John Cena will always be John Cena

Just fuckin stop it.

John Cena won a match against a chickenshit heel last night. He won that match by running through his two bodyguards then him. He won that match because he’s John Cena. John Cena will always be John Cena.

Seth Rollins is fucking brilliant at what he does. He broke my heart intae a thousand tiny pieces when he turned on Ambrose and Reigns. Since then he’s dodged fights where possible, and employed two minders who are at least a foot smaller than him cause he has an inferiority complex. So why in the name of fuck would a guy like that, who only has beef wae Cena cause he’s the only one who can bring back his safety net, beat Cena clean? In what circumstance does that make any fuckin sense? Cena leathering everycunt wasn’t “burying” anyone, because he’s John Cena. Unless you’re Brock Lesnar, or maybe a returning, 30 year old Stone Cold Steve Austin, you’re gonnae take a doing aff the cunt. All the shoulderblocks. Cause he’s the guy whether you like it or not.

Imagine Vince shouted Hulk Hogan intae his office and went “right Terry, we’re gonnae need ye tae put over Tito Santana the night, clean as a whistle” He’s be right up for it eh? Seth Rollins is Tito Santana. Wae better gear.

Loves the Sellik anaw.


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