ICW Liverpool and Leeds WEEKENDER

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Wrestling and Depression Part 2 (The Shite Part)

Think I fuckin jinxed it. Since writing that piece a few months back speaking openly about my mental health issues and how wrestling played a huge part in overcoming them, I’ve hit a bad spell. As its World Mental Health Day tomorrow, I thought I’d jot some stuff down. A lot of people said nice things about the first thing I wrote on the subject, and I think a lot of that came from how ultimately positive it was despite talking about things that could be perceived as negative, so I worried about writing something that spoke more about the down side. Something written whilst I was going through a particularly rough spell mentally, but fuck it. Even if it helps naecunt else, it’ll help me to see it in black and white.  Continue reading

ICW Helter Skelter Review


Match of the night is a fairly pointless thing eh? Well, it’s all about how the person calling it sees wrestling. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that shite. Ye could ask 10 different people the question and get 10 different answers, so I never really overthink it. Whichever one stands out in my mind as the one I enjoyed most at the time get’s the MOTN tag, and we move the fuck on, but see since Helter Skelter finished its the fuckin ONLY thing I’ve been able tae think about. Because EVERY match had a case for it. Every match done the job it was supposed to do and more, and they were all fucking superb. I’ve switched between three different matches, before finally deciding on one, and tbh, I’ve forgot pretty much everything that happened on the show as a result. Tiny wee brain exhausted, so this is where the review stops. None of yer usual hunner million words. Its done. I’m oot. Retired at 25. Nothing left to give. We’ve had a good run and that eh? I enjoyed it. We all got sweaty together, and enjoyed shoutin in the direction of guys who could undoubtedly batter us, but I’m calling it. No even gonnae say what I decided on for MOTN tbh, it’s no important anymore. What’s important is that you take care of yourself, and those you hold dear. It’s only wrestling ye know? Continue reading