An Interview With The International Sex Hero….D.C.T

Photo Credit - Warrior Fight Photography

Photo Credit – Warrior Fight Photography

DCT might once have been considered a gimmick wrestler. Known mostly for having a tash made of pure charisma, and a penis made of raw beef and silk linens, but one thing DCT has been proving lately is that he is someone to be taken seriously in the ring. Since joining Jackie Polo, Mark Coffey and Coooooach Trip at Polo Promotions, he has stuck the number one contendership for the ICW Zero-G Title in his back pocket, and is coming off the back of one of the most engaging matches of the year in a valiant defeat to Chris Renfrew at Pride. The stock of the International Sex Hero has never been higher, and with impending nuptials with Viper at Shugs House Party 2 also on the cards you could say life is pretty sweet for DCT right now. We were actually supposed to meet to do this interview a month ago, but he was on his stag do in Prague, and got busy impregnating all of their eligible females. As his last gift to the world before settling down. So if you’re ever travelling round Europe, and you see a woman with beautiful blonde hair, stunning eyes, and a tash as thick as yer Da’s back hair, you’ll know thats one of DCTs gifts. And you should definitely try and fornicate with that person.

He eventually met with me yesterday, but I had to follow map co-ordinates and I found myself conducting my first ever interview underwater. In Bermuda.

Below is the interview bit of the interview.

Unusual man to ask, so hopefully the answer is a bit more international, sexy and heroic. But aye. How did you get into wrestling and what made you pursue it as a career?

Martin. How many times do you need to hear “I Googled a training school. I trained. I got booked after a while. At first I was rubbish, but then I got better.” Martin. Please.
Truthfully, I was at the Scarface hotel on Miami South Beach, smoking Cuban cigars, sipping on a Bahama Mama, a few days after Wrestlemania 28.I made the decision that I didn’t want to go to another show as a fan. The weekend I got back, that’s exactly what I did.

You became the number one contender for the ICW Zero-G Title, after overcoming Lewis Girvan at Spacebaws. Are you confident of bringing that particular piece of gold home to Polo Promotions? Does this mean we’ll see some scoop slams off the top rope in future? So many Qs

The Zero G title has been held by some excellent wrestlers, the most notable of whom being Polo Promotions’ own Mark “The Real Deal” Coffey. The division is notable for attracting high flyers and those willing to take risks. Frankly, I look forward to bringing some much needed gravity to the division. I’m currently 220lbs of raw sexual magnetism. Why on earth would I need to go to the top rope? When I face Stevie Boy for that championship my feet will be firmly planted on the ground when I scoop slam him 69 times. It won’t be easy as Stevie is exceptionally talented in spite of his poor taste in associates. I can personally guarantee that when we get in the ring together, I think everyone will be surprised

In the same weekend as that triumph, you also proposed to Viper and saw her accept that proposal. Tell us how you feel about seeing your love solidified in front of so many people? Was that the best weekend of your life to date? Only to be topped by the honeymoon weekend in Blackp-O O O-l

Viper saying yes was undoubtedly the highlight of my personal life, but the wedding at Shug’s Hoose Party II on July 26th and our subsequent honeymoon on Millport will certainly overtake it. It’s a sad day for so many ladies, but unfortunately, this ride is closing. Our love is a beautiful thing and Viper will forever be the snake in my grass. Consider me snakebit for life. I encourage you and your +1 to dress formally for the event. Hats and fascinators for the ladies, cummerbunds and cravats for the gentlemen.

Wait….I’ve got a plus one??? Wonder Melissa Joan Hart’s got plans. I hear she likes the wrasslin.



You had your first match in Pride Wrestling against Chris Renfrew, and both of you have changed considerably since. How much different was the match at Saturdays show (We Aim To Misbehave…Again) to that first one. Which I didn’t see, but I’ll venture a guess and say you got a bit of a kicking.

The first time Chris Renfrew and I wrestled it was my first singles match and I was completely out of my depth. I was rag dolled around Bridgeton and humbled. Fast forward 2 years and we’re beating the tar out of each other for 15 minutes. I’m bigger, more experienced and coming off of an 18 month winning streak in Pride. Renfrew has been touring the country battering everyone and taking titles, including the N7 Championship. There was no way either of us were backing down and that came across. Yes, he beat me again, but this time it wasn’t flat out domination. Renfrew put in an absolute warrior shift that night and left me battered and bruised. But frankly, I had him beat and I’ve got his number. Using Sweeney to break up the pin was a smart move. It’s not something I’d be above doing so I applaud him for it. The fact is, if I get another shot at Renfrew, I’ll be taking that lovely shiny title off his hands and going for a party in old Briggy Town.

Absolute stoater of a match. One of the best I’ve set eyes on all year. Here’s a photo of Renfrew hitting a big lariat, which was followed up by a belter of a lariat from DCT himself, courtesy of David J Wilson


Polo Promotions accepted you into the fold and you’re career has been on an upward curve since. Can you explain to us how being a part of the Polo Promotions family has changed things for you?

Look at where I was a year ago and where I am now. Then, I was nobody. Occasionally turning up at shows, shouting about my sex hotline (still operational at 69-69-0-0-0), getting battered and going home. Joining Polo Promotions has been beneficial for so many reasons. I’m surrounded by the best talent this country has ever seen. I’m coached by the best tactician in the business. When you look at us, you know we’re a team. We play for that purple jersey and we have each other’s best interests at heart. Then we go out and have a few brandies.

polooooo promotions

Pals bein pals. In sickness and in health. In triumph and in more triumph.

With you holding a Zero-G Title shot in your back pocket, and the current champion belonging to the NAK, is there the possibility of a bit of gang warfare between Polo Promotions and The New Age Kliq?

It’s a distinct possibility. Generally, we try not to worry about what the NAK are doing. Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo are at the forefront of a new division in the tag team ranks. I’m a singles wrestler. However, the fact that Stevie holds that Zero G title creates a lot of interest as it’ll be the first time that members of the NAK and Polo Promotions will lock horns. I’m not interested in any sort of gang warfare. Polo Promotions are a sporting franchise. If the two groups come head to head then so be it, but my main focus is taking on Stevie, one on one, and bringing the title home.

Calling yourself an International Sex Hero is big talk. Whilst the tash and raw sexual magnetism would indicate that you aren’t telling lies. We need more. Show us one at least partially nude photograph you’ve received from a woman from each continent in the world and we will officially rubberstamp this title. I realise this isn’t a question. A real question might distract you from the task at hand though. This is very important. 

Martin. If you need to ask for dirty pictures you’re clearly not ready to receive them.

Heartbreaking but probably true.

In SWA, you recently turned on tag partner Adam Carrell and helped Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey become SWA Tag Team Champions. Any word on that? Why did you do it? Did Muay Thai Guy screw Muay Thai Guy? 

MUAY TACHE BABY! What a shame. We had such a good thing going. Adam and I had a somewhat troubled relationship at times, but we always moved past any issues in the name of the Tag Team Championships. However, Adam put his hands on me one too many times. Can you blame me for retaliating? When I looked across the ring at Mark and Jackie, I knew the right thing to do. Adam is an extremely underrated talent, but evidently he isn’t the wisest. I didn’t turn on him. He ruined the team. It’s his fault. And now he’s ducking me at every turn. I’d be happy to wrestle him, but evidently he’s not ready to step in the ring with the Award Winning, Hammer Swinging, Headboard Ramming, Scoop Slamming International Sex Hero.

What are your ultimate goals in pro wrestling? 

My ultimate goal is to make so much money from wrestling that I can flip a table in a Michelin star restaurant, calmly walk over to the maître d’, slip him £1000, whisper “Sorry about the mess” and leave.



Last but not least, tell us anything you want. Plug your range of International Sex Toys for heroes. Plug an upcoming show. Tell us your favourite sandwich filling. Anything.

DCT will be appearing for SWA, ICW and Pride amongst many more promotions in the coming months. For all info and saucy pictures of DCT, click the links and enjoy. OH!

Many thanks to DCT for his valuable and thoroughly entertaining insights. Come to the wedding. Sunday 26th July. Dress code is tie essential, shirt optional.

Many thanks to David J.Wilson, Warrior Fight Photography and ICW for the photos. 

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