An Interview With ICW Women’s Champion Kasey


The rise of Kasey has been the result of nothing but hard graft. As much of a cliche as it can be, in this case it’s just the truth. There’s scarcely a more satisfying thing as a wrestling fan than seeing someone who’s properly given it everything finally getting somewhere significant and the recent haul of pretty much all the belts tells you all you need to know about Kasey’s work. The Shug’s House Party 4 weekender arguably belonged to her, or certainly her performances took her to the next level. Two hugely significant, not to mention very different victories over one of the best wrestlers in Europe in Kay Lee Ray showed any remaining doubters that on her day Kasey is just as good as those regularly making an impression all over the map. The fact that those two victories won her the ICW Women’s Title says that one of the top independent wrestling promotions in the world trusts her to lead their Women’s Division. Nae mean feat considering the other Women given that accolade have been recently featured in The Mae Young Classic or exist currently as the only member of the ICW Hall Of Fame. Kay Lee Ray, Viper and Carmel are all part of the brickwork at ICW now and Kasey will be hoping this run as champion puts her on the same level.

Seemingly she’s going to get to that level by kneeing people with vicious force. Is there any better way? Read the interview. Not conducted upside down despite the photo at the top. It’s just a cool photo, please don’t mistake it for how Kasey usually is. She’s only upside down like 20% of the time. Usually trying to break her opponents arm on the ropes.

You came into ICW in 2013? Its been around 5 years now and a lot has changed. Leading to the success you’ve had recently. How would you describe your own journey in ICW and the point its at today? 

The journeys certainly not been a straight.line thats for sure.
Debuting for Fierce Females and speaking to Dallas after about potentially debuting for ICW was quite exciting. It was Leah that introduced me to it as he had heard of the company through The British wrestler Vice documentary. We both wanted to wrestle for ICW from moment we watched their footage on YouTube. We sporadically had matches and appearances here and there for ICW over the coming years but nothing seemed to click, so I focused more on training and becoming a singles wrestler in the company as it was becoming apparent Leah was wanting to move on to other things.
I regressed a little to working merch and doing ring crew etc so I could watch the matches and the shows and learn something that way. 2017 as really been the year I have been able to come into my own and showcase what I have learned thanks to great matches with Kay Lee and Viper and the various multi womens matches.
Its not been an easy one but one that taught me that although things aren’t happening as fast as you like it, continue working hard and putting your head down and good things will come.

Having won the ICW Women’s Title on the Shug’s weekender, beating Kay Lee Ray twice, momentum is with you. What do you think you can do for the title as its champion, and what do you think the title can do for you?

How crazy is life. 42 seconds changed everything for me and validated all the work I have been putting in for the last 5 years to reach the top.
Hopefully I can represent the Championship with to the high standard that it has been held previously. To me this Championship represents all those shows that I sat ringside watching Kay Lee and Viper put on amazing matches and that I could now possibly be considered good enough to represent the company.
This Championship means so much to me and I won’t give it up without a fight. I fought too long and too hard for it to be taken away from me. Its easily recognised as one of the top women’s championships in the UK and I am honoured to be holding it.


Being champ almost instantly paints a big target on your back, probably saying “kick me” underneath it. As Roxxy’s sneak attack last night and Jamie Winters taking shots at you on the mic proves. How do you feel knowing every female on the roster is coming for you, and on a wider scale, every female in independent wrestling? You up for battering them all?

Bring it on. The only way to stay on top is to keep ahead of the competition and I welcome anyone to come and try. I am a fighting champion.
After all I am a little bit crazy. They just need to remember one thing I will do anything to keep my Championship.

Reading between the lines, that means she’s willing to murder and disembowel anyone coming for that shiny belt. Back aff. Unless you’re into being murdered and not having organs anymore.

The promo you had on the most recent ICW show was brilliantly done. Very well put across. Is that a side you’ve been putting lot of work into? 

Yeah promos for me are the most nerve wracking thing. I always had Leah to do the talking for me and then I’d just put people to sleep.
Its something that with time I hope will become easier for me. The key to this business is to be able to talk. Wrestling itself can get us so far but there comes a time when your a singles competitor where you have to take the mic and assert yourself not only as a good wrestler but a good talker as well.
Still dont think Il never not be nervous doing them but guess I’ll just have

to use that to fuel them.
Obviously it might be somewhat of a touchy subject so feel free to tell me to bolt, but the comments about your sister have got gradually more personal. Insulting a family member or even someone close brings out an instinctive urge to protect at all costs. Why do you think they’re going after you so personally? To throw you off your game? 
I’m just gettin sick sore and tired of people using my sister to try to get themselves over in promos. to be honest. Leahs not with ICW anymore for her own personal reasons.
Yeah it annoys me but only for the fact that she’s not here and she wont be coming back so she can’t defend herself.  I’m the person you’re wrestling not Leah, I’ve heard everything before, its time to put it to bed now.
Thats why I have dropped the Owens from my name so people will associate Kasey the singles wrestler with ICW not Kasey Owens the tag team wrestler.


You’ve had a few really good matches in ICW recently and that’s certainly gone a long way to convincing folk you are at the top-tier when it comes to women’s wrestling in Europe. Do you plan on carrying this success further and making a mark elsewhere, perhaps adding a shiny belt or two to the collection? 

Definitely. ICW means the world to me. I’m going to use this success to wrestle all over the world. Hopefully in the USA soon.
I’m not resting on my laurels,to stay on top I need to be constantly improving and training. So I’ll still make it to training when I can to stay ahead of the competition. Constant improvement and hard work will pay off in the end.

You’ve clearly worked very hard to get to this stage after a bit of uncertain period. Working with a renewed motivation and carving out a character for yourself. What advice would you give anyone else who might be looking for that wee bit extra to push them to the next level?

To quote a certain Superstar – “Never Give Up” (Nae surer way to become a Snapmare Necks all time favourite than a wee John Cena quote)
The road to success is never an easy one. Just keep pushing ignore the naysayers and truly believe in your own abilities. The only person that can hold you back is yourself.
So really its up to you how far your willing to push yourself mentally and physically to get to where you want to be.

Is there anyone in particular you’d say you look up to in wrestling that provides a bit of inspiration?  

So many.
Its obvious I’m a Lita fan and I’ve said it many times before in various other interviews why.
Eddie Guerrero,Dean Malenko, and dare I say Chris Benoit. All just geniuses in the ring.

Closer to home I have to say Kay Lee Ray, Viper and Toni Storm for the Women. All have done so much for womens wrestling throughout the UK and the World.

kasey3Fierce Females is making a return this year after a hiatus. With Women’s Wrestling deservedly taking a bigger share of the spotlight than it maybe ever has, what do you think the promotion can bring to the table and why should fans shift their arses and get to a show?

Great talent showcasing their skills. That should be enough.

Your wrestling style recently has been… brutal. In the best way. Everything just looks incredibly sare. Was that deliberate in keeping with the current character and see when you do that armbar on the rope, are you actually trying to pull yer opponents arm off?

Why of course I am but I’m restricted to 5 seconds to try as I’m hanging on the ropes

ICW is nae rules technically so you might just see a full arm removal sometime soon. Fingers crossed

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