An Interview (regarding Drew) with Chris Renfrew


Done a few interviews with Renfrew in my time, in fact. I’ll not even lie. He’s the reason there’s any interviews on the site. I wanted to do them and had asked him before, but I was a shitebag and probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. He wanted to talk about Still Smokin and basically told me to get the finger out n dae it. So here we are. Probably the 4th one we’ve done. Maybe 5th. I will interview some fresh new human wrestlers over the course of the year, but at the end of the day, there isn’t anyone better at articulating his thoughts and feelings in this way than Renfrew. Some people need the mic and the cameras pointed at them to produce gold, and thats fine. Some of my favourite promo guys in the world can probably barely spell their own name, but credit must go to Renfrew for using things like social media, and sites like this to his full advantage. Get your name, and who you are out there as much as humanly possible. I’m sure you’re well aware Renfrew has the biggest match of his career coming up so I thought he might have an interesting word or two to say about that. I was absolutely correct.

So we’ve done a few interviews now. Some more character Renfrew, some more real Renfrew. So I wanted to get pure deep and introspective, and ask you, how similar is the real Renfrew to the bad bastard heel we see at ICW?

There was always that saying that the best characters in wrestling are just the person with the volume turned all the way up. What I say is delivered so convincingly because I believe the words that are coming out of my mouth. Im not reading a script I deliver my “promos” with such venom because that is all me. Im outspoken and thats just who I am, so I use that to its full advantage. If someone tries to slag me I slag them back ten times harder to put it bluntly. It came from where I grew up, slag or be slagged, you had to be quick witted or you got proper butchered man.
In terms of the violence. I just allow all the horrible thoughts that cross our minds at one time to become reality. Humans are fascinated with violence, we have been since the beginning of time. Some people such as yourself who enjoy watching it, and others who enjoy partaking in whatever form they may express it in. I think its the perfect way to expell all my anger and pent up fucked upness, I’m well balanced as fuck really, ask my nurse.

If holding an award with one hand, and giving us the fingers with the other isn’t “balance” I don’t know what is tbh.


Lets not fuck about. Its all about the Square Go. You vs Drew. Tell us exactly what to expect from that match? Is it the biggest of your career to date?

No question this the biggest match to date. I could spend all this time listing Drews epic credentials. In regards to a man with full Scottish blood pumping through his veins there is nobody that has achieved what he has. But that is just part of the package as to why this match is big. It’s the hype, the match has been a year in the making because of the contract I won when I won the Square Go last year. That has changed the game altogether and made this more than just any other title match. The Square Go is up there with Fear and Loathing in regards to grandeur and with it selling out faster than ever in a bigger venue, the pressure is on. Drew Galloway for the ICW title at the Fourth Annual Square Go in Glasgow in front of a sold out crowd of over 1200 people in a match that will make or break both of our next moves in ICW, aye mate doesn’t get much bigger around this part of the woods now does it.

It most certainly does not. Here’s a few reasons why it doesn’t get much bigger *pause for cheap plug*

Some of the promo stuff between you and Drew has been rather…spiky. Shades of Bret vs Shawn with an element of realness through it. How much do you think having that sort of edge to it adds to the match?

All I did was speak the truth, I did not dance around any facts I merely pointed out something that was true, that this wasn’t his first choice, he was fired. Again I never lied about the fact he was the guy that could ICW to the proverbial “next level” but the fact is I didn’t see us struggling before he was around. Was Shugs Hoose Party not Sold Out before he showed up out of the blue? Aye it was so all I did was point out the truth. He clearly took what I said to heart and came in all hot and heavy, shovel out. He stated I wasn’t talented enough to make it to the WWE. Lets all count on one finger the amount of people that WWE have signed from Scotland shall we? He took a wipe at everyone there. His ego has him swinging wildly. Taking all the low blows. He like many others struggle to come to grips with the fact that my dream isn’t to go to the WWE, it isn’t to try out on X-Factor Camp to be a part of TNA, my dream and goals in wrestling was to be part of something here, rather than be an indian, be a chief and create something from the ground up, if his dream was to wrestle in the WWE and become one of their “top guys” and mine was to create a scene here, who really failed? Few people factor in how intelligent I actually am, how I can dissect every part of someone personality, all their flaws, expose them for who they truely are. He wanted to get the pistols and shoot like a cowboy but he can’t touch me when it comes to that game. He can try all that William Wallace pish all he wants but sorry big yin doesnt fly with me, 13 14 15 16 what the fuck ever.
Does it add an edge to the match? You tell me?

Fucking right it does.

The Square Go itself is looking like a stunning card. 4 main events on one show. Is it a difficult decision regarding which one actually does take the main event spot, or is that already decided? (pure journo snooping here)

It’s a different environment because every single match the outcome is deeply important to those involved. Honestly I dont give a fuck where the match takes place on the card, its the biggest match I’ve ever been in regardless of where its placed on the bill.

Tellt. Quick photo intermission. This is to give yer brain a break from reading. I never used to like using lots of photos but I get the need for it now. Kinda negating the need for it at all by making you even read this bit, but aye. Here’s Renfrew using the adulation of the crowd as fuel for pink bellying Grado.

rffffYou’ve got in fucking brilliant shape over the past year or so, not to sound like fucking take-a-break or something, but how have you done it? Just cutting down on eating shite, or you been doing a power of shagg….I mean…exercising?

Diet changed dramatically. Dropped all the shite, the snacks, the fizzy juice the take aways. Id still get a curry and that but it became a proper treat again rather that just Tuesday night scran. I then become 20 times more active. Walking is highly under-rated for weightloss. Just walk all the time, everywhere for hours and you’ll lose the weight. I’m not even kidding. That coupled with some gym work and aye doing no bad.

ICW go on tour again early this year. Going to Liverpool, Newcastle, Dundee, Edinburgh and Birmingham again, with a first show in Sheffield added. So I guess the big question is, how come yer no going back tae Leeds?

You mean Springdon? It was just heavy grey wasn’t it? Liverpool was the best show of the tour in regards to crowd reaction. Sorry Newcastle but Liverpool had something Magical about it. We had fun in Liverpool, maybe a little too much fun if I’m being honest. Still we soldiered on but it was just a bit gash. It was like you are choking for KFC and you rattle down and then its shut and all you can find is a garage with Rustlers burgers in it, its just a bit shite isnt it. Fuck Springdon there will be no encore.

All I’ll say about Leeds is that it had the most hostile reaction to me having a t-shirt that said “bollocks” on it (the Kenny one btw, I don’t just have a lot of testicle themed taps) Well maybe “hostile” is the wrong word, but a lot of people looked at me like I’d just spat on their gran. Here’s Renfrew doing a big vertical suplex.


Oh shuplex huh? You guys want shuplex? I give you shuplex right now.

Oh shuplex huh? You guys want shuplex? I give you shuplex right now.

Seriously though. We should all know what ICW is about by now, but for anyone who might not. Tell us why we should all come to these shows?

If you enjoy wrestling but want it with something more edgy then this is the night out. We have been compared to the old ECW on numeorus occassions and that is down to the environment created by the fans. I like to think we are creating the attitude era of British Wrestling in the sense of its a new generation with a whole new outlook and take on wrestling and what it can be in this country. We can never recreate another “Golden Age” of British Wrestling, so lets create our own era, and you can be a part of that era. We’ll make you laugh, we’ll make ye cry, we’ll make you fall in love with wrestling all over again and I’m not even kidding I’ve heard people tell me it time and time again, loved it back in the day, fell away, you guys made me love it again, biscuits and gravy sir.

Right. Now I don’t want this to get pure touchy feely and emotional n that. You’re a heel bastard after all. But you and Divers shared a beautiful moment at the last Edinburgh show. I’d just like you to tell us how much you love Divers like a brother, and how his face is very special. Any answer on the contrary to this may be heavily edited.

Me and Divers is one of the most real friendships you have ever seen in wrestling. I rip on him constantly but the fact is thats what certain mates do. Some people never say a crossed word to one another, you have those mates. But you have those other mates where you both take great pleasure in ripping each other a new one and laughing at all their misfortunes. “Oh I love you bro you helped me through tough times” big handshake into a hug PFFT thats not friendship, me and Divers is friendship and you are all lucky enough to bare witness to that. When the chips are down I’ll always back my boy up, he’s a total dobber-weasel, but he’s my dobber-weasel. Aye just blew your mind there didn’t I.

I defy anyone to hear the term “dobber-weasel” and not have their mind blown a wee bit.

Last but not least. Tell us anything we need to know. Upcoming projects and all that. Anything you like.

Its easy man just follow me on facebook, I’m always active and always keeping you up to date with upcoming events and appearances and will post the new and improved Gentlemans Closet with Mr Billy Kirkwood, our comedy podcast. That is the only non wrestling project at the moment but just follow me on facebook and twitter and you’ll always know what I’m up to

Cracking stuff from Renfrew as per. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.

If you read this, and suddenly like the look of this Square Go thing. Nae joy. Its sold the fuck out. A wee image for all the Renfrew fans to round things off. 2014 was a year to remember for the big man, and 2015 might start off with the crowning moment in his career. Something that might resemble this….

rrrrFull credit of course to David J Wilson for the photos.

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