An Interview With Switch


Switch is eh………..aye.


These interviews tend to be with people. Switch is more of a nightmare in a boiler suit. Its hard to ask proper human questions to a walking dose of the fear so I approached this more like an experiment than an interview. Here are the findings……I mean eh, answers? Aye. I’m not entirely sure what this was, but it did happen.

Who is Switch? Tell us what makes you the way you are.

The way I am? You know people call me a freak, weirdo and psycho, but who’s to say I’m not the normal one and the rest of you are the freaks. My psychiatrist in the old Asylum, not the ICW one, told me I have a list of metal disorders a mile long. His name for me was patient 3875008, I didn’t like it, so I made him come up with a new name we decided on Switch, due to my “volatile behaviour”

What is your goal in Scottish Wrestling?

I have one of two goals and they are simple. To cause pain and fear or to cause joy and amusement wherever I go.

What is the teddy you bring to the ring all about? Whats the story behind it.

IT? His name is Flick, he is my best friend he talks to me during my matches telling me to do things I don’t think of myself. He has no moral limit he would have me hurt people till they cant go on anymore. He doesn’t like to be touched by anyone apart from myself.

Must admit. I’m slightly feart of you. Should I be?

Fear is a funny thing. You know it’s your body’s way of protecting you from unknown danger. Sometimes people develop a fear of unusual things like colours, numbers, blood and animals to list a few. When scared your body produces pheromones ether to fight the fear or run away from it.
so to answer your question yes you should fear me as you will ether run form me or if your unfortunate enough fight me.

Why have you picked pro wrestling as the outlet for the demons inside you? Couldnt you have been a cricket player?

My chosen attire wouldn’t fit in anywhere else, pro wrestling accepts people that are known as “different” it was hard work to get here but worth all the blood sweat and tears, and not all of it was mine.


What has your favourite match been to date?

My Nursery Crimes match with Euan G. Mackie in SSW has been my favourite match so far. It allowed me to become more violent and is the toughest fight I have been in.

Is there anyone you have your sights on in any promotion right now? Your next victim?

I have my sights on going further north, working for Rock n Wrestle I have noticed the further north I go the more “normal” I become. I would like to get my hand on WrestleZone and CPW but I don’t pick my victims I allow them to come to me.

At ICW Spacebaws you were manhandled by a similarly dark character in Nathan Black. Is there vengeance in store for him?

I know Nathan is just a Pawn in Mackie’s little mind games. He tried it on me once but after the battle royal I seen though it. I don’t want revenge on Black. Its Mackie I want.

Last but not least, tell us anything you like.

I will allow the “sane” side of me do this…
To anyone that is thinking about getting in to wrestling the best time to do it its now, PBW has 3 training schools, Barrhead, Airdrie and Greenock and is only £10 per session

A thank you to all the companies that have given me the opportunity to compete with them, PBW, BCW, RNW, RAD:PRO, ICW and SSW. Hope you all support local wrestling and enjoy the upcoming shows.


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