An Interview With Aaron Echo


“Guys! If I had 4 apples in ma left haun, and 6 and a half apples in my right haun, how many apples in total wid Aaron Echo ultimately huv?”

Most of the interviews I’ve done have been with guys who were around long before I started writing about Scottish Wrestling, so Aaron Echo is a wee bit different as I actually witnessed his debut with my own two eyes at PBW Academy Attacks 2. In fact me and my pal sat directly behind a vociferous Aaron Echo fan club, which makes it all the more baffling how in the name of christ I managed to get his name wrong, as I initially had it down as “Adam Echo” before being corrected by his trainer and PBW owner Kid Fite. Even if his name somehow didn’t stick, one thing that definitely did was the level of talent he had. Of the débutantes that night he was undoubtedly the pick of the bunch. Physically imposing and impressive in the ring. Carrying on the legacy of deceptively agile guys on the Scottish scene who look far too big to be flying about the ring like Rey Mysterio uptae his eyeballs in gear. Since that night Aaron Echo has come on leaps and bounds, making a huge impression in PBW and making his debut for ICW in the final ever show held in Maryhill. The significance of someone being given the honour of making their first appearance in that iconic venue shouldn’t be underestimated and represented a faith in Echo, and faith in the judgement of his trainer Kid Fite that not many people are afforded. Put simply, Aaron Echo is one of the best emerging talents in Scotland, and manages to stick out during a period where there are more emerging talents to choose from than ever, so sit back, light up a big ol cigar, pour yersell a nice single malt and absorb this interview with the bold yin. Anyone out there wondering what the fuck a Rich Kid of Instagram is? That’s why we do interviews guys. To solve these mysteries for you, the reader….and maybe a wee bit for me as well.

I usually ask about folks’ early experience in wrestling in these interviews. First match and all that, but I actually seen your first match with my very own two eyes at one of the first Academy Attacks shows. I reviewed the show and referred to you as “Adam” Echo before Kid Fite corrected me. So first and foremost, sorry for calling ye Adam mate, and secondly, what do you recall of that first match? Were ye heavy shittin it beforehand? Also feel free to correct me if that wisnae yer first one and you have a story about wrestling Bruno Sammartino in the Garden.

Haha ‘Adam Echo’ I remember it well. It’s never too late for a name change is it?! I was ridiculously nervous before my first, as I am with very match I have. Having 50 of my friends and family there was stressful, making sure I never let anyone down or fell out the ring haha! Having that many people there to support me in living out my dream meant a lot. My Mum and Dad are continually supportive of me doing it and my friends at Clydebank Rugby Club are forever showing support and an interest in my wrestling. The biggest thing for me from my debut was the fact my Grandpa was there to see me, he was always very supportive in me chasing my dreams and he was my biggest hero. Unfortunately he passed away in January 2015 and every match I’ve had since then he is always on my mind before I go through that curtain

You made your debut for ICW in Maryhill against your trainer Kid Fite.fito7 Tell us a wee bit about that experience and getting to go up against someone who has influenced your career so much? He must love going up against folk he moulded and getting to toe their baws but at the same time it must be a buzz for you to get to batter the guy who probably gave you your first chop.

ICW debut for me was a great experience, wrestling for one of the hottest companies in th UK and wrestling not only my coach but a very close friend in Kid Fite. I was wrestling in Seton Sands during the day and got stuck in traffic on route to Maryhill so I was mega stressed out. The match itself was a really enjoyable match for me and a memory I’ll cherish for a long time.

Your second match in ICW was a cracker against Kenny Williams, then it took a wee while before the third one came along. Any particular reason for that and do you reckon this Rich Kids of Instagram malarkey will help establish you as a regular? 

No particular reason, ICW has such a big talent pool to select from throughout Scotland and also have wrestlers in America and England that come in to keep the product fresh and new. I can only hope that I do enough in my chances in ICW to help establish myself as a regular, fingers crossed I’m able to do that.

It might have been “dark” but the match with Ravie Davie to open the FNFC taping a few weeks back was hugely entertaining. Echo’s no nonsense boot yer jaw aff yer face demeanour up against the patter merchant who can also do mad moonsaults is the mesh of styles wrestling was invented for. 

This is more for my benefit as an auld cunt (27 is auld eh? Who the fuck knows) but whit in the name of fuck is a rich kid of Instagram? Explain it to me as best ye can.

Haha! I’ve been asked this one a few times. ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ is basically like your stereotypical daddy bought me a yacht, never worked a day in my life and I wipe my arse with 100 pound notes type of person

PBW is where you trained and where you’ve wrestled most, what do you reckon sets PBW apart from other training schools and promotions in the UK? Do you still go in for “training” or are you past that now and you’re going to be one of the established folk that runs seminars and stands in the middle of the group photie thinking to yourself “these rookies are fuckin shockin, its called a hip toss for a reason, and none of these wee fannies are using their hips at all” 

The Premier British Wrestling Academy has helped develop some of the best wrestlers in Scotland, guys and girls like Noam Dar, Davey Blaze, Stevie Xavier, Kay Lee Ray and Kenny Williams among others. The talent produced shows how good a wrestling school it is. Yes, I still train. I have loads of things to get better at and loads more to learn. Hopefully I’ll be good enough one day to be that guy in the middle of the group photo. for anyone who maybe fancies trying the wrestling out!

What’s the short term goal for you in terms of Scottish Wrestling? Any promotions in particular you want to get a foot in the door with, or just get seen as much as possible and batter as many folk as possible?

Main goal is to continually get better and develop my character throughout Scotland working for as many companies as possible. Scotland has so many good companies and some excellent wrestlers for people like myself to learn from.

Favourite opponent so far? That could either be your favourite match so far, or your favourite opponent in general, or both. echo2
Favourite opponent for me so far has to be BT Gunn, easily the most underrated guy in the UK! (could agree more big yin – cheap plugMy favourite match was either vs BT Gunn for PBW or vs Kenny Williams from spacebaws in August. I’ve wrestled Kenny Williams so many times and nearly for every promotion I’ve worked for. It’s a running joke between us that we can’t work on the same show unless we wrestle each other.

Anyone on the scene in Scotland/UK that you haven’t wrestled yet and think “me and that cunt would tear it up”?

If I had to choose 3 guys from the UK scene that I would want to wrestle it would have to be Rampage Brown, Mark Haskins and Joe Coffey. 3 of the best in Europe this day day and it’s a shame they aren’t on TV and being seen by so many more people.


“Here mate, I think there’s chuggy on my shoe, want tae help me get it aff…with yer jaw”

Were you a fan of wrestling growing up, and if so who were your wrestling heroes? If you weren’t a fan just dingy this question and talk about anything ye like. Fitba. Darts. Sandwiches. Whatever you fancy.

I’ve been obsessed with wrestling ever since I was 2, my mum and dad bought my brother wrestling figures for Christmas and he wasn’t the least bit interested in them. My dad would take me to wrestling shows all over the country even though he has no interest in wrestling at all but as I said him and my mum couldn’t be more supportive in me chasing my dream as a wrestler. Growing up I was a massive Hogan fan, still am haha. Only dressed up as him the 3 times for Halloween. I had always had on my head that I wanted to be a wrestler, I had messaged the PBW academy one year before I started training. I watched the Nigel McGuinness documentary and it was him that inspired me to finally get off my arse and get out and chase it. If it wasn’t for him maybe I wouldn’t have started, who knows?! I was lucky enough to be able to attend a seminar with him and learn from a guy that I admire greatly. Such a shame that he had to retire, that would have been my ultimate dream match
Last but not least. Where’s Aaron Echo going to be in 10 years? WWE? NJPW? Centre-half for Real Madrid? What’s the long term goal for you in wrestling? What do you want out of it? 

Aaron Echo in 10 years time… Honestly I want to, firstly, still be wrestling and still having fun and enjoying myself. If you don’t enjoy doing something is there really much point in pursuing it anymore?! As far as where I’ll be, not too sure, hopefully competing at a high level and still being kept busy doing what I love! You can keep up to date with all things Aaron Echo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter: @aaronecho_
Instagram: aaronechouk

Cheers as always to David J.Wilson for the photos used. And of course cheers to Aaron Echo for his time. Get out and see him do the wrestling at a PBW, ICW, SSW or any show he might be on in a toon near you. He’s really good. Although I still reckon Adam Echo is a better fit name wise don’t you? Naw? Fine then. Bolt. Article’s done anyway. No more words for you. 

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