“Wrestling Is Fake” (by anon)

The person who wrote this didn’t want credit, so I will call that person A.Trialist and let him/her carry on the great A.Trialist legacy of many lower league Scottish Fitba games and friendlies across the globe.

Its good though. Read it.

“Wrestling is fake!” a term when used in the direction of a wrestling fan will raise deep-rooted feelings of resentment and anger. It will automatically send you into defence mode and push you to argue why that term is unfair. Why after all these years does this question still offend us so much? Why after we have openly admitted as an industry the ins and outs, the fact it is pre-determined and to a certain extent scripted do we still get so offended by the term “fake”.
Many would argue it is the physical toll it takes on the wrestlers bodies. The genuine physical sacrifice that comes with performing in a professional wrestling ring. The real injuries and broken bones. That is of course one aspect as to why people take great offence to the term fake but really I don’t think that is what offends us so much.

It is because professional wrestling to many produce real emotions. Joy, happiness, anger none of these emotions are faked by the fan who allows themselves to become engrossed in the action that takes place in front of them. Fans become attached to the wrestlers, the characters, they care about their well-being the way anyone does when enjoying a form of entertainment. Like becoming attached to a character in a movie that is later killed off, you feel a genuine sadness, real emotions, even though you know deep down that person isn’t really dead, you can feel an actual sense of loss.

Wrestling can touch people’s lives, make the kids who maybe don’t have a lot of friends escape their world and live through these larger than life super heroes. Wrestling can create a community, a group of people who come together as one to support something they love. People make genuine REAL life friendships based on their common love for professional wrestling, these are not fake friendships they are as real as anything in this world. Wrestling is a community, not a fake community, but a real community.
The action in the ring maybe pre-deteremined but the emotions they create in the people who enjoy it are not, that is really why people take such offence to the word “fake”. It is the belittling of something that makes you feel real, makes you feel alive. Watch a kid jump out of his seat with joy screaming his lungs out when John Cenas music hits and tell me he faked that reaction. Tell me the look of admiration in the eyes of a fan when they meet their idol is faked.

Wrestling maybe “fake” but the way it makes us feel isn’t, that is why we will always defend it, because it is something we care about so deeply, and that is about as real as this life gets. If you get offended when someone calls wrestling fake, you should be happy, because you have something inside you that should be admired, the ability to stand by your convictions, the ability to enjoy what this life gives you, you have real emotions inside you, and if “fake” wrestling makes you feel something real, then embrace that feeling. Wrestling might be “fake” but you make it real.

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