Noams last stand? I stand with Noam


I woke up this morning with nervous belly. Like I used tae on Old Firm game days, or days that I knew ma maws pal Betty would be chappin my windae at 4 in the morning lookin for her hole. Both those situations created nervousness because of the potential repercussions. If your team loses an Old Firm derby, the following day is barely worth having. Newspapers and social media are avoided as you enter a bubble consisting of weird Japanese cartoons and Tunnocks Caramel Wafers. The same sort of depression follows shaggin yer maws pal Betty. Life’s never the same once Betty’s had her gums roon they plums, and I suppose if im approaching a point here, the point is…I woke up with nervous belly today because the repercussions of today are perhaps even more monumental than those awful things. This might be Noam Dar’s last day in ICW. Tonight might be the last time we see him grace the ring with his eclectic style and cheeky smile. With his suicide divin’ n his jookin n jivin. Imagine waking up tomorrow in a world where Noam Dar is not on the ICW roster. Imagine how heart sick you’d be. Its enough to make ye put Tyler Bate’s boot in yer gub.


The first Scottish Wrestler I seen perform live was Noam Dar. It was him vs Wolfgang at ICW Super Smokin Thunderbowl and I dunno if its because it was the start of me becoming immersed in our own wrestling scene, but I’ve always had a wee soft spot for them both since then. I mind Noam was a cheeky wee heel, probably calling us all virgins that needed a hairdo that goes in 15 different directions like his used tae. Wolfgang came out and got leathered by James Scott, and I daftly assumed him and Noam were a tag team because they both looked like backing singers for a 90s boyband. They weren’t a tag team and I’d be lying if I said I remembered who won the match but it left an impression. There was something about Noam even back then when he was trying to be a wee dickhead heel. This can’t be where the journey ends. Its too soon. He’s still only 22 (so’s Paige btw, if ye ever feel like scum cause yer in yer mid 20s and you’ve not achieved anything close to what they have at 22…you’re correct, you are scum, get a fuckin job loooooser) and as terrifying as the prospect of losing him is, I present another, less awful scenario to you. As much as I’m fully prepared to greet my eyes clean oot my heid if Noam loses tonight, I reckon win, lose or maw. This match will make Noam Dar’s career in ICW.


For me the only thing that’s stopping him being one of they upper echelon, gettin title shots and battering big name imports all the time, guys is a moment like this. A moment where every single body in The Garage is in there for him. Fuck yer Label. Fuck majority owner Red Lightning and his endless crusade to ruin Noam’s life. We stand with Dar because look at the photo at the top of the page. Drew Galloway is already the best independent wrestler in the world, and he’s flanked by a guy who held the ICW Title for over a year, AND the current owner of the company. Who’s Noam flanked by? Naecunt. Grado’s away cuttin about CM Punks gaff. Kenny Williams is busy gettin his jaw re-arranged by BT Gunn and Stevie Boy, so he’s a lonely wee Noam so he is. Or he would be if it wasn’t for us. Fans. This is where fans CAN make a show better, because with us pulling for the cheeky chappy wae a bigger dick than Dappy, the place will be ELECTRIC the night. ICW is a family full of eccentrics. We’re no ready to part with Noam Dar yet. We need more time.


So pour everything you have into this. Shout loud. Make signs. Get “Fight Dar Fight” tattooed on the underside of yer baws. Kiss the wrist (not hand). Part yer legs ever so slightly, and lock your hands behind your back. Get up that second rope and salute your people. To get behind Noam Dar today, we must become Noam Dar. We stand with you Noam san. Overcome they odds and bring that big bastard to his knees. I suspect that IF Noam does lose, his comeback will be spectacular but that thought is worst case scenario. Like that Nesquik banana milkshake powder ye accidentally bought in Morrisons when ye done the big shop, put that shit on the shelf and forget its there. Focus on being the driving force behind Noam’s resistance. Because as much we’d be absolutely nae help to Noam individually when he’s up against a 6 foot 5 beast of a boay, flanked by a couple of his devious pals, as a unit we can make a difference. We can create a noise that gies Noam a wee tingle down below and gives him the unbridled energy to take the giant down.

This can’t be Noam’s last stand, because Noam’s last stand should be in front of thousands. Noam’s last stand should be when he’s auld and grey, cutting a promo about how much the support over his 25 years in wrestling has meant to him and all that sentimental shite. A bit of patter about his numerous reigns as ICW Champion, starting with when he won it on the first edition of ICWs weekly TV show, and ending with his final reign when he prized it from the hands of some wee dafty who probably hasn’t even been born yet. Noam’s ICW career will have peaks and troughs. It’ll have moments you CANT forget and I believe tonight will be one of those moments. That moment where he overcame seemingly insurmountable odds and wrote himself into ICW folklore. Even if its the other thing and we need to wave goodbye to Noam for now, we’ll do so with a tear in the eye, and pride in the heart. Knowing that WE stood with Noam.


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