GPWA Drew Mcdonald Fundraiser Review (by Gordo)


I couldn’t make this show personally, but I wanted a review on the site so I opened it up to anyone who wanted to give it a go, and someone took the time. It sounded like a fun show, for a good cause so I thought I’d fire the review up and let yees all read about it. Cheers to Gordon Brown for taking the time to do it. 

GPWA Drew Mcdonald Fundraiser Review by Gordon Brown

So, here we are, after an hour and a half travelling I find myself outside a tiny looking Masonic Hall in deepest, darkest Dennistoun. Upon entering and being greeted by friendly staff, I find myself took back by a room larger and higher than I thought possible from the outside. After double checking I hadn’t walked into a Police Box and grabbing a pint, some raffle tickets and a seat I was now ready for the show to begin.

Aw whit, there was beer? Even more gutted I missed this now

First into the ring is GPWA trainer Wolfgang to explain that originally, tonight was going to be a show to raise funds for GPWA but once the sad news of Drew’s passing broke, they changed it to raise funds for his family. Classy move. He then introduced Peter Murphy, aka Conscience who spoke a bit more about Drew and what his passing meant to those that met him. Quite an emotional segment and one in which not the legend that Drew is, was emphasised. No, it’s his legacy we should be celebrating. So, after the wrestlers for tonight’s show surrounded the ring and a very sombre ten bells were rung out, the audience and wrestlers let loose one almighty roar of appreciation for Drew that it sounded like there was ten times the amount that was in the hall that night. Great start to the show.
And so, after Lionheart was introduced as the MC for tonight’s show, the first match was started.
Steve Xavier versus BT Gunn.

First surprise of the evening, Stevie comes out as a full on heel, a side to his personality I’ve never seen before. And boy, did he relish it. Old school heat from arguing with the kids in the crowd followed by a prank fall into the ring and the crowd were perfectly geared up to cheer on the hero for this match, BT Gunn. Whilst this is a side I’ve seen of him before as part of my youngest nephew’s favourite Tag Team, Just Uz (in fact BT was wearing a Just Uz t-shirt), I found it fascinating to watch, which was to me, Bucky Boys vs NAK but with the roles reversed. This was a great match to kick off with, both wrestlers giving it their all in a great mix of athleticism and comedy (a crawl under the ring by Stevie leading to proper Panto “He’s behind you!” yells from the kids). Two particularly close calls, first from BT missing a top rope dropkick followed by Stevie ‘s standing moonsault and secondly BT performing a hybrid Razor’s Edge from a top corner into a Go To Sleep stick in my mind and it was at this point in particular I noticed a big grin in my face. It wouldn’t leave me all night. BT picked up the win in a great contest that wouldn’t have looked out of place had I been watching it in The Garage. This was a great sign of things to come and immediately forced me to reconsider what I was expecting from this night.

Stevie as a heel. Interesting indeed. Could see him doing a superkicking wee heel turn on Davey. 

Lionheart is back on the mic to announce that £300 in cash was taken at the door tonight and was going to be donated to Drew’s family and thanked the wrestlers for giving up their time for free for tonight’s entertainment. Cue an interruption from the Bobby the Barman of Scottish Wrestling, Oor Prick! Your Prick! Everybody’s Prick! The evil menace that is Red Lightning!

Not one to give up his time for free he promptly snatches said envelope declaring it his fee for turning up and goes to leave, only to be stopped and challenged by Wolfgang. A deal is struck, if Lightning beats Wolfie, he gets to keep the envelope and proving that he’s supremely confident of being prick enough to win, Red Lightning accepts. Ladies, gentlemen and kids, your main event this evening : Wolfgang vs Red Lightning. At stake, the money raised for Drew’s family. It’s on.

I know Red’s a heel, but “I want the money going to the recently deceased legends family” is a villainous masterstroke. Scottish Wrestling isnt at its best without Red Lightning heavily involved being an utter wanker.
The Owens Twins vs Carmel and Kay Lee Ray

The Owens enter first in full on fan favourite mode, even inviting one lucky lad into the ring for a kiss on each cheek from them.. Next in we have the team of Carmel and Kay Lee Ray in leather studded jackets and Rammstein blaring, I lost my shit. Two of my top ten favourite in ring performers in a team together (yes, no doubt they’ve teamed before but I’ve never seen it) with my favourite band playing, there was no doubt in my mind who I’d be cheering on. Also of note is that even in a family audience the Pipebomb Princess manages a cracking put down “you two enjoy getting felt up by everbody!” as the referee is checking over the teams. A twerking contest is started by the Owens (right in front of me….) but ended by a double clothesline by team CarRay (trying it out, bear with me). This match had some brilliant back and forth tag action but there was only ever gonna be one winner. With a Gory Bomb combined with a DDT from Carmel, the Owens went out losers but it’s no slight to lose to a team that I honestly think would be capable of winning the ICW Tag belts on merit of ring action alone. Oh to see them batter Polo Promotions….
Next, and we have our first half main event. One which seems to leave Lionheart extremely confused as he read the intro card. Wonder why? Oh and it’s a title match for the Velour Championship….

I like this kid’s enthusiasm but that “CarRay” patter will not be tolerated. Nor will any encouragement of twerking in front of children, or any sort of slander aimed at Polo Promotions. But aye. Daein a good job so far. I feel like im there.

Liam Thomson vs The Electric Slipper, Bombastic Cassidy Songchoice Jr (Renfrew)

So, first in and being the nasty wee self-righteous Edinburgh native he specialises in being is the Bad Boy himself, Liam Thomson. A guy born to be booed even while putting on wrestling clinics and relishing every last second of it. And then, it’s the 18 Time Velour Champion himself, woolly gloves and hat clad and proud owner of the most prestigious belt in all of wrestldom, Bombastic Cassidy Songchoice Jr, the Electric Slipper. Who in no way resembles Mr NAK, Chris Renfrew.

It wis Renfrew. It is Renfrew. Its….Renfrew.

I lost it completely with this match, I have to admit. Genuine tears in my eyes . My first time witnessing the Electric Slipper in action but what a guy. From crawling under the ring to make a superb interception of Liam as he was running around the ring to blows that the entire audience and their future generations felt, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. From every near fall to the final Stoner, I mean Stunner, this match had it all. I could honestly watch this every day of the week and be as entertained as when I first saw it live. It was that good. But all good things come to an end, not the reign of the Champ however, no, that carries on thankfully and I can’t wait to see more of this chap whom I’ve never seen in action before. Ever. Honest. Look, it wasn’t Renfrew, alright?

I think it probably wis though.

With the bell ringing we have a half time break featuring some of the cutest wee munchkins ever pulling out the winning numbers for the raffle, prizes ranging from John Cena merchandise to a Drew McDonald t-shirt to event tickets generously donated by several Scottish Promotions. Yours truly being one of the lucky winners and I’m now going to be going to my first PBW event on March 20th, nice one.

I’ve never won fuck all at any wrestling show, apart fae someone getting me Noam Dars wrist tape in Edinburgh, and the new guy’s winning prizes? This is some bullshit. 
Once the break was over, back to Lionheart and it’s a Hair vs Goatee match.

Davey Blaze vs Dickie Divers

Just like his Bucky partner Stevie, Davey comes in a nasty guy playing to the crowds, however, he also comes in sporting the tightest Batman I’ve ever seen and, just like him playing nasty, a goatee I’ve never seen before….hmmm, wonder which way this is going to go? Then we have the man with the most recognisable face (and a freshly shaved one at that…) in wrestling, Dickie Divers! Another great match in which both guys showed their high level of in ring talent but it’ll be the finish that stays in my mind. In another piece of comedy and with the referee knocked down from being too close to the action both men were grappling over the ring bell that Davey had brought in to smack Divers. Divers managed to wrestle it from him but rather than hit him with it, he struck the ring to make the bell sound off then fell to the mat and started yelling in pain. Cue the referee getting to his feet, putting two and two together to get seven and a very confused Davey Blaze is disqualified for using a foreign object. I couldn’t stop laughing at this. With Divers holding him down Davey’s bum fluff was shaved off (by Louise Marshall) and now it was time for the Main Event of the evening.

Wolfgang vs Red Lightning.

This match was a clinic in classic heel vs face, the audience hooked with every move, yelling from the top of their lungs all the way, whether to cheer on Wolfie or put down Red Lightning. Again, and rightly so for the event, comedy was a strong feature with Lightning constantly messing with the referee by taking of the turnbuckle paddings to distract him as he went about his evil chicanery. Eventually as we reached the climax of the match all hell broke loose in a free for all featuring all the wrestlers and during the mayhem Lightning managed to walk out with the envelope held high. Not for long thankfully as an outraged Conscience dragged him back inside and threw him into the ring, one spear and a Swanton Bomb and it’s over, Wolfgang secures the donation money and we all go home happy.

Down with the dirty heels.

Genuinely great night start to finish, one which truly felt like a great send off to a man loved and respected by all involved and which even two days later, still puts a smile on my face as I was writing this out. Well done GPWA, well done.
Gordon Brown.

Enjoyed that Gordo. Vivid pictures were painted. The GPWA are doing some excellent things. Trainee’s happy and progressing well. Very good of them to donate the money to Drews family when it could have been put to good use at the school too, but they can always get the trainees to busk. I know one called Jamie that particularly likes staunin in the freezin cauld playing Mumford n Sons tunes on his acoustic guitar.

If you’re interested in starting wrestling training, or just interested in finding out more check out the GPWA Facebook page. Or the Source and PBW schools are also good. Whatever one’s the best choice for you, just get involved if ye fancy it and dont settle for pish schools cause its a 5 minute walk fae yer hoose.

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