ICW Fear and Lothian 2 Preview


I’d probably been to Edinburgh less than 5 times in my life before ICW started going there regularly, and d’ye know something troops? That was far too many times as it is. Fuckin fuck Edinburgh and its poorly signposted streets, and its…..nahhhhhhh I’m only joking. Done that anti-Embra patter too many times before, and I’ll no lie;.Edinburgh has grown on me quite a lot. It’s pleasant to look at and people no longer bump into me all the time when I’m there. Maybe I’ve got that Edinburgh smell on me now or something. That faint stench that can only come from a native, so I get left alone. Point is, ICW are there again, this time not at Studio 24, which means we’ll need tae fuckin look for the place. A liberty in its own right, but I suppose we shall endure in the name of wrestling eh.

A lot of things will probably happen. People will talk about the events of Fear and Loathing. People will probably hit people because of things they inflicted upon them at Fear and Loathing, but they’ll do so in a controlled wrestling environment. Wae referees, ring announcers and all that carry on.


Mikey Whiplash vs DarksidewhipderkIt is nice to have him back eh. If you’re intae really technically proficient¬†wrestling being performed in front of you , Mikey Whiplash is the guy for that. If you’re intae dudes in stockings, who might lick their lips, bite the heid aff a mouse and spit it at you. Mikey Whiplash might also be the guy for that. He’s never been in better shape either. Sooking up his arse aside, this is a bit of a dream match. If yer intae watching two guys who know a lot of different suplexes, submission holds and ways to insult cross-eyed people in the crowd, these cunts have got ye covered. Hoping this is a continuation of the SDS + Whiplash vs N.A.K feud, because the world needs Tommy End vs Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn vs Whiplash and Divers vs EVERYONE.

Kenny Williams vs Joe Hendry (ICW Zero-G Title Match)eny Joe

This has been a match in the making for too long now, and in a lot of ways is the thing I’m most excited to see on the card. Mainly because both of them have come on leaps and bounds since the feud started and that means the match itself should be cracking, but also because it’ll be entertaining as fuck. Its nae fluke that both of these guys have come to the forefront of Scottish Wrestling so quickly in their careers, they both have that X Factor, and that’s not a pop at Joes singing either hawhaw! Seriously though, right looking forward tae this. Right looking forward to the inevitable implications it has for Joe when he loses in Edinburgh again and goes on the rampage. Probably fallaway slamming James R Kennedy intae the nearest volcano.

DCT vs Solar dctsolar

Bit of an odd matchup here. You’ve got DCT with that patented ground and pound style (and by that I mean, he lies on the ground and gets pounded by Jack Jester wielding a belt) and Solar flying all over the camp. It probably wont be a classic, but I imagine Polo will provide some hi-jinks, or perhaps it’ll turn into a tag match. I can’t see Polo being there and not doing some for of wrasslin. Excited to see DCT actually get a shot at wrestling on and ICW card though, because DCT is the fuckin Da. The international sex hero, and he came tae rescue yer Sunday night entertainment. Probably by revealing a tash he drew between his cock and baws. Aye so….wrestling. If its a straight up singles match, I reckon DCT will win it with the aid of Solar. If it turns into some mad tag team affair, I reckon one of the tag teams will win it via pinfall, submission, DQ or count out.

Kid Fite vs Johnny Moss (ICW Title Number One Contenders Match)KFJoMo

Kid Fite’s been fucking brilliant lately. I want tae get that out the way before I tell ye why I think he should lose this match. He’s doing smashin work. His matches with Rampage, Kenny and Jack Gallagher were all top-notch. I’m sure he’d have a fuckin stormer with big Drew and it would be a main event that everyone would be totally baws oot and waving them aboot for at Brush Your Goose. Definitely. Having said that…HOW FUCKIN GOOD WOULD MOSSY VS DREW BE? That’s a dream match so it is. Gives ye an insta-semi just thinking about it. I can’t see either taking the belt next month, but Mossy vs Drew would be captivating. As for Fito vs Mossy itself, seen them wrestle once before at Kelvin Brawl, and it was one of the best matches of the night. They’ll reproduce that sort of form, and it’ll all be hunky dory. A ruddy good time. Or eh…somethin.

Grado vs Martin StoneGradSto

I don’t think there’s ever gonnae be a time where I’m not a fan of Grado. He still brings me joy, and I like joy. Its better than things that aren’t joy. So it’s with a great love and appreciation for Grado’s work in mind that I say, Martin Stone’s gonnae fuckin leather the poor boy. Martin Stone’s on a mission. A mission to prove why he’s the best in Britain. On the mic, he’s certainly up there. His promos recently on TNA British Bootcamp and this wee promo with Sha Samuels were both brilliant

In the ring he has a combative, unique style (that means he punches people really hard, in different ways) and when you combine that with a hunger to prove himself, the big man’s going to be cracking jaws around here for a while. Looking forward to this though. Grado is at his very best against a proper venomous heel, so I think this will tell a cracking story, but unfortunately a large part of that story will be told via Grado gettin his fuckin heid kicked in.

So aye. Fuckin Edinburgh eh. Its no a bad place really, its just pure…..faaar from Glasgow. Such is life. I believe for once there’s still tickets, so get yer arse to City Nightclub in Edinburgh by 7pm, pay some money, see a show. Sound?¬†

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