An Interview With Lewis Girvan


Wrestling can be a bit peculiar sometimes (all the time), in the sense that its probably the only sport/performance art in the world where being really fucking good at it sometimes isn’t enough. If a young actor had the same level of acting ability Lewis Girvan has wrestling ability, he’d be in movies, or at the very least Emmerdale, so why isn’t Lewis Girvan booked fuckin everywhere? He’s booked in a lot of places btw. Don’t take that as me saying he’s doing fuck all. He’s a regular with plenty of companies, and I’ve never seen him have anything even within striking distance of a shite match, so why is his name not on everyones lips? Well, it wasnt for a while anyway, but lately that seems to have rightly improved. Folk are high off some Lewis Girvan again, and that can only be a good thing for Scottish Wrestling, because for me he’s the best young wrestler in the country. Based on pure ability alone. Guys like Kenny Williams, Joe Hendry and Lou King Sharp are making waves because they combine their ability with projecting a cracking character, and thats’ the thing Girvan’s struggled with a bit until recently. Its not that he lacked character either, he was one half of one of Grado’s most entertaining ICW matches when he filled in late for Williams Grange, and continues to impress in matches with opponents of all shapes and sizes, but now it’s finally clicking. Now more than the diehard ‘wrasslin fans are catching on, and thank fuck for that. God forbid a cunt as talented as Lewis Girvan is one of those guys who grafts for years, and eventually sacks it because its not progressing the way they thought.

Lewis Girvan was never going to be that guy though wis he? Not whilst it says “Pro Wrestler” on his pants for fuck sake, that means he’s a pro wrestler mate. Same as me tip-exing “prick” over the wee Nike tick on David Cameron’s swimming shorts, cause he’s a fuckin prick, and everyone he swims with should know it. Lewis Girvan is a pro wrestler, and one you should be very fucking aware of. If you aren’t right now, read his answers tae my daft questions below and get that rectified.

1. Usual generic boring opener but it has to be asked. What got you into wrestling, and what made you pursue it as a career? 

In November 2007 my little brother rented Smackdown vs Raw 2008 from the Blockbuster my mum worked in at the time. Up until that point I was aware of wrestling but had never really watched it not paid it much attention. Watching him play that game changed all that. As the natural big brother thing to do, I took the controller off him, despite his tears, and started playing myself. I was transfixed from that point, never looking back.
About a year later I saw an advertisement in a local paper for a show not far from my home. I didn’t go to that show but it put the idea in my head; if there was wrestling in Scotland, why don’t I give it a try? So at 13 years old in October 2008 I started wrestling at the then Area 52 school. At first it was just a hobby, just something cool to do, there was an event that happened that changed wrestling into my real passion and dream. It was March 13th 2009, I saw BT Gunn win the NWA Scottish Heavyweight in a triple threat match with Lionheart and Adam Shame, after that I knew beyond any doubt that I would be a professional wrestler. The atmosphere was amazing that night, the first time in my life I had ever seen a genuine outpouring of emotion from a crowd, they wanted to see BT win that match and after he did, this impressionable 14 year old wanted to be a professional wrestler.

2. You’ve been around for a few years now, with most people knowing of your excellent in-ring ability. What do you feel you need to do in order to take the next step in making an impression on the fans and getting booked more regularly across the country?
I need to be ruthless, plain and simple. For seven years now I’ve been the nice guy, the quiet guy. Everyone sees me as the guy who turns up and quietly goes about his business then goes home and never makes any noise. That’s over. I’m going to make so much noise, be so good and so in their face about it that the powers that be in British wrestling wont be able to ignore me any longer.

3. You recently had an outstanding match with your trainer Big Damo in ICW, with you and him working well together regularly across different promotions recently. Is it strange getting out there in front of an audience against a man who helped mould you as a performer?

I wouldn’t say it was strange, rather it’s appropriate. There are few men I’d rather have across the ring from me than Damo, who taught me so much, who helped make me into not only the wrestler but the man I am today. He helped get me started and with every match he helps me get that little bit better, he makes me push my boundaries, get out of my wrestling comfort zone. I want to be the best wrestler I can be, if possible I want to be the best all round wrestler in the world, working with people like Damo, who share my passion and drive for this great sport, is how I’m going to get there.

4. Sticking with Big Damo, see when he stands on your chest, I always imagine that being tantamount to a drowning experience, and the big senton he does after it his almost like him helping clean the water out your lungs. No real question there, other than simply is that as sore as it looks?

There are no words to describe the pain. Imagine a double decker bus running you over basically.
A hairy double decker bus eh? Never seen one of them. Seen a few hairies ON double decker buses right enough. *boom boom tsssssh*

5. PRIDE in general seem to give plenty of chances to younger talents like yourself. With the N7 belt being your first title as a professional wrestler. Is it a promotion you enjoy working with on the basis that you know opportunities will come your way?

I love working for Pride because it is a place that gave me an opportunity when very few others would, something I can never thank them for enough

6. Anyone in particular you feel you work particularly well with in general?

I feel I work very well with Damo, the big man, little man dynamic is something we can both play off very well. I also love whenever I get the chance to wrestle Zack Sabre Jr; he pushes me to the limit technically which produces great results from both us in my opinion.

7. You were back at ICW on Sunday at Spacebaws, with another chance to make an impression against Solar. As both of you have had a taste of the main roster, will you be out to prove why you should be there to stay?

I sought to prove a point at Spacebaws, I felt I did that. I am not one to be overlooked or ignored, don’t stick your nose up at Lewis Girvan because I’m likely to break it.

8. Who was your wrestling hero growing up?
The Undertaker, without doubt. He had a fantastic character, unlike anyone else. His entrances are amongst the best there has ever been. What stood out most for me was that even with the fantastic gimmick, he never used it as a crutch like most people. The Undertaker character was never an attempt to hide a mediocre worker. When it came right down to it, Undertaker was an amazing wrestler who could put on some of the best matches.

9. Tell us why you love wrestling?

Wow, how long do we have haha. To me wrestling is the best form of entertainment in the world, there is something for everyone. Be it the athleticism in the ring, the diverse characters, the promos, the segments; whatever your preference there is something on your average wrestling show that you’ll enjoy. On a more personal level, it’s the first thing in my entire life that I can honestly say I had a passion for. Before I was your typical apathetic teenager, very little held my short attention span. Wrestling lit a fire in me that hasn’t even dimmed since. Like an old friend it was always there for me, a comforting escape during the bad times, a great addition to the good times. It inspires and infuriates me in equal measure at times but it always keeps me sane. I am a better person because of this wonderful sport and I am endlessly thankful for it.
10. Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about (Lewis Girvan name branded shampoo….upcoming shows, etc) feel free to do that here
I have a Facebook page, Lewis Girvan funnily enough, and a Twitter @LewisCEGirvan, any likes or follows would mean a lot. Otherwise, I’d ask your readers to please support any and all local wrestling they can, lets make this great sport the mainstream phenomenon we all know it should be. To you and all of them I say thank you for reading and making Scottish wrestling the wonderful place it is.

Big thank you to Lewis Girvan for taking the time to answer the questions. Very talented guy, destined for big things. If Kenny is the bollocks, it’s my belief that Lewis Girvan is the cock…..naw…that sounds…haud on. If Kenny is the bollocks, Lewis Girvan is….eh….really fucking good at wrestling mate! Get out there and see him do his thing. Particularly at SWA. Which is is regular promotion, who have lined up what will be a scintillating match between him and Noam Dar in Paisley next month. Get along to that. Get along to every show in yer wrasslin catchment area, and support the talented men and women out there causing it every other week. Pro ‘fuckin wrestlers. Just like Lewis Girvan.

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