An Interview With Kid Fite

"Oh I just cant wait to be kiiiiiiiiid (fite)"

“Oh I just cant wait to be kiiiiiiiiid (fite)”

“Don’t ask him about his baws….naw….don’t….that’s weird, he’ll no dae the interview if its just baw questions….don’t even ask about anything spherical, he’ll smell the subtext from a mile away..fuckin….ARGHHH” That was my inner monologue as I was jotting down question ideas for Fito, but luckily for me there’s a lot of interesting facets to his personality, that 12 questions still remained after I took the 43 baw ones out. Kid Fite is not just a pair of baws ye see. He’s a cracking wrestler, one of the top promoters in the country with PBW, an actor (If you’ve seen Filth, you’ve seen his arse) and he trains the next generation of snap suplexing stoaters with the PBW academy. A fuckin grafter. A talented one at that. So we chatted about his rivals. We chatted about who he sees potential in. We chatted about ICW, PBW and some other things wae W’s in. We chatted about any potential beef he might have with those two bit haddies over at Source (I jest of course, dont tell Damo pls) and all of that is right down below for your reading pleasure. Its an interview with Fito. A Scottish Wrestling superpower, with the best snap suplex in the fuckin game. Enjoy!


1. Usual boring as fuck first question, they’ll (probably) get better. So what got you into wrestling, and what made you pursue it as a career?

Usual boring as fuck answer from me, grew up watching it, by the age of 14 I was determined I was going to do it. 2 years later(March 2001) at 16 I went down for a weekend long camp with Hammerlock which at the time was the only place I was able to find that offered training in the UK. Loved every second of it but with it being in Kent my mum more or less said it was too expensive a trip to make on a regular basis which felt like I kick in the stones at the time. I understand though how she saw it. Lucky for me, BCW started roughly one year later in East Kilbride. I headed along to that. Made my debut August 2003 in Kilmarnock and that was me off and running.

2. You have a packed schedule, with wrestling, running the PBW Academy, and running PBW all involved. Out of wrestling, training and promoting, which would you consider your main focus?

All 3 are very important to me, obviously PBW pays the bills and along with the Academy is my long term plan to stay in the business that I love. I have a great passion for promoting shows and when I log onto our social media sites the day after an event its amazing to read the comments from our fans saying how much they enjoyed the show. The Academy is something I never tire of. I remind myself on a weekly basis that the students are trusting me to help them achieve something they have dreamed about since they were very young and I take a lot of pride in their development. There is no better feeling than watching one of your kids get out the starting block. You can see how much it means to them. As for performing myself, I still to this day get the same rush I did 10 years ago. I still drag my grumpy arse to the gym every week as I care about my appearance. I believe Scottish Wrestling is on the verge of something great and I really want Kid Fite to be part of that.

3. I asked Big Damo this tae, so I thought I’d get your perception on it (in case ye haven’t read his interview, basically he hates ye and wishes to see PBW burn) Seriously though, PBW and SWA seem to share a similar ethos. With the Source Training School and the PBW Academy churning out the best young talents in the country. Do you see a healthy rivalry there with Source, and do you feel that brings the best out in you and your school?

There is always going to be that Rangers/Celtic element to it but I think some folk read far too much into this ‘rivalry’. Both schools are doing a fantastic job and have lots of prospects coming through. Damo got thrown in at the deep end when he took over at Source and has came out on top. He has built up an impressive contact list and seen his guys tryout for WWE which speaks for itself.

Damo and myself speak on the phone on a regular basis. We are more than happy to use each others students on shows. One thing we agreed on recently was for me to use one of his ahead of one of mine and vice versa, they really need to be in the gym and have ‘the look’. It is our obligation as trainers to give our students opportunities when they are ready so to bring in someone from another school and use them you have to be able to justify that to your own students.

4. You’ve had a chance to work with some of your trainees over the years, is that something you take a lot of pride in, getting in the ring with someone you had a big hand in moulding?

Sure, I am full of pride watching them wrestle anyone on shows but its always nice to get in about it with one of your lads. A big part of a young wrestlers development is confidence. A lot of older wrestlers will try bring a trainee up to their level, the trainee’s arse will fall out them, they will fuck loads of stuff up and go home feeling like someone shat in their luncbox. I try to keep it simple for them, make them focus on the smaller details, let them know if they want we can go over the match 1 or 100 times before the show if that’s what they want to do. Once they have been doing shows for a year or so I will up my game and have a more competitive match with them.

5. Anyone in particular catching your eye at the PBW Academy at the moment? Someone (or multiple folk) you think has a big future in wrestling?

Anyone that works hard enough and gets to the stage where they are put on a show, even an Academy Attack show has already caught my eye. They have impressed enough at training to be handed that opportunity. I know that’s not the answer your looking for though haha. Kenny Williams is doing fantastic and is only going to get better. Lou King Sharp is another who has broken out recently and has all the right people singing his praise. I am about to run with Brendan Cooper and Tommy Marx as a tag team which I think will work well, hopefully they continue to gain size and other promotions take notice of them. Marx has been around a while now and I think this could be the thing that allows him to break out more because he more than talented enough to do so.

6. You and Liam Thomson worked successfully together on the tag circuit for years as Fight Club, but with your split in ICW, your bookings together are a bit less frequent. Are you happy to be doing largely singles stuff at the moment?

Yeah ICW was the only company still using Fight Club on a regular basis which was fun but I think the split came at the right time. I enjoy both tag and singles wrestling. Just now I find myself being used as a singles guy in most places which is fine with me.

7. Speaking of Thomson, how much have you enjoyed feuding with him in ICW? The time limit draw in particular was a beauty of a match.

Cheers, I really enjoyed the feud with Liam and appreciate ICW allowing us to get creative with some ideas. Liam had being doing his bag guy bit costing me the match with Paul London etc etc. My big pay off came by beating him at the ABC show in front of the Glasgow fans. I suggested to him and Dallas that I beat him in a way that was more his ego making him quit rather than him looking weak(he quit to stop Carmel getting tea-bagged) I then suggested we do the 20 min time limit draw for a few reasons. 1 – It aint been done in ICW to the best of my knowledge 2 – It kept us both strong 3 – The mutual respect thing at the end I thought was a nice touch as Liam extended his hand Although I doubt we will team in ICW again this leaves it as an option if Dallas decides to do it and also enables us to work as a team elsewhere if it comes up.

8. Who would you consider your best opponent? Not even necessarily someone who you have the best matches with, but who always gets the best out of you?

There are so many talented guys on the scene its impossible to pick a best opponent. I find though that guys I work with on a regular basis on the holiday parks shows are always a good shout. We wrestle each other so much throughout the summer that anytime I get paired of with BT Gunn, Blaze, Kenny or Stevie I always feel it goes well because we know each others styles so well.

9. You’ve held the BCW Heavyweight Title for a long period now. How much have you enjoyed that role, and getting to work with some of the top talents in the country (and probably the top human in the world in Fergal Devitt) as the main man?

I am loving my BCW Title run, it means so much more to me because BCW was the company that gave me my start. I cant thank Graham enough for having the faith in me to represent his company and giving me matches with guys like Devitt and Doug Williams. Both matches were a pleasure to be in and a great learning experience. When Devitt is top of the WWE mountain I will never get bored telling my nephews that ‘Your Uncle Ross beat him once’ haha. A wee side note here, a lot of folk doubted Graham when he took over. The company had all sorts of negative press for reasons we all know and not only did Graham work through that but he steamrolled through it and BCW is bigger and better than ever. The recent Killie show with Drew returning was the first time wrestling has ever sold out the Grand Hall which is a massive achievement.

10. Anything in particular you don’t like about the wrestling business? As a performer, promoter an trainer you deal with every aspect of it, so you’ll have more experience than most about the problems you can encounter.

If I listed all the things we would be hear all day but one of the things at the top of my list would be people moaning all the time so I wont bother 😉 Dont want to shite out your question though so I will give you 2 haha. Folk who seem to think the business owes them something drives me nuts, you know the guys that are hanging like a bag of shite and bitter because some young lad who is working hard in the gym is getting booked ahead of them. You need to work your arse off to get opportunities no matter how long you have been doing this so don’t sit on your hole, do fuck all then moan when fuck all happens for you.

Also really pisses me off when the circus or some other mob take down my posters haha

11. Do you watch a lot of mainstream wrestling? If so, which companies do you watch? If not, a simple “nut, it’s a lotta shite” will suffice here.

Nope, my life evolves around the business so when I do have time to relax I like to watch movies or play Red Alert on my laptop.

Had to google red alert there, its a command and conquer game btw in case anyone was wondering. Tanks n that. 

12. Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about (upcoming shows, yer new range of Kid Fite signed spandex…etc) feel free to do that here.

Will take the chance to say thanks to the fans, one of the reasons the Scottish Wrestling scene is one of the best in the world is because our fans are amazing. Constantly sharing events on social media, introducing friends and family to wrestling and always creating a cracking atmosphere at every show. Top job guys 🙂

If anyone is interested in training to be a wrestler go to You are more than welcome to pop in and watch a lesson for free before deciding if you want to take part.

Finally if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, am usually shite on it but every now and then I say something funny – @kid_fite


Cheers to Kid Fite for answering my daft questions with such honesty, and humour. I imagine I earned those good graces by not asking about his baws. In addition to following the bold yin on Twitter like PBW on Facebook if you fancy it. If you don’t, you had nae right to be reading this in the first place really. I will be removing your view from the view count post haste, and aiming a tut and a sigh in your general direction.

Get out to any local PBW shows in your local area as well, or travel to them if they aren’t in your local area. Like if you’re reading this on a beach in Marmaris or something, sack that shite, hop on a plane and get yersell down to Larbert next weekend. You know it makes sense.


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