Stevie Boy – A Champion Unmasked

half half

A mask doesn’t have to cover a person’s face. A mask is something which hides the true identity of the person behind it. Most of the time people are recognised by their face, so a traditional mask is the way to go. Sometimes people chose to hide behind other things. Maybe a brightly coloured tracksuit, and a skip hat perhaps. Or a one liner machine with a mic who makes your own voice insignificant. Or maybe a spear wielding brute who holds the other half of your tag team titles. Whilst Stevie Boy found success as one half of The Bucky Boys, there’s no doubt that he had outgrown it. When Davey Boy was out with injury and Stevie was left to fend for himself for most of the Magical Mystery Tour, it didn’t seem wrong. It seemed like the thing Stevie was born to do. The Bucky Boys shaped tag team wrestling in this country and that should never be forgotten, but much like Shawn Michaels outgrew The Rockers, and Bret Hart dumped the Anvil in the sea to bring The Hart Foundation to an end…..on occasion it becomes abundantly clear that one half of a tag team has progressed to a point where it no longer serves him to be in that tag team. The only way to cut the cord completely was to turn into something else. Stevie turned into two things. First, at the latest London show, Alex Kidd In London, Stevie Boy became a champion. Then at Flawless Victory in Glasgow, Stevie Boy hit a devastating Canadian Destroyer on his former brother Davey Boy, and Stevie Boy turned into a psycho.


There were signs that Stevie might have something a wee bit special from the very beginning. As early as the 2013 Square Go, where one of the Buckies would be handed a title shot, and the other would enter the Square Go. At that time most people thought it would be Davey. The bigger of the two, and perhaps the more eye-catching back then. He would at least be considered a legit contender for the belt. Instead it was Stevie who challenged Red Lightning for the ICW Title, and it turned into Red’s best match as champion. Red Lightning’s reign was characterised by pretty much everyone wanting his opponent to win, and it always seeming realistic that his opponent might take the belt from him, only for him to always sneak out with the belt somehow. The match was Stevie was a bit different, in the sense that absolutely no one thought Stevie could win it when the bell rang, but over the course of a 10 minute match, you started to believe. Or at the very least you were thoroughly entertained. A game of cat and mouse where the more rotund Red Lightning spent most of the match wondering where the fuck Stevie Boy was, as he came at him from all angles. Ultimately he wasn’t successful. Red retained and went on to break everyones hearts for another few months, but that was the earliest proof that Stevie might be able to do this on his own. Fast forward a couple of years, and with a wee bit of help from Kay Lee Ray, he emerges from a 6 man war as Zero-G Champion. Renfrew and BT Gunn also took Paul Robinson out of the equation and suddenly things start making more sense. Every current NAK member in the building that night all helped tip the odds in Stevie’s favour. The other half of the tag team he was actually involved in showed up at the end to share in the glory, but it was Stevie’s new brotherhood that helped ensure he emerged from that frenetic match with the gold round his waist and when Davey emerged to celebrate there was no shock on Stevie’s face. There was no emotional embrace between the two. It looked and felt forced. It looked and felt like it was only a matter of time until Stevie flew the tonic soaked nest.


The way he sold Kay Lee Ray scudding Davey in the baws and joining the NAK was another string added to Stevies bow. Pure and utter bemusement. How could his burd do this to him? Aligning herself with THEY bastards. That’s either a termination of the relationship, or at the very least an act that would lead to some serious discussions between the two. “Kay Lee hen, ye dae know Renfrew and BT have spent the best part of 2 years trying tae kill us eh? d’ye no hink its maybe a bit of a conflict of interests if you’re in their gang whilst bein ma burd?” but no such discussion was needed, because the look of bemusement turned into the look of the devil. A new Stevie Boy was born. A Stevie Boy that had seen the light. A light leading him into the darkness. One Canadian Destroyer later and the whole game had changed. Fuck the card. The ICW landscape was subject to change at Flawless Victory. With one devastating move, and two hands joined together to form an “N”, everything was different. Stevie Boy went from a guy who often felt like he was fending for himself, to a part of a family.

Anyone who reads these blogs will know how much I rate Stevie personally, but theres always been one thing missing. That wee bit of magic on the mic. That’s not to say Stevie was incapable of cutting a good promo, but his role in The Bucky Boys never required him to do so. They had a mouthpiece and for years it did work. Having the cheeky wee neds fronted by a comedian with a few beltin one liners, it all fitted. It fitted to the point where The Bucky Boys were seen as cohesive and dangerous enough to beat teams like The Sumerian Death Squad, The NAK and their first ever enemies, The STI (Superior Talent Initiative for any newcomers, a team that combined Dickie Divers and William Grange…gone but never forgotten) Make no mistake about it, as much as The Wee Man gave The Buckies a comedy edge, they were serious as fuck when it came to what happened in the ring. It worked for them as a tag, but Stevie on his own, even with a family behind him, needed a voice. Stevie needed to emerge from the shadows, and when he grabbed that mic at Spacebaws on Sunday, he showed the fuckin world, and anyone who doubted him that he had it all. He explained exactly why he turned on Davey. Yearning for the old Davey Boy, and accusing him of losing interest in the wrestling because he was getting his hole regularly. The thing that shone through in Stevie Boys words is maturity. When a relationship is on the verge of death, it’s usually the more mature half of it that has the balls to call it off. Stevie Boy knew the Buckies were dead. Stevie felt the pops for their entrance get quieter every time they emerged. Stevie knew that in order to fulfil his own potential, he had to make a difficult decision. There was no way the breakup could happen amicably, so Stevie literally Destoroyered his tag team, and ended one of the more significant chapters in ICW history to start a brand new one. Stevie Boy as Zero-G Champion, with the odds forever in his favour thanks to the New Age KLEEEEEEEEEEEEK (thats how you pronounce it eh? someone told me that right before his whole world came crashing down on top of him) he wont be dropping that shiny belt anytime soon. ICW belts don’t shrink to fit inferior waists, but there’s absolutely no doubt that Stevie’s waist has been ready for a long time. He might need to deal with Davey Boy’s wrath for a while, but he’s still one man. Unless he gets a squad behind him soon, he’s going to continue to suffer.

wee man

In Stevies case, its onwards and upwards. The mask is off. The gear is black. The destroyers are that wee bit more devastating than they were before. Here we fucking go, has become off they fucking went. Say goodbye to The Bucky Boys, and say hello to Scottish Wrestling’s worst fuckin nightmare. A Stevie Boy with a voice, an army and a shiny belt isn’t just the daft wee guy fae The Bucky Boys who jumps off balcony’s. That’s a Stevie Boy who’s coming for your main event spot.


Photo Credit – Warrior Fight Photography

Credit to David J.Wilson and Warrior Fight Photography for the photos

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