ICW – Long Before Wesley Snipes (Wanyestock Night One) Preview/Predictions


Extremely difficult not to make this whole opening paragraph about William Grange coming back. More difficult than you could possibly imagine. This will perhaps be the last time ICW come to Maryhill, so there are more important things to discuss than Grange. Will the show do Maryhill proud? Will Divers make it to Shugs House Party 2 with his skull in one piece after Wolfgang gets through with him? Will Grange and Divers re-form and give Divers some much needed backup? See…even when its not about Grange, it actually is. It always is. Waynestock night one. Maryhill. A card full of wrestling, and a commentary booth full of Grange and Kirkwood. Cannae whack it. Grange. Continue reading