An Interview With “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson


Liam Thomson is the type of guy you appreciate if you like your wrestling done correctly. Everything always works. Since splitting with Kid Fite and working as a singles wrestler pretty much everywhere, Liam Thomson has been arguably the most consistent wrestler in Scotland. Providing the perfect old school bad guy opponent for everyone from the jovial bumbag wearing Grado, to the scary as fuck bawbag kicking Tommy End. If there’s any justice with this wrestling carry on, 2015 will be the year Liam Thomson gets the widespread recognition he deserves. Every great journey has to start somewhere I suppose eh. So before he gets to taking over Scottish Wrestling one backcracker at a time, he answered some daft questions for us on everything from Carmel to Papa Shango.


Boring as fuck opener as usual. How did you get started in wrestling, and what made you pursue it as a career?

Well I’ll give you a boring answer then too! I’ve loved wrestling since I honestly think about three or four, me and my brother used to rent all the tapes from Global Video. I had wanted to be a footballer as well and I can remember specifically one day where I was playing for my club and it was the same day as Wrestlemania 16 and all I was thinking about was watching Mania that night, running about the field chasing after the ball blindly while I’m actually thinking about a McMahon in every corner (mind the 4 way match)! I remember getting shouted at a lot that day by manager haha! I must have played terrible…. couldn’t have cared less about the game ….so I think that was then that I was like “I’m definitely going to try and pursue wrestling”. Not sure what it is, it just grabbed me and I couldn’t get enough of it. It was probably Hulk Hogan that initially grabbed me when I was really young but then after I’d seen a few tapes it was Bret Hart that was my main influence. On a side note one of my earliest memories of wrestling is being at a friend’s house and seeing Papa Shango cast a spell over the Ultimate Warrior where he was like being sick and all that, you mind that one ?

You’ve teamed with Kid Fite for many years, most recently in ICW before your split and feud with him. How did you two teaming up come about, and how strange was it to work against him in ICW after so many years working with him?

Fight Club used to consist of Kid Fite and Judge Jimmy James and they were wrestling a lot down south at 1PW and I think that Jimmy James pulled out a show …think this was January 2008, I had been trying to get into 1PW for ages, as at the time it was one of the places to be, so Kid Fite gave me a call and I ended up filling in for Jimmy James against El Ligero and Bubblegum. Then a few months later Jimmy James quit so he asked me to team with him permanently and then it just went from there. We had many matches in the past outside of ICW so working against each other in the ICW environment was something I think we both probably wanted for a long time. We have great chemistry in the ring whether it’s teaming or going against each other so when you’re in there with someone you know so well it never feels strange.

I had a wee hunt for decent photos of Liam to use for this, and came across this absolute topper, I’ve nae idea what’s happening here, but it looks like the best time anyones ever had. 



I mean…whit’s the score here? Kid Fite looks like he mistrusts the photographer deeply. Liam looks genuinely angry at the belt. Boddington looks like the Road Dogg just called his maw a toothless ho, and The Road Dogg himself looks eccied out his tree. Stuff like this is exactly why wrestling is my favourite. 

You’ve combined with your partner and fellow wrestler Carmel in various promotions over the years, most recently in ICW, where you teamed with her to take on Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray. Were those matches as fun as they looked? and how much do you enjoy teaming with Carmel?

I loved the series of matches we’ve had with Stevie and Kaylee, over the years I’m not sure how many times we have worked together but it’s been a lot. Everytime we get in there against them we know it’s going to fun and the match is going to be good as we’re all working for the match and what makes sense for the match. Teaming with Carmel is like having the night off, anytime we tag together I know I’m going to have fun as we know each other so well a lot things we do can just sort of happen organically or we can just play off each other and have a laugh. I’ll never be more relaxed in a match than when I’m teaming with Carmel.

A wee breaking news story I suppose eh, although you’ll all have heard about it, but since doing the interview, Liam and Carmel have got engaged, and they’ll be happily booting folks baws as a MARRIED duo in the future. Here they are pointing at a ceiling and being menacing. Congratulations!


Since your run as PBW Champion, you’ve become more of a force as a singles competitor in Scotland. What is the goal for you in Scottish/British wrestling long term?

I never really want to ever look to far ahead, I love wrestling and as long as I love doing this I’ll keep doing it. Branching out a bit more around the UK as a singles wrestler is probably something I’ll try to do. Wrestling’s a funny old business as one minute you can think you’re doing nothing and nothing’s happening for you and then all of a sudden something can happen that can change everything whether it’s a standout match you have or an opportunity.

You are seen by a lot of people as one of the unsung heroes of Scottish Wrestling. Performing to a high level every time you step in the ring. How do you make the transition from being one of the underrated guys, to having a place on the card that your talent level deserves?

I’ll always do my job on the card that I am on, whether it’s in the main event or the opening match. I don’t think of myself as underrated maybe fans that have only seen ICW of the past 3 years will think that as I haven’t had much of the spotlight in that time…….but my time in ICW will come …..


Opponents wise, if you had to pick one, who would you say brings the very best out in you when you step in the ring together?

I think anytime you step in the ring with someone who is more experienced than you or is better than you is when you’re at your best, that’s how you get better in this business.

Scottish Wrestling has gone through a bit of a boom period over the past couple of years, and we now have more top quality shows than ever. How much have things changed since you first started wrestling, and do you now see wrestling as a potential full-time job as a result?

If some of us were able to go full-time it would be great and it would be a result of years of hard work. I’m trying to not take the great crowds we’re seeing everywhere just now for granted, as I remember when quite consistently the crowds wouldn’t be great at all, but at the time you went out there just as we do now. Having gone through times when the big crowds weren’t always expected makes you appreciate these great crowds we’re getting just now pretty much everywhere! In ICW , PBW, BCW,PWE its insane sometimes when I think about how popular wrestling in the UK is right now especially Scotland!

ICW are embarking on another UK wide tour, with debuts in Sheffield and Nottingham coming up exposing the promotion to new audiences. Why should folk shift their arses and get to a show?

Folk should shift their arses in the direction of an ICW show because you’re guaranteed for a great night out! If you’re a wrestling fan you will get great wrestling, if you’re not a wrestling fan you will enjoy the experience and be entertained and have fun! There’s no other experience quite like a live ICW show and when I say that I’m comparing it with all other forms of entertainment.

Apart fae caber tossing. Nothing compared to caber tossing. 

Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about, fire away. Upcoming shows you’re on, social media stuff…the new range of Liam Thomson name branded mechanical back crackers. Whatever ye like, the floor is yours…

Erm just the one really, check me out on Twitter @badboyliamt am nearing 2000 followers and it’s always been a goal of mine right throughout my life from when I was 6 months old to reach 2000 followers so if you could spare a second of your life and give me a follow that would be great. Also thinking of putting a t-shirt together ….but we shall see…perhaps a t-shirt with a picture of someone’s back and then next to it a cracker? ….back cracker….what do you think? I know I’d buy it, the question is would you?

I would, but I’m a massive mark for thebackstabber/cracker/snapper. We should do a tandem turtleneck jumper with “cracker” on the back and “snapmare” on the neck. Make that crossover money.

Big thank you to Liam for taking the time to do it. If you’ve had a dream from you were wee tiny baby like Liam has, help him fulfill his and follow him on Twitter eh. A man as talented as him deserves 2000 followers. It’s his destiny. Help him fulfill it, and follow @Smithycfc1 and @snapmarenecks while yer following folk. Or dont. I wouldn’t follow me if I was you tbh.

Last but not least, sincere congratulations to both Liam and Carmel on their engagement. Both were an absolute pleasure to deal with interview wise and seem like a couple of the most genuine people in Scottish Wrestling (sorry…kayfabe…they’re both dicks) All the very best to them both in the future.

Credit as usual to David J Wilson for the photos, and also whatever soul was fortunate enough to get that Road Dogg one. 

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