trenttSome people in life were born to upset the natural order of things. Not content to wait in line for their shot. Trent Seven is undoubtedly one of those people. When he made his ICW debut in a blistering encounter against Mark Coffey around 2 years ago, his talent stood out from the word go. A man who could stand toe to toe with the best strikers in the game and stick with them every step of the way, often getting the better of them with an apparent immunity to pain on his side. He bedded in to the company with a forearm war against a guy known as “The Power Forward” on his first night; Evidence enough that he could hang with the very best, but who would have thought back then as ICW stand on the verge of their biggest show that he would be the man challenging for the ICW Title in the main event? Perhaps only the man himself, but Trent went out and earned that spot after a string of outstanding performances, including a valiant attempt at taking the title from Big Damo in one of the standout matches of 2015. After that he recieved a glowing endorsement from his main foe in ICW, former ICW Champion Mikey Whiplash at Shug’s House Party 3, and he has since earned the opportunity he was clearly due. He hasn’t backed down from the big bad Wolf in the slightest either. In fact, he’s got the better of Wolfgang much of the time they’ve come face to face, but none of those occasions occurred inside a steel cage.  None of those occasions had Wolfgang’s World Heavyweight Title on the line.

Wolfgang was already an intimidating man before he embarked on his current prolific run of knocking people out with an iron fist, but his track record in steel cage matches makes this all the more a dangerous prospect for Trent. This is a man who literally hung his own cousin from the top of a cage and he was still a good guy who came out to Hungry Like The Wolf at that time. This version of Wolfgang inside the same structure facing an opponent who isn’t a relative? A dream match for Trent could become a nightmare very quickly. Its easy to get caught up in Trent’s story and root for a guy who went out and risked everything in each and every match he had to earn the right to be in the main event at The Hydro, but don’t let the scowl he aims at the crowd every time he comes out to detract from Wolfgang’s own story. Glasgow born and bred and with ICW from day one, he steps out at the main event of perhaps the biggest show in European wrestling history as the the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. In Wolfgang’s eyes this is his fairytale, and if it has to end with him ripping Trent’s beautiful beard off his chin, that’s just how it’ll have to be.


Trent had to contend with his fair share of knock backs on the road to The Hydro, which must make the position he finds himself in all the sweeter. Co-owner Red Lightning seeming content to allow Trent to steal the show night after night for the company without reward, he was given no choice but to bow to immense pressure to give Trent his title opportunity. Red has made considerable efforts to make life as comfortable as possible for his champions. Recognising the threat Trent Seven poses to The Black Label’s monopoly on the richest prize in ICW, Red made every effort to keep his champion away from the man who inflicted a rare pinfall defeat on Wolfgang at the June 19th Fight Club taping. It was only when he had little choice in the matter that he gave in to the demands of the considerable following Trent has built in his short time in ICW; As Trent had Wolfgang tied in the ropes with vicious intent, Red decided to save his champion from any fatal damage and granted Trent his match.

A year on from perhaps the lowest point in The Black Label’s short history, when Grado took the title from Drew Galloway in front of 4,000 strong at the SECC, Red Lightning once again sees his champion in a much more dangerous match than he’d have wanted to if he had his own way. While Trent doesn’t have a Mick Foley on his side to provide timely back-up if Red does try to get directly involved, he does have a crowd that will be overwhelmingly on his side and plenty of allies in the locker room who wan’t to see the ICW Title wrestled out of The Black Labels deathgrip once again. Wolfgang will have his work cut out for him on a night where The Black Label will understandably have eyes elsewhere with the Team Dallas vs Team Black Label match looming large. The outcome of that perhaps having a huge part to play on just how many allies Wolfgang himself can count on if things start to go a bit Pete Tong.

While having a bit of insurance behind him would be a valuable thing for the champion, there’s no doubt ideally Wolfgang would love to derail the Trent Seven bandwagon all on his own and he’s certainly capable of doing so. A performer who has a reputation for rising to the big occasions, there will be no bigger occasion than this in Wolfgang’s career. Even if ICW continue to grow and end up running bigger shows, in front of bigger crowds, he will always be the man who walked out for the main event as champion on the show where the company cemented its place at wrestling’s top table. A special moment for an iconic figure in the company. The biggest obstacle standing in his path is simply a guy who is seemingly indestructible. Having somehow survived numerous wars with Mikey Whiplash, the bear shaped torpedo known as Damo who had to do everything short of kill Trent just to pin him, and everything in between. Wolfgang probably has too much for 99.999% of wrestlers to withstand inside a steel cage but Trent might just be the guy who can take everything he has to throw at him, and return it in kind. Not content to follow the crowd and wait behind everyone else for a shot, Trent Seven has provided so many shock and awe moments since his debut. The biggest of them all could come at about half 10 on Sunday night when he holds that title aloft in front of the biggest crowd in ICWs history.




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