5 Reasons Why Mick Foley Should Do An Interview With Snapmare Necks


To tell the truth, right now there aren’t 5 reasons, but I’ll be damned if there isn’t 5 by the time I stop writing this. Mick Foley is my wrestling and life hero. The only human I put on such a pedestal, and that means a lot because I’m a Celtic supporter, and Henrik Larsson exists. This “article” is a bit of fun, but I will honestly say that I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t entice Mrs Foleys Baby Boay to give me some of his precious time when he’s over here for Fear and Loathing at the SECC. ICWs biggest ever show. I might collapse and die at his feet, but at least I’ll die doing the thing I loved….looking at Mick Foley…I mean eh……interviews. The thing I love is doing interviews…

1. Snapmare Necks does decent interviews

First and foremost, from a career standpoint, this would be a great move for Mick. Snapmare Necks have teamed up with everyone from Drew Galloway to Switch in order to bring you the best wrestling interviews on the planet. Not one, but TWO interviews with Lou King Sharp also. Everyone worth interviewing in the wrestling world has been covered, bar a lot of American dudes. I’m hoping Mick is the start of an influx of American folk doing these interviews. Assuming I don’t spontaneously combust with happiness upon meeting him.

2. I dressed as Mankind for Halloween when I was about 10. It was an extremely intricate costume. Its difficulty being an indicator as to my dedication to Foley.

Am I doing the list article thing right? I know the headings are supposed to be snappy, but I felt we needed more info there. The person who made the Mankind mask was a friend of the family who is no longer a friend, and even that can’t taint the memory of the time I strolled into my Primary School disco, in my maws brown leggings, my dads white shirt and tie, the wig and the mask and re-introduced myself to my classmates as Mankind. If I remember right, I did have a sock but for some reason there was no face drawn on it. Could be wrong there right enough, it was 15 years ago, but my dedication to Foley was strong. We were getting to the age where football was supposed to have completely edged wrestling out, and I glided into the gym hall in broon tights. Not a care in the world. Look at the photo. Look at the evidence right there.

Dont mind me, I'm just here to invade your nightmares and sprinkle thumbtacks all over them

Dont mind me, I’m just here to invade your nightmares and sprinkle thumbtacks all over them

3. I cried after Mark Dallas announced Foley was appearing at Fear and Loathing

Not at the time because crying in public is for girls and girls are stupid. But I allowed myself to think about it later, that music hitting, Foley stepping out and receiving the god like reception he deserves and I shed a few tears. The only time its acceptable for men to cry is when their dog or mother dies. That’s it. I broke this sacred rule for Foley, because the idea of him stepping out in front of 5,000 Scottish Wrestling fans to run an ICW show in my home city is just that overwhelming. Look at me being overwhelmed with my Cactus Jack t-shirt on. LOOK.


I took this ages ago and actually have a full head of hair now. Seriously mate. I just wore that t-shirt every day and all of a sudden I had hair. The power of Foley.

4. Snapmare Necks is Foley to the core

We do it differently here. Foley done wrestling differently than pretty much any other. We do wrestling writing in the same way. Using slang is a bit like jumping off a 20 foot cell, in the sense that its risky and might alienate a lot of people, but if you don’t die in the process you should probably keep doing it until you do. Or eh…..something.

5. I could die happy

Legitimately. No matter what happens to me in life from that moment on, if I got the chance to interview my idol and I did a somewhat decent job of it, I could die happy. It means that much. I haven’t been writing as much as usual lately, but everyone who follows this blog and knows my work will know that I work extremely hard to churn out these reviews, interviews and everything in between. I do so because I love pro wrestling, and I love writing about it. Without it I would be nothing. Without discovering ICW I’d still be down a deep dark hole of clinical depression without any sign of light coming through. Writing about wrestling gave me my life back and I learned that when an opportunity to do something that makes you happy presents itself, its unwise to turn that opportunity down. Some peoples life goals are loftier than mine. Some dream about making it to an elite level in something, be it sports or something creative. I do have ambitions beyond what I do now, but right now my only “dream” is to sit opposite my hero and ask him a few questions. About the moments he created that shaped the way I saw life in many different ways. I want to tell him that when he won the WWE Title when he didn’t have the physique or style that Vince McMahon traditionally favoured for his champions, that he made us all believe. Every guy that might look ordinary on the outside but has something extraordinary in them. That’s why he’s my hero. That’s why no one else comes close. That’s why I will do everything in my power to somehow steal a moment of his time when he’s over here, because how could I not? Interviewing Mick Foley to me is an opportunity to achieve happiness, and it would be foolish of me to ignore that opportunity. Fear is nothing. Fear and loathing.

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