An Interview With Noam Dar



When I checked my email about 15 minutes ago, I’ll no lie, I was hotly anticipating that Vivid Newsletter. Every month they let me know whit mainstream films they’re parodying intae scuddies and every single month I’m baws oot and waving them aboot at the prospect. Instead what I was greeted with was something even more beautiful. Something that got me more solid than any vivid release ever has, and I’ve seen fuckin EVERYTHING Chyna’s been in (or should I say I’ve seen everything in Chyna? hawhaw #jokes) Seriously though, what I was met with was the answers to some awfa silly questions I sent tae Noam Dar, and they’re fuckin belters. Noam Dar and I have some personal history, and this is 100% true apart fae the bits I’m gonnae make up. The first match I seen in Scottish Wrestling was Noam Dar vs Wolfgang at ICW. I remember it for a few reasons. Firstly, it was a quality match, and it didnae involve anyone pretending to be a superhero, so that blew all my misconceptions about how the standard would be right out the water. Secondly, it involved Noam Dar cutting a cocky wee heel promo, and I remember back then thinking it didnae fit. The big problem with having a guy like Noam Dar cutting heel promos is the fact that he’s one of the soundest cunts to ever walk the fuckin earth. It would be like sending Vader out to cut a promo about how to not accidentally rip folks ears off and fart in their faces mid-match. Its taking him too far out his comfort zone. Lastly, I remember James Scott coming out to scud Wolfie wae a chair and help Noam win and my first though, having nae prior knowledge of this stuff, was that they were a tag team. James Scott had a 1D haircut back then, and Noam had boy band written all over him, so I thought they were pretty much the Scottish Bro-Mans. Took at least 3 or 4 shows before I realised they were not affiliated at all. Pure egg on my coupon eh!

Noam Dar is very good at what he does. You know, I know it, The Great Khali knows it. So read this wee interviewed we conducted together. Totally in person. During one of our many meetings as people in person, cause we’re good good personal friends. Did I say person enough there aye? Good. Listen tae Noam…..


I usually ask folk how they got into wrestling and what made them pursue it as a career, and all that generic noise for the first question, but since we’re practically bestos, I reckon we can have a bit more fun wae it eh. Play it fast and loose. So here. I like the wrestlin, dae you like the wrestlin? (If so..what do you like about it particularly?)

I like wrestling because it can’t be defined, it means something different to everyone, when it’s done right or when your needs are met, it’s magic.

Might be my favourite answer to anything ever. NOW WE’VE STARTED!

So…How did you get into wrestling and what made you pursue it as a career? ­čśë (well I didnae ask it first)

I guess how I started is the usual same old story that everyone tells…

My daddy’s daddy was Hulk Hogans cousins gardener & he was always bragging about the wrestling. My papa started doing secret sessions with Hogan Inbetween episodes of Columbo & he actually came up with the phrase “Hulkamania”. This led to a major fall out and some legality issues that I’m not in a position to discuss. However the secret art form was passed down, my first words were all in carny, I actually used to play SEGA backstage with the boys at THE GARDEN & often gave them feedback. One day when I was showing Flair how to link up, Hogan came over and settled our family disputes, gave us our royalties then sent me to the finest wrestling scene in the world, the UK, he said I could go back the ‘E when he’s finished there because he don’t want me stealing his biznez.

There’s a┬áperceived┬á“Big 3” in British Wrestling. The 3 being ICW, Progress and PCW. How┬ámuch do you enjoy being one of the few booked regularly for all 3 companies?

It’s fantastic, I’ve been with all 3 since they started, well ICWs restart, it’s a technicality but I’m sticking to it.

All 3 treat me so well and I’ve grew up as a teenager to a man with these promotions, I’m emotionally attached to the product & the people within the company, I’m really grateful for it.

As a performer, they all use me differently so it’s always fresh and exciting, I love it, it’s NAICE!
Also…what one’s yer favourite? (I’ll no tell the other 2….honest)

I’d say the one that pays me the most but none of them do, I’m still on a 5 year work experience programme, everyone does that, right lads?

You’ve had a lot of marquee matches against high profile folk like AJ Styles, John Morrison, and most recently Christopher Daniels at PWE. So the big question is…what’s Freight Train like in real life?

Freight Train is legit badass, I’ve never seen someone go harder at a plate of breaded mushrooms quite like the big man did. He also told me Whoopie Goldberg doesn’t like to fly, so there you go.

Seriously though. out of those matches, which one would you say brought the best out in you?

Honestly, everyone raves about my match with AJ & both personally and professionally I loved that match, however I very much felt out of place and not really like a wrestler. That’s totally to be expected given the situation, I’d love a rematch.

If I had to choose, I loved my match with John Morrison at PCW for so many various reasons, nowhere near as good as my epic battles with Hansen back in the day but it’s up there for sure.

You’ve been booked on shows regularly since you were 16, so at 21 you have a huge amount of experience. What’s it like to have pretty much grown up in wrestling?

It’s completely warped, desensitised & flawed me & a fecking love it.

Seriously, I’ve been brought up around some of the best human beings on the planet…and some of the worst. It’s defined me as a person & really taught me a lot of life lessons that some people may never learn. I mean when my friends were having Call Of Duty tournaments on a school night, I was in nightclubs watching TV wrestlers in flip flops wreck the place or getting all GTA with my good friend Kev. You may know him as WWEs Kevin Nash, big fella.

You had injury problems throughout 2013, but seem to have come back bigger and better than ever this year. How did you stay sane during that prolonged period of not being able to get out there and perform?

I always believed the worst thing in the world would be not being able to wrestle and I was right. It was a horrible few months as expected & I completely distanced myself from anything wrestling related, I didn’t even go to T in the Park with ma big pal Khali. However what I didn’t expect was how negatively it would impact my real life, I became the most unsociable, unproductive nuisance to be around. My biggest fear now is not leaving wrestling unsuccessful, my biggest fear now is leaving wrestling & not having any other joys or source of happiness in life.

Do you have a favourite match of your own to date?

Sometimes, I enjoy the matches that are the worst but probably best not to talk about them.

I love most my matches really, i can’t choose a lot of the time because my favourites always change, I’m a child you see.┬áMore recently I loved my match with Grado at the PROGRESS World Cup or my match with Johnny Kidd at the end of 2013 at PCW.
You’ve wrestled some of the top names domestically to. With the likes of Lionheart, Wolfgang, Mark Coffey and Andy Wild on your CV. So the big question is….Whats Grado like in real life? ­čśë
Well, let’s just say…different.

Who’s your all time hero in wrestling? (Dont say Grado… #AyrshireMafia)

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Kurt Angle…he meant Kurt Angle I think.

Last but not least. Its been ages since I proper tanked ye at Fifa. If I ever go next gen, yer gettin skelped (this insae really a question eh no?, its awrite…I’ll turn it round) and aye……..anything you want to tell us about. Feel free here (Noam Dar name branded hankerchiefs, upcoming shows…etc)

I’ve got twitter and that, it’s all @NoamDar

I’ll have some new merch soon including some┬áThe Great Phalies goodness, I’m usually always up for good bit of patter so anyone wants to have a laugh gees a shout,

Cheers Martin

Nae bawr meht. 

Noam didn’t mention it himself, cause he’s a right humble lad ye see, but he actually has a Facebook page for all his wrasslin stuff now. Get that liked right here, get him followed on Twttier @noamdar, and everywhere else. He’s Noam Dar everywhere, cause apparently that’s not a common name. Who knew eh?

Cheers to Noam for taking the time to answer the questions, and also for being heavy good at that wrestling patter. You can see Noam take on Liam Thomson at ICW in Birmingham on Saturday if yer intae it up in the Highlands for Rock and Wrestle tonight and Saturday. So get to some shows. Listen to Fair City Riots with yer hands behind yer back. Kiss that wrist and be more Noam Dar. If you really want to commit to it, you should probably get circumcised tae. #snipthetip

To finish, here’s a wee snap of Noam Dar doing a suicide dive…weeeeee



Credit to David J Wilson for the photos x 

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