Wrestling Is Supposed To Be Fun

No really sure where this is going. Irreparably hungover from Mania shenanigans and that but I just saw a guy actually complaining about Austin giving a stunner to Xavier Woods, as if Austin had buried him and it was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back. Fuck sake. Its a stunner. Seen a video of him stunnering literally everyone on the roster a few years ago and funnily enough their careers all recovered. Because its a fuckin Stunner.

People are entitled to their opinions and if you think a show is bad then by all means say that. If there was specific things that weren’t to your taste or whatever, say it. I’m not saying people should just pretend everything about every show is great, but for fuck sake, when it gets to a point where things like Austin giving out a stunner or 10 is a problem, you’re watching a totally different thing from me. If Austin, Foley, HBK, Rock and Cena appearing pretty much for the sake of having them appear irks you, you’re doing wrestling wrong. They are legendary figures and their bits were FUN. This shit is supposed to be fun. An escape from reality. The people who work in wrestling are the only ones who should concern themselves with wrestling being THEIR reality and dealing with the real life pitfalls of it, but the amount of chat I’ve seen today about booking decisions, and why they’re wrong would make yer heid spin. When did it stop being sound to let go and get invested as a fan instead of over analysing absolutely every facet of the show? I don’t get where the joy in being a wrestling fan comes from in that situation. Its like everyone wants to do a bad Dave Meltzer impression (leave that tae idiots like me who waste their existence writing about this shit in a much less financially rewarding capacity eh? cheers) instead of just WATCHING THE FUCKIN WRESTLING.

Yesterday I seen two very good wrestling shows. Both had their flaws, but for me both exceeded expectations. If I’m picking out the stuff I specifically didn’t like about Wrestlemania I’d say the ring clearing so Shaq and The Big Show could fight at the start of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal bothered me the most, purely because the guys in the battle royal are clearly the ones just thrown on the card for the sake of it for the most part and for them to have to dwell outside while a retired basketball player has the Mania spotlight irked me a bit. That was pretty much the only “booking decision” I didn’t like but even at that, its not the first time WWE have done such a thing with a celebrity and it won’t be the last. The only match I felt that fell short was Lesnar vs Ambrose but did it really? If Brock Lesnar fought Dean Ambrose in any kind of real life situation it would probably go a lot like that match did so its hard to argue with Brock pretty much battering him, but I wish Ambrose was given a wee bit more. That’s just personal preference shit though, I don’t expect WWE to cater to me and that’s where I reckon some wrestling fans have it twisted as fuck. Wrestling is a never-ending story and that story can change in an instant. People seem shocked that this is the case and its just completely and utterly baffling to me. Its never been any different but the existence of the internet makes it difficult to avoid folk whinging about it. Barramania was compelling, and the only thing I didn’t like was it running to a time that made making it home in time for Mania a doubt. But again. That’s a personal gripe and ICW are under nae obligation to end a show in time for you to see a different companies show on the same night, and I needn’t have worried anyway as we made it home with 3 minutes to spare. Enough time for a quick shite or a really long wank. The show itself was fuckin good. Cunts took risks so you’d be entertained by it, and I’ve always found this “WE NEED MORE” mentality in wrestling fans a wee bit off putting. Similar to when folk actually chanted “let Joe bleed!” during NXT like they have the divine right to influence a decision that could cause another person real health issues. Aye just let him keep bleeding into his eye. I’m sure that’ll be sound.

Point is (there is no point) just fuckin enjoy it. Its wrestling. Last night a multi-millionaire jumped from 30 odd feet in the air through a table purely to create a moment you’d remember. It was perhaps the least logical thing I’ve ever seen in terms of the risks of doing it and the potential rewards for Shane, but he done that shit anyway because as much as we all love it, wrestling is pretty ridiculous. That WHY we all love it and discussing it like its the fitba or something takes all the joy out it for me. If you really think you’d be that much better at it, be a wrestling promoter. Book a show. Don’t be a shitebag. You have all the answers after all. Should be a piece of piss. Or maybe just let the folk employed to do it continue to do their job. Here’s a couple of guys with their baws oot. What did you make of this booking decision? Would you have booked it baws in? Comment with an answer and I’ll be sure to read and shake my heid at it. x



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