ICW (On Demand) – Liu Kang Wins Review (Dundee Show)

divedeeAye. This is a review compiled entirely of ICW on demand content, cause I was so irreparably skint in February that I couldnae afford to get to Dundee and back. As sad as that fact is, its important to remember that much like this review…it disnae fuckin matter. This shit was 2 and a half months ago and any relevance it may or may not have had has been completely wiped out due to the amount of time that has elapsed. Kinda like yer auld swimming and fitba trophies from yer younger years. Their relevance and your physical capability to scale such heights has been wiped out and replaced by greeting weans, high cholesterol levels and probably a touch of erectile dysfunction, but thats fine. Its all sound, because a merry band of men still travelled away up tae Dundee and done the wrestling regardless, and here are some words about that very time. Continue reading

Kayfabe Is Dead/Kayfabe Is Everything

pllloIts all a big lie really isn’t it? Pro wrestling is essentially an alternate universe where you need to believe in the whole concept of it for it to become real. Referred to as “buying in”, or “suspending disbelief” (or even “actually enjoying the show and not being an overly analytical fandan” if ye fancy) a fan has to leave their disbelief at the door and fully Continue reading

ICW Barramania Review


Every great mutiny needs a rebel. Continue reading