An Interview With Carmel Jacob


Credit to Contraband Photography for the image.

Carmel Jacob is a wee bit good at this wrestling thing. Admittedly the first few times I seen her, whilst she was clearly talented, she wasn’t a person on shows I needed to see. When she took the mic at ICW There’s Something About Maryhill and tore a strip off everyone in…well Scotland really, thats when it all changed, and she has been on an absolute tear both on the mic and in the ring since.

Usually these intros are a bit longer, but d’you know what? Carmel said pretty much everything I might have in this bit. So I won’t keep you any longer. Get it read.

I find you a wee touch….well fuckin terrifying tbh. So I’ll try my best not to ask anything antagonistic at all. We’ll start off nice and easy. How did you get involved in wrestling, and what made you pursue it as a career? Continue reading

An Interview With GM of ICW Spacebaws…Red Lightning

Thought I’d give him his full title as opposed to just calling it “Rid Lightnin interview….the second wan”
That image was picked specifically for this interview to serve as a reminder for anyone who might have forgotten, or any new fans of ICW who maybe don’t know what Red Lightning once represented in the company you have grown fanatical for. Red Lightning was the guy who pinned your hero. Continue reading

An Interview (regarding Drew) with Chris Renfrew


Done a few interviews with Renfrew in my time, in fact. I’ll not even lie. He’s the reason there’s any interviews on the site. I wanted to do them and had asked him before, but I was a shitebag and probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. He wanted to talk about Still Smokin and basically told me to get the finger out n dae it. So here we are. Probably the 4th one we’ve done. Maybe 5th. I will interview some fresh new human wrestlers over the course of the year, but at the end of the day, there isn’t anyone better at articulating his thoughts and feelings in this way than Renfrew. Some people need the mic and the cameras pointed at them to produce gold, and thats fine. Some of my favourite promo guys in the world can probably barely spell their own name, but credit must go to Renfrew for using things like social media, and sites like this to his full advantage. Get your name, and who you are out there as much as humanly possible. I’m sure you’re well aware Renfrew has the biggest match of his career coming up so I thought he might have an interesting word or two to say about that. I was absolutely correct.

So we’ve done a few interviews now. Some more character Renfrew, some more real Renfrew. So I wanted to get pure deep and introspective, and ask you, how similar is the real Renfrew to the bad bastard heel we see at ICW? Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Galloway vs Renfrew Is So Significant


Aye I’m writing a “5/10/20/59 reasons why something topical is important, please click me” thing. So whit? When I done a piece taking the piss out of these things about Dolph Ziggler, I discovered that its fuckin fun. Fun to do the list itself, and also fun to have a wee thread of sarcasm running through it towards the fact that these articles are all you ever see these days. I’ll lay aff the sarcasm side a wee bit here, because this is serious. People don’t understand how much hinges on the outcome of Drew Galloway vs Chris Renfrew for the ICW Title at the Square Go, so I’m going to¬†hammer it home as hilariously as possible here. For me this match carries more importance overall than Jester vs Galloway did, because truth be told, a lot of people were ready for a new champion. A year is a long time in wrestling, especially as a title holder, and even if you’ve carried the belt with pride and represented the company it belongs to with nobility, the chances are folk are gonnae get bored. Wrestling fans are always waiting for the next big thing. That thing in ICWs case was big Drew. Continue reading

ICW Spacebaws – Bill Murray Strikes Back Review


Red Lightning sung the Big Shows theme at the end of this show btw. I forgot to put that in first time cause I’m a fuckin idiot, but it was AMAZIN. Anyway…aye…read the review.

ICW probably dont have a main roster do they? I mean, that’s WWE patter man. There’s nae main roster. Nae B-shows. Nae sports entertainment. None of it. Wrestling is all there is. Sure, theres a core group of senior wrestlers (and yes, by senior, I do mean “auld”) who are carrying the company forward. Performing up and down the UK, and getting wrist deep in each and every one of yer sisters, but that doesn’t mean the next generation don’t matter. That doesn’t mean you can just patch a Spacebaws show cause you wont miss anything anyway. See even if you’re not arsed about any of the wrestlers and the stellar work they do, that’s on you. You’re an idiot, but even then, you should still come to these shows regardless, because these shows have Red Lightning doing the thing he does better than anyone in this country still. Nae offence to Renfrew, who has been brilliant this year. Or Jackie Polo, who has his character down to a tee, but they’re both villains. They both hate us. Its nae fun being hated. Even if you can admire the promos for their content and delivery, naecunt likes being told they’re a dick. Continue reading