An Interview With Eddie “Sideburns” Roberts

eddie tam

This interview and the one with Tam The Vigilante Kearins are a wee bit different from the norm. Not just because they’re both referees in pro wrestling, but because they face each other in a charity boxing match this Sunday. All the details for which can be found here.
All for a good cause, so drag your body down to The Garage this Sunday. £6.50 a ticket. Cannae beat it.

Me and Eddie Sideburns go back like carseats so we dae. One of the first people involved in the wrestling to champion my reviews. Often offering words of encouragement in person. A good cunt. Not a large cunt though. Unfortunately for him, big Tam The Vigilante is rather large. Still, Eddie has a 2-0 record in pro wrestling so far, in an environment where pretty much everyone will be bigger than him, so don’t let the size advantage fool you. Eddie knows how to sling a right hook. Took a doing off Whippy and lived to tell the tale. He answered a few questions for me in the lead up to the big fight, and I published them in an article. Thats it down there. Have a wee look.

So you’re the first ref I’ve interviewed, and I’m about to do another. First and foremost. How do you feel the black and white attire compliments your facial features?

I tried facial features, it didn’t seem to work, I mean people seem to chant, lose the sideburns/keep the beard, some people decided to call it the mark of a dirty person, I genuinely don’t even know if I can swear or use vulgar language in this interview, always been hard for me. Usually I swore a lot on Breaking Baws when they first had me on. Anyway, it gave me the nickname Sideburns and that seems to have stuck ever since when I had none so, it compliments me well, really shouldn’t matter, it’s how you perform in the ring and how many people don’t notice you.

You can swear aye. I did edit out some expletives here though. Purely because they were offensive to women. And Jews. And Chewbacca. 

Runaway Rumble on Sunday. You against Big Tam Kearins. All proceeds going to a very worthy cause. What can we expect to see when you and Tam lock horns?

Probably what happened when Mike Tyson first boxed at Hampden, Technical Knockout, 38 seconds into Round One.. I’ll probably wake up five minutes later and head off to get a McDonalds before going home and crying myself to sleep. I think it’ll be a good laugh and a lot of fun, mainly a lot of raising money for charity, a bear boxing a man and a rap battle with Wee Man and Joe Hendry, I mean all that for £6.50 a ticket and a lot more shenanigans, it doesn’t really get better than that!!

Me and Eddie don’t agree on much, but he’s no wrang there! Eh! Amirght? Enough outta me…keep reading. 

You’re a passionate wrestling fan yourself, currently training with PBW. With a wealth of refereeing experience and a couple of matches under your belt as a wrestler, where do you see your long-term future?

Continually supporting wrestling in any way I possibly can, I’m not really sure what I want to do, I said it on Breaking Baws that I was thinking this probably could be my last year, that I had potentially lost my smile but you never know what can happen. Everything could change, we just need to all have a little patience and just enjoy life, I’d love to still be reffing and occasionally wrestling, it’s been real fun and the business has been very much a big confidence booster for someone who was always nervous.

Who’s your personal hero in wrestling?

Answer: I have various heroes, people I look up to and people who inspire me, people like Sean McLaughlin, who I only just met last year, he’s shown me that with the right worth ethic and everything, you can really make great leaps and bounds in Wrestling, Kid Fite for the way he deals with the business and the advice he’s given me along the way and last but not least, Sri Hari (Boabby Petta), he first helped me get into the reffing game and helped me, so basically the entire PBW Academy are my heroes for being my family.

Personal hero aside of the UK scene, would be Jushin Thunder Liger but that’s just for the incredible talent he had, especially when he was Flying Fuji Yamada in World of Sport days from the CTU days, to everything, his grace, the way he can just do amazing things even still at his age. A wonderful talented wrestler. Reffing wise, it’s pure Earl Hebner and all that jazz, Tiger Hattori!

Highlight of your career so far? Wrasslin, reffing, setting up the ring. Whatever ye like.

Probably a variety of things, wrestling my first match in front of a crowd at Academy Attack 2, reffing Colt Cabana vs Grado at the Edinburgh Picture House, making my debut in any company really and just learning from various people, being able to ref people like Rhino, Paul London, Kharma (Awesome Kong.), Colt Cabana, Joe E Legend, Rob Terry, Drew McIntyre, it’s an on going list of me dropping names but fuck it, it means something to me and I’ll never stop loving wrestling with a passion, it’s one of the pride and joys of my life. Also teabagging Davey Blaze.

How do you rate the Scottish wrestling scene when put up against other Indy Wrestling hotbeds?

I think it’s thriving at the moment, currently producing great talent from the training schools of PBW and SWA and who knows where else, with such potential talent like GTA (Lou King Sharp and Donnie T), Lewis Girvan, Aaron Echo, Kenny Williams, The Gatecrashers and even Manlon, along with all the well established names of Kid Fite, Damo, BT Gunn, Jack Jester, Noam Dar, Grado. I think it couldn’t be a better time to be apart of the Scottish Wrestling scene and I’m very thankful to be a part of it. It’s going to only get better from here on in and I probably say it’s up their with the very best of indy hotbeds.

Last but not least, tell everyone why they should drag their arse out to the Runaway Rumble.

It’s going to be a fun night for a very good cause for the Runaway Glasgow foundation, it’s a bit of a laugh with all the boxing, mixed with wrestling, mixed with rap battles. You get to see me potentially get my arse kicked and theirs some surprises on the horizon as well.

Huge thanks to oor Eddie for his time, and his top quality answers. All the info will be in the link at the top, but for those who managed to miss it. Runaway Rumble is this Sunday at The Garage. £6.50 a ticket. Doors at 5, with the first bell at half 6. Come along support a good cause, spend plenty at the bar, and generally have a rerr auld time.

Follow Eddie on Twitter here if you so wish.

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