An Interview With Dickie Divers

diversDickie Divers has the most discussed face in Scottish Wrestling for some reason. I really don’t see why. Just because he never has the same expression twice, and sometimes looks like he’s in the process of squeezing out a shite make up of pinecones and bits of auld hedgehog does not make that his defining feature. He also has the ability to glue himself to Sha Samuels whilst dropkicking him, and oh aye…he’s really quite good at professional wrestling. That’s the thing that tends to pass folk by when they’re chanting about his face, and flying into a blind rage about how much of a wank he is because he’s really good at being a heel. The thing he’s best at in wrestling if you ask me, is the actual wrestling part. With the moves and all that. He’s had a bit of recognition for his talents in that regard lately, and that’s not a bad thing…its…a good thing.

At Fear and Loathing you fell in love with his face, and yon pink streaks in his hair. Now fall in love with his words. Words about the N.A.K, Kenny Omega, Pride and other such wrestling things.

The Divers brand has taken a bit of surge recently. With Divers masks at Fear and Loathing, Divers mug on mugs, Divers capes, even Divers very own namebranded toothpaste. What do you reckon has been behind the surge in the popularity of Dickie Divers?

Simply put, hard work. I go out and give everything i have every single show, if you see Dickie Divers name on a card for a show I can guarantee you, you will get your moneys worth from that match alone! and the fans seem to have noticed it, makes a change from hearing how much of a cunt I am constantly I suppose.

You were part of the STI tag team for a long time, before your partner William Grange left wrestling. It looked like you two were headed for a feud when the tag team originally split up in ICW. Can you tell us a wee bit about what happened with that? Is he deid?

Hes no dead as far as I’m aware. basically we were going to have a feud to try build us both up as singles wrestlers and to try get me out of his shadow as I was always seen as the lesser wrestler out the two of us (for some reason). But when the shows would come up where we were gonna build it he no showed. first time it was due to a broken thumb then he pulled out of a show with a sore stomach which ended up being the final nail in his coffin so to speak. It was gutting that the feud did not happen because I think it would have been a story the fans could have got really emotionally invested in but I guess things happen for a reason because a few months after he left the company I joined the NAK and have never looked back.
Speaking of that, how much have you enjoyed getting to go out there and cause it as part of the most anarchic stable in Scottish Wrestling?

I’ve said this a million times to the guys, I’ve genuinely never had as much fun in the ring as I have since joining the NAK. my favourite moment I’ve had in wrestling was with the NAK, it was when the sold out 02 in Glasgow heard Like A Prayer play after being told Grado was in vegas and lost their shit! only for Renfrew, BT and myself to come through the curtain dancing away. You could actually pinpoint the moment the fans little hearts broke haha best heel move ever!!!

It really was. Bunch of absolute bastards. 

There’s been more singles opportunities in ICW for you lately. Taking on Sha Samuels, Michael Dante and even having yourself a wee title shot in Edinburgh, in a valiant losing effort against Jester. Have you enjoyed having more singles opportunities or are you more at home as a tag wrestler?

To be honest i enjoy doing both, its been great getting a wee singles run in ICW but I’ve been a singles wrestler in other promotions like Scottish Wrestling Alliance and W3L for years. A lot of people class me as a tag team wrestler because of the feud between STI and the Bucky Boys which is fair enough I suppose as I’ve been in tag teams pretty much since the day I started wrestling but I’m comfortable being in a singles role and hopefully there will be a lot more singles opportunities in ICW but only time will tell.

I’m not one for fantasy booking and that, but all I’m going to say is…Nae Divers booked on Sunday due to Darkside being injured and having to withdraw from the tag title match. Nae CM Punk booked anywhere. Both do a wonderful running knee in the corner. You do the math mate. 

You were the first ever Pride Champion, and the promotion seems to be going from strength to strength recently. Did you enjoy the responsibility of being the top guy?

I don’t really like that term top guy as I feel it suggests I’m better than the rest of the boys which just isn’t true, however it was a privilege to hold the title and to hold it for a full year was pretty awesome! It was the first time I’d won singles gold so it’ll always feel like a defining moment for me and I think it was for Pride as well. I would recommend everyone keep an eye on Pride as a family friendly company that’s definitely getting better and better and using great talents like Chris Renfrew, the Coffeys, Mikey Whiplash, Jackie Polo and of course me! so I would say its definitely worth going to.

How long have you been involved in Scottish/British wrestling and what made you decide to give it a go?

I’ve been involved in British wrestling since 2006 when I started training with SWA (Another company that’s went from strength to strength in recent years) in a wee dingy lock up in the middle of Linwood. Funny thing about it is I actually said no to going to train originally. A friend of mine was going to train and I said no, he was talking every week how much fun he was having and one day I was sitting in the house when I thought fuck it! I went down and it just so happened to be a show day, so there wasn’t any training on. So I went to the show which was in Clydebank and that’s when I thought “I wanna do this!” started training on the Tuesday after and never left.

Do you have a favourite opponent to date? Wrestling Kenny Omega must have been cracking. Even though he chopped the tits clean off ye.

That’s a hard question because I’ve been lucky enough to wrestle the likes of Doug Williams and Super Crazy but AYE, Wrestling Kenny Omega was a great experience, because hes a guy I love watching myself, so getting the chance to actually be in the ring with him was brilliant. What people don’t know about that match is that i was probably the most unwell id ever been in my life so the match had to be toned down! I have a few guys that as soon as I see my name next to theirs makes me go “BELTER!” Like BT Gunn, Stevie Boy, Chris Renfrew, The Coffeys, Jackie Polo, Liam Thompon and Nathan Black who I thinks massively underutilized in Scotland. But I couldn’t give you one specific guy who has been my favourite opponent.

Always wondered that about Nathan Black. I remember him as part of OfCom from the first ICW show I was at. Huge, intimidating guy. Surprised we don’t see more of him. 

Have you had any less than favourable experiences in wrestling you wouldnt mind sharing with us? We’ll no tell anyone.

There is plenty of stories I could tell you…..but wont. However there is one story I’ll share. I was working for a promotion down south when I first started on shows, it was my first ever booking outside of Scotland so as you can imagine I was stoked!! On the way down I was warned that one of the guys I was gonna be working was a bit of a cock and not to take any of his pish. So I get down and sure enough the fella in question started his “oh your a new boy eh?” patter so I knew straight away I was in for a long night. We got out to the ring and it was a tag match and it seemed like it was going fine until one of them put me in an abdominal stretch, only for the fella in question to come in the ring and full on toe poke me right in the chest. I crumbled to the floor unable to breathe, genuinely thinking he had broke my ribs. So the match continues and I’m raging as you can imagine, what this tit forgot was I was in the heel team so I was gonna get a chance to get my own back! Then my time came he whipped me off the ropes I duck a clothesline and put the brakes on, then WHACK!! punched him right in the head! Then punched this 7ft “hard man” from standing all the way till he was on his stomach cowering like a wee lassie only for my tag partner to yell “tag out for fuck sake!!” so aye that was my first insight into the shit side of pro wrestling.

Even if I ever find out who it actually was, I will never not picture the other guy in this story as Kevin Nash. Seems like a very Nash thing to do. 

Whats the plan for you in wrestling long term? Do you have designs on going abroad or anything like that?

Long term I hope to just keep doing what I’m doing and having fun in this wacky business that I love. I’ve been offered work abroad but I’ve had to knock a few back because I have no passport just now haha. To be honest ive been vocal about this before but as long as there are people out there paying for their own flights etc its gonna be hard for a guy like me who refuses to be out of pocket just to go hurt myself and line a promoters pocket. But once I get a passport who knows where you will see Dickie Divers.

Last but not least. Anything you want to tell us about, feel free. Upcoming shows, Dickie Divers signature range of Ford Fiestas…etc. Anything you like, fire in.

Just the usual geez a wee follow on twitter @DickieDivers, like me on facebook and keep yer eyes open for Dickie Divers T shirts coming out next year!

Cheers to the bold Divers for his informative, entertaining answers. I hope you all enjoyed that as much as me. If ye did, follow him on the Twitter, like him on that Facebook, and get yourseld out there and see some of the shows he’s on. I’ve not reviewed it yet, but him vs Lewis Girvan at Pride was MOTN for me, and his match with Kenny Williams at SWA in Paisley was another stoater. You see a different side to Divers at these shows, and….well he’s still a dirty prick of a heel, but its in a different way. With different music and less people saying he looks like a paedo.

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