An Interview With Viper

vipppppppppppppppA new light was shone on Viper when she cut the most heartfelt promo of the opening auditions for TNA British Bootcamp 2, but we’ve all known she’s brilliant for fuckin ages. Al Snow really should have been having his holidays up here. His finger’s aff the pulse. Samoa Joe and Gail Kim are both active wrestlers, so they’re busy folk, but what’s Al Snow uptae? Apart from practicing shouting at folk in the mirror, even if the folk aren’t shouting back at him? Nae excuse for him not to know about Viper.

Anyway. Viper’s really good. I sent her some questions, and she answered them very honestly. Have a read. Enjoy. Tell yer pals. They might tell their pals and all of a sudden Viper’s got a book deal. Simple.

1. So the usual boring opener, has to be done. What made you pursue wrestling as a career?

Originally, I never saw wrestling as a career, to be honest I didn’t think I would make it past wrestling outside of my own town. I did it as a hobby and for fun (as mad as that sounds) but as I progressed and moved from working in my local areas, to traveling Scotland, to traveling the UK and travelling to Europe I found the confidence and belief in myself to say “you can do this”. I still think I’m a while away from making it my full time career but I believe I’m well on my way and hopefully with enough time, hard work and effort I’ll get there.

2. You recently appeared on TNA British Bootcamp 2 and received a lot of praise for your heartfelt promo, and all round performance. My question is, does Al Snow look older in real life than he does on the tele?

Haha! He’s a rather handsome man if a little grumpy! I don’t think it helped that he had his frowny face on after his run in with Grado!

3. Seriously though, how was that experience? Do you feel its something you can use to your benefit going forward?

It was pretty scary but I’ve found that lots of great experiences are pretty scary at first. Truth be told I didn’t actually find out I was doing the audition until two days before so I was really terrified going into it and had very little time to prepare but it was a great experience and I’m very thankful that I got to do it. I got loads of great feedback and advice that day and it gave me a chance to show myself to everyone and show what I can do as well as confirm with myself that I’m on the right track.

4. The promo itself was refreshingly honest, speaking of the people you’ve met through wrestling becoming like family to you. Was that honesty something you intended on going in to it, or was that just how it came out?

It wasn’t what I wanted going into it but that’s just what came out, I didn’t want to pre-rehearse some spiel or anything because I didn’t want it to sound scripted or robotic. I guess I just stepped into the ring, they asked me questions and I answered honestly. I feel that when I don’t prepare something and just talk from the heart then that’s what’ll come out, heart. I never wanted to be painted as any sort of victim and I realise that was a very poor choice of words when I had said that I had been a victim of unfortunate circumstances but when Al Snow is asking you questions and there’s a camera in your face you don’t get a lot of time to think. The last thing I would want in the world is for anyone to feel sorry for me, my words were about believing in yourself even if no-one else does and not giving up when faced with difficulties. I guess what I really wanted to say was tough times don’t last but tough people do.

5. Fierce Females have been running shows more regularly lately, with Walkabout in Glasgow their regular haunt. Are you excited for what the future holds for the promotion?

I think every wrestler has a promotion or place that they call “home” and for me home is SWA and Fierce Females. Coming from the training and tutelage of the owner of Fierce Females Mikey Whiplash, I think there is a certain expectation for me and the rest of the girls who are trained by him to be an example of that. Which is why all of the girls including myself put everything we have into those matches. I was lucky enough to be on their debut show and every show since which is no mean feat considering there is loads of talented girls out there gunning for the limited spots. It’s the promotion that all the girls want to work for because it’s such a great platform for us to show what we can do. It’s gone from strength to strength so far so I’m excited to see what the next step for the promotion is and I hope that I will continue to be a part of it wherever it goes and with such a great team behind it I believe it will go far.

6. Do you have any aspirations to work abroad in your career? If so, anywhere in particular take your fancy?

One of my goals in wrestling is to travel the world, learn everything there is to learn and know everything there is to know about it in the many different cultures that wrestling resides in. Wrestling takes different forms and styles across the globe from Mexican Lucha libre to British technical style to Japanese strong style and I would love to go these places and everywhere in between to learn these for myself first hand. I’ve only travelled a relatively short distance but I’ve already seen for myself how different wrestling is in Scotland than it is in the rest of Europe so I’ve always been curious to know how the rest of the world does it. It’s also a great way to get a few holidays in there ;).

7. You trained at the Source Wrestling School in Glasgow. With the PBW academy already running, and the new Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum opening as competition, what would you say separates Source from the rest? (I really hope the answer is something to do with a particularly impressive kettle and/or toaster)

If I were to look at things from a completely impartial perspective I would say that the credibility of any company lies within the quality of its exports. With that in mind I believe that the Source wrestling school exports not only some of the best wrestlers but also the best characters in British wrestling today such as Myself, Nikki Storm, Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, Joe Hendry and Jackie polo who have all gone on to receive try outs or made appearances for WWE and/or TNA and/or competed in Japan with Nikki Storm doing all three of these. I think it’s also important to look at the talent that the school imports for the good of its trainees and Source has a very illustrious list of names which have provided training seminars like Robbie brookside, Marty Jones, Johnny Saint, Ultimo Dragon, Super Crazy, Prince Devitt, etc. With that kind of expertise being brought in regularly as well as the wealth of knowledge that the regular trainers Damian O’Connor and Mikey Whiplash bring to the school it’s not hard to see why it’s producing such great talent.

It also has a fab selection of mugs with mustaches painted on them which makes it look like you have a Tache when you drink from them which always gives me a lol!

8. What has your favourite match been to date and why?

I feel I’m very lucky here in Scotland because the female talent is absolutely booming right now and the girls here are considered to be not just great female wrestlers but great wrestlers full stop, so to be able to have matches with them all regularly is great. If I were to pick a favourite I think I would pick Myself Vs Bete Noire at Fierce Females debut show, the match meant a lot to me and Bete personally and we both put our heart and soul into it and I think it shows.

9. You team quite often with Bete Noire, and you seem to be good pals. How much easier is it to have someone so close to you in the locker room with you? Even if she does carry a big stick, and almost always has a black eye, or some other sare looking injury (I’m sure I asked Bete pretty much the same thing with the roles reversed…)

Genuinely, I don’t think I would have lasted this long without her. As much as I’ve said how much I love wrestling and how it’s given me family it is also a very tough place to be and you absolutely need the support of great friends. As well as support each other we also push each other to be and do better, and I know she’s got my back 100%. In times when either of us felt like giving up the other is always there saying “no, we can do this”, and it’s great having a bestie there to share all the fun times with too. And well, if I don’t go along with her to the hospital, who will?

10. You had the chance to work with Awesome Kong last year at Fierce Females, in a triple threat match with Kay Lee Ray. As a legend in female wrestling, is she someone you look upto?

Wrestling Kong was a bit of a surreal experience for me as I totally looked up to her. I would watch her rip all the other knockouts to shreds and think “fucking hell, she’s amazing” when I was younger. I think it was also seeing Kong compete that gave me the boost I needed to go out there and find a training school and have the confidence to try wrestling, she showed me that in a world of girls who were petite, barely dressed super models, there was a place for me and I didn’t have to conform. Getting to not just meet her but work with her was fantastic and it was great to find out that she was so down to earth and had an amazing personality to boot

11. Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about, feel free here. Upcoming shows, social media stuff, maybe yer very own name branded Viper Baking Soda. Whatever you fancy.

Some places in Scotland you can see me get my wrestle on soon are-
14th Nov- SWA in Cumbernauld
21st Nov- W3L in Edinburgh
23rd Nov- Fierce Females in Glasgow
29th Nov- Showcase wrestling in Dumfries
21st Dec- ICW:Spacebaws in Glasgow
Thank you for having me, no-one is gay for Bobby Roberts and finally, PENIS PENIS LOOOOL!

Assuming you enjoyed that, follow Viper on Twitter. Like her page on Facebook, and all that carry on.

Big thank you to Viper for taking the time to do it, and for answering so honestly.

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