its not enough to get him the win. Breeze sets Neville up for a superplex and Kidd joins in and makes it a double. Zayn managed to slide in and a billion plexes all 3 men. A beautiful spot. Zayn covers Kidd but he kicks out. Crowd are lapping this shit up as am I. A “this is wrestling” chant begins and I gleefully joined in. Zayn is fired up, he is READY. He’s ready to go for Kidd but is stopped in his tracks from a boot from Neville. Neville goes up top and connects with a Red Arrow on Zayn. Breeze manages to break up the pin and he goes for it himself. But its not enough. Kidd’s back in and he locks Breeze in the sharpshooter who almost taps. Neville manages to stop Breeze from tapping and Zayn forces Kidd to break the hold. Zayn and Neville come face to face once again and lay in to each other in the middle of the ring. Neville charges Zayn and he’s tossed over the top rope. Zayn hits Neville and Breeze with some impressive aerial moves on the outside and goes for the pin on Kidd. Neville pulls out the ref before Zayn can get the win. Zayn looks heartbroken. He goes to confront Neville who superkicks him!!!! Neville rushes to the ring and hits the Red Arrow on Kidd and retains his shiny belt.

Probably about half way throught this match I decided any one of these men deserved to win. Neville sure gave it a lot of noble talk on the lead up to this match, saying how much he wanted to prove himself and as much as it was every man fro himself Neville simply put heeled on oor Sami to make sure he retained. And you know what? I fucking LOVED it! This is the most character development that has happened regarding Neville, this begins a whole new chapter for the guy. By far the most personality he has shown. The match overall was fun, at times repetitive but that being said all four men delivered. Breeze is always getting better. I absolutely adore the guy, and predict that he will be huge one day. He has it in him, I’m sure of it. Kidd is a good vet to work with these “up and coming” guys. Zayn is the best. And now that the match is over and Neville walked away the champ there is now some depth to his character. I’m excited to see how things go from here. Zayn looked so upset, it gave me a wee lump in his throat. I know how it feels to be betrayed Zayn, thoughts and prayers with you.

So there you have it. Another NXT special over and done with. Did it deliver? Yes and no. The first half was ok. But I obviously held out hope the last two matches would be so spectacular that nothing else mattered. I like it that way sometimes. Have the first half of the ppv be ok and the main events on a whole other level, I like when a shows built like that and it manages to work. The show Hdidn’t surpass my expectations like I hoped it would, and it certainly wasn’t on the same level as the last Takeover but it was a good show. We saw the Ascension lose their belts and later be taken out by KENTA. Which was basically them leaving the territory to go join the big boy leagues. Corbin was a beast, SOLID. Charlotte and Bayley was a braw piece of deliciousness, the girls of NXT continue to prove they are the best. The main event managed to live up to hype. The Neville twist is one of my favourite things. It’s going to be fun to see where everyone goes from me.

Over and out.

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