GPWA – Drew Mcdonald Fundraiser THIS FRIDAY

drewDrew McDonald was hugely influential in British Wrestling from the day he entered it until the day he died. Truth be told, I didn’t know British Wrestling existed until late 2012, and its taken me 2 and a half years to get up to speed with the current climate, but I do know that Drew was a big influence on many of the people I admire and enjoy watching today, and having read a lot about him and his work, I can understand why. Not many people who got into wrestling back in Drews day were lifers. Not many stuck with it when it was shite. Drew was connected to this business from the day he got in to it until the day he passed on and continues to have a presence after death. Even as recently as 2 and a half years ago he still had drawing power as a performer, as he and Wolfgang provided Grado’s first tag partners in his ICW debut. On most of the significant footnotes in British Wrestling history, Drew McDonald has some part in it, and he has left a mark on British Wrestling akin to few others, and his loss was felt by many on either side of the border.

As for the show itself, there’s no card announced but there are people announced. People who are awfy good at the wrestling. The GPWA trainers themselves (Wolfgang, BT Gunn. Red Lightning, Jack Jester and Lionheart) along with folk like Kay Lee Ray, Chris Renfrew Carmel Jacob, Liam Thomson, Mikey Whiplash, Stevie Boy, Davey Blaze, The Owens Twins, Dickie Divers and anyone else on the poster I haven’t mentioned. It’ll be good, there will be a raffle, and many great wrestling matches will be had. The raffle prizes include 2 tickets to the next BCW show (featuring Drew Galloway, Marty Scurll, Kid Fite, Davey Richards and other large men in wrestling gear) and two tickets to the next two ICW shows at The Garage, Spacebaws: Return Of The Jewdi (main even Kenny Williams vs Noam Dar) and Flawless Victory. So fans of wrestling matches and a right good raffle, get yer arse out the house and to Dennistoun for the show. If you aren’t a fan of raffles or wrestling, then you probably aren’t very good at being a human and should stay indoors to prevent anyone catching whatever awful anti-social disease you have.

GPWA are doing good things as well, so that deserves some recognition. A few pals have been at training since the first intake late last year and all have nothing but praise for the training and the personalised way in which every trainee is treated. While some might be intimidated by the initial 8 week “trial” period, to me that’s just an attempt to make sure you’re serious and not wasting your, or anyone elses time. Everyone learns at different paces so don’t worry about maybe not taking to it as quickly as others. As long as you’re not a pure helmet and you show a bit of dedication, you’ll be fine.

Sadly I can’t make it to the show personally on Friday, but I think you all should. Its the same night as a cracking SWA show in Govan tae, so at the very least, get yourself to a wrestling show. Honour Drew in some way by screaming your lungs out and having a good night at the wrestling. Even if you go to SWA, chuck a wee something in the pot for Drew. All funds raised go to Drews family.

If anyone who isnt terrible at writing and is planning to go to this show fancies reviewing it for the site. Get in touch either on twitter (@snapmarenecks) or the Snapmare Necks FB page. If you can’t write, I’ll likely tell you to bolt, but all I’m really looking for is passionate, honest writing. I’d very much like the show covered on the site as I was planning to go, so give me a shout if you’re up for it.


Tickers for the fundraiser can be bought at La Cala Bar and I assume if theres still room, there will be some on sale on the night. 


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