An Interview With Lou King Sharp – The Sequel (100% Sharper)

lou king

I consider people who don’t like Lou King Sharp to be untrustworthy souls. Not worthy of any time or attention. So when I found out my very own mother didn’t have a clue who he was, far less him being “ma maws favourite wrestler” I went in search of answers. How is the Sharp one not making the connection with my very own maw that he seems to have made with everyone else’s? Is my maw missing that gene that makes her incredibly entertained by a flying pair of purple/pink/orange/green chinos, or do they just need some time together to “bond”? Who knows.

You all know about Lou King Sharp by now (but incase ye dont, read the first interview we done) so I thought I’d check in with one of the brightest talents in Scotland for another wee chinwag. Below is that very chinwag.

Embrace it. Sniff it. Be it.

I’ve interviewed ye before. Nae need for any formalities, so first and foremost. Whats been happenin?

Living the rock n roll life style or in other words wrestling at the weekend and playing grand theft auto on other days. In all seriousness a lot has changed for me since the last interview I’ve learned a lot and I’m wrestling a lot more so been having a lot of fun and gaining some great experience!

In our first interview you spoke of your goals being to wrestle for as many promotions as possible. Do you feel you’ve met that aim? Are there any you’ve still to perform for on your radar for the rest of the year?

I certainly feel like I’ve achieved most of my goals as I’m writing this I’m in my bed after debuting for W3L where I had mentioned in the last interview that I would like to work. I’ve debuted for Pride and Reckless Intent where you can catch me at their upcoming shows as well as Wrestlezone where I have had the pleasure if working more than once now. I’m appearing more in the promotions I was already working for at the time of our last talk PBW BCW PWE and ICW and had the honour of becoming PWE tag champ and wrestling the young bucks at discovery! I managed to make my way down south to work with Great Bear in England and Vertigo in Wales so I’m more than happy with what I’ve managed achieve. My main goal now is to hopefully be able to work at places like PCW, Progress Attack and Southside down South and hopefully be able to make my way to some other countries as well!

Chris Renfrew seems to have taken a bit of an “interest” in you. Seemingly you earned a degree of his respect, but he still quite likes battering you. How do you get to a point where its more respect and less batterings?

I have a plan A B and C for dealing with Renfrew

A be sound with him and if he try’s his shite again punch his cunt in

B punch his cunt in

C punch his cunt in shag his maw and then be sound wae him

Hilarious answer and all good in theory, but it genuinely looks like Renfrew’s trying to drag LKS to hell in this photie. Hell is probably burny and sare.

stonerrrStevie Boy recently won the Zero-G belt. You recently lost to Stevie at ICW in Edinburgh. That probably means….something eh. Thats not really a question though. So….ye after that belt?

Every young wrestler is after the Zero G. I’m sure Kenny will be wanting that belt back and I’m sure Lewis Girvan will still be wanting his shot at the belt but the thing is they WANT it LKS NEEDS that belt to show Red Shitening that I’m not one to be fucked about I WILL be going for that Zero G title and I WILL be taking my spot on the main ICW roster!

My maws favourite wrestler is actually The Ultimate Warrior. I asked her who my favourite wrestler was the other day and she said “the its yourself guy” (incorrect) so I suppose what I’m asking is, how do you become my maws favourite wrestler? (without shagging her preferably)

First I’ll take her to the pictures, then I’Il take her for a McDonald’s where I will buy her a happy meal because smithy your mammy deserves the best! I’ll run her a bath! I WILL PUT RADOX IN THAT FUCKIN BATH!

A fair effort, but ma maw runs an excellent bath, so you’ll dae well to meet her standards. What we talking Radox wise here, salts or bath foam? So many questions. 

You had a wee spell wrestling in Denmark last year. Are there any other opportunities on the horizon for Lou King Sharp out with Scotland?

Denmark was a lot of fun and hopefully il be able to go back there at some point this year. I’ve got a few dates down south for The likes of Tidal,TNT Pro Wrestling Heros and Pro Wrestling Uk. I’m also starting to get booked in Wales now for Vertigo Pro and will be appearing for Royal Imperial at the end of the year. There has been talks about me going to some other countries but it’s still early days but you never know you might be seeing your mothers favourite wrestler pop up in mainland Europe and even outside of Europe soon!


You’ve had a wee twitter back and forth with ICW GM Red Lightning lately. Did you think that’s wise given the fact that he’s the man who could make or break you in ICW?

He’s not the guy who can make or break me. I will make me. I will take the opportunities that I know I deserve and if he try’s to get in the way if that then he can get a kicking trying. Red seems to forget that he’s old news he’s an old dog that just needs put down Scottish wrestling has a new mouth piece Red so take a back seat before you get put into one.

Did ye really shag his maw?

Rattled her rotten.

You’ve been at this wrestling caper for a wee while now. What has it taught you so far?

It’s taught me a lot if things about life in general and how to deal with things I don’t know where I’d be without it and I can’t thank everyone enough!

Last but not least. Tell us anything you want. Literally anything. Go fir it

Buy ma t-shirts eh?

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I usually do social media plugs an stuff here but he went and done it for me, so I’ll use this space at the bottom to share this hilarious photo of our Lou selling a forearm to the jaw by pretending to be dead. Probably so Noam didnae scud him again.

Maybe if I hing ma arm up in the air and pretend I'm deid, Noam Dar will stop scuddin me

Maybe if I hing ma arm up in the air and pretend I’m deid, Noam Dar will stop scuddin me

Cheers to the Sharp one for chatting with us again, and cheers to David J Wilson as always for the fine images.

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