18 Reasons To Go To ICW Fear and Loathing


Its 18 reasons because there’s 18 matches announced. The reason is the wrestling. These articles tend to do a bit better if you make it a list so here we are. I wanted to review France 2000 as well but I’ve no had time so here is this instead. You should come to the shows. For the various reasons stated below.

1- Sami Callihan and BT Gunn attempting to kill each other 

Apparently they’ve wrestled before and by all accounts, it was a cracker of a match. In that match Callihan learned very quickly that BT Gunn is the leading cause of heart failure amongst Scottish wrestlers. He chops folk that hard, their heart just stops. It just gives in. Nae two weeks notice, nae probation period. Time’s up. Goodnight. Over and out. He’s been injured for a while but the chopping hand was unaffected so any weakness Callihan might look to expose wont be in that area. BT Gunn will be raring to go but he’ll be fully aware of just how dangerous mad Sami is, and by dangerous, I mean mental.

2 – Noam Dar, Kieran Kelly and The Captain

Kieran Kelly and Leyton Buzzard have been frankly tremendous for the best part of a year and a half in ICW and are fully deserving of this opportunity to mix it up with a bonafide legend. As much as I’m all about being objective and professional journalism done very professionally, Noam Dar is my guy forever and any opportunity to see him do his thing is a blessing. The fact that in this case its going to be in a heavy good, technically proficient triple threat match is just a wee bonus. The momentum and hunger behind Leyton Buzzard might just be too much for even Noam to handle but then again he’s Noam Dar, so probably not. As good as Shug’s weekend was for Leyton, winning this would top it for me.

3 – Team Best Pals vs Team “You Just Got Bet Aff A Wee Lassie”

Angel Hayze has made an excellent impact since her debut and shocked everyone in the crowd when she took her biggest win to date over Viper on Sunday with a cheeky wee rollup. It was a cracking match and she is very talented so deserves a chance to show that on the big weekender. Clearly respected amongst the top women as well even if Kay Lee did slag Viper for “getting beat aff a wee lassie”. Xia Brookside is similar in stature but equally talented in the ring. Kay Lee and Viper are legit best pals so again, expect this to be loaded with patter along with some top quality wrestling. Its nice that they finally have the chance to be pals in ICW. Its hard work constantly having to batter yer best pal I’d imagine. The pitfalls of being heavy good. Just one of the many bouts this weekend featuring a Scottish performer who holds a WWE title. A lovely thing to be able to type so it is.

4 – Echo and Dean – The Decider

I’m happy for Aaron Echo because this came about mainly due to Ricky Knight Jr not being able to appear on a Fight Club show and Echo stepping in to have a cracking bout with Alexander Dean. That led to a sequel that was equally engaging and now they’ve got a big match on the big show. Both very talented guys who could be big factors higher up the card so I hope they sneak in and have one of the best matches of the weekend.

5 – Kid Fite leathers a polis

No idea why Paul Robinson can’t appear now but as excited as I was to see two of the angriest men in the UK batter each other all over Glasgow, I am exponentially more excited to see my man Fito BATTER A POLIS. The Anti Fun Police are an excellent act and had a great feud with the Kinky Party right. Talented guys. Big fan of their work. At the same time however? FUCK THEM. Fuck the fuckin polis. Forever. Kid Fite to knock all of Dunne’s teeth out, before forcing them back in his gub via his nose. Hopefully he wins the match as well but I think we’d all be pretty satisfied if he gives him a doing regardless of the outcome. Shame for Fito that the planned match didn’t go ahead as it was built perfectly and he added to the build with a poem about baws but such is life. I’m sure it’ll be a good scrap either way.

6 – 10 Men Enter, 1 Man Enters A Square Go

Early entry only for this one but its a tasty prospect. 10 men scrapping for a big opportunity. A few of them have been ready to make the step up for a while. Alexander Darwin Macallan in particular seems to have all the tools and has some cracking presence on the mic, but Sam Barbour is another who has the talent but just needs the right opportunity. A few making their debuts including Lucha DS who has been a mainstay on family shows for a while, and Xero who has gained a reputation as one of the most engaging characters in Scottish Wrestling due to his work with Source. Jason Reed has one of the best in Scottish history as his coach and has plenty of charisma but he’s also cuttin about giving it “We Are The People” so in completely unrelated news, I hope he gets papped out first.

7- More Than Wild vs Power Forward ft The Power Forward

A wee taster for the two out of three falls match between Wild and Coffey on Night Two but I really think this has potential to be a ripping good time on its own merits so the early entry folk are in for all sorts of action. Most of it will likely come from More Than Hype and Power Forward as they look to make an impression on a big show, but I’d imagine it will come down to Mark Coffey and Andy Wild in the end ahead of their singles match. Whoever’s team wins this, wont win the singles match right. That’s the big prediction here. If its wrong, forget I said that. It never happened.

8 – Andy Wild vs Mark Coffey – Big guys doing big guy things

Loved this match at Shugs. It was exactly what I expected it to be. Two of the most technically gifted big lads in the UK skelping the shite out of each other in the form of top quality wrestling. Its strange because Mark Coffey’s NXT exploits has probably been a key reason for Andy Wild’s resurgence over the past 2 years. Fully taking advantage of the extra opportunities in the absence of some key talents, but it seems to have lit a wee fire under Mark. Quick to shut down any idea that he has nothing to prove in ICW anymore with an eerie promo video insisting that there’s still a lot more to come. 2 out of 3 falls gives it some added intrigue as well and hopefully it will get plenty of time to breathe because they could easily craft the best story of the weekend. They are that good.

9 – The Kinky Pinkies vs The Troubles

The only thing better than one Noam Dar match in any given weekend is yes, you guessed it, fuckin TWO Noam Dar matches. The fact that he’s teaming up with my favourite cunts is just a sexy wee sweetner. Any situation that sees Sha and Noam together again is one to be celebrated but throw in Jester and a whole lot of kinky pinky action, and you’ve got yourself the sexiest party Glasgow’s seen since Prince done a gig here a few years ago. The Kings Of The North properly looked like some scary dudes at France 2000 on Sunday. They definitely needed that wee bit of edge and getting the better of Sha and Jester before Noam intervened showed they were not to be fucked with. I genuinely feel like Bonesaw has been in a nightmare I had one time where a big red hand with a face chased me aff the edge of a cliff. A truly scary coupon. Even with big sexy Maxted in the mix, they’ll be nae match for the boaysies. If they crowdsurf this time I swear to fuck yees better catch Sha. Its never his fault ok. He’s trusting you to catch him and some of you are remembering the auld scary Sha and shiteing yersells. Its not on. Catch Sha.

10 – Mad Dragunov kills Kez 

No disrespect at all to Kez Evans who has fully earned this high profile match after a stellar year of being for me the best all round villain on the roster. Any attempt for anyone to get behind him is met with a swift fuck you, and an additional fuck off. He does his job correctly. People aren’t supposed to like him and he makes it very difficult for anyone to do so. His style wrestling wise is perfect for Dragunov and I think if they get it going early, this could be one of the standout matches of the weekend. A career maker for Kez, because putting the fact that hes signed with WWE aside, Ilja Dragunov is one of the most unique characters in wrestling today. Frighteningly mental. To the point that you are genuinely unsure how much of it is part of the act and if he actually is just mega unhinged. Kez is going to find out either way.

11 – Grado, Ravie Davie and Big Specks 

Every single bit of me wants the man known as “Big Specks” that Davie introduced in his promo on Sunday to be a real guy. A real guy who decides to start wrestling training after his stint as a Lumberjack for this match, and a real guy who goes all in with the gimmick. I want a wrestling gimmick to be about specks mate. Nothing more. Nothing Less. He’s big, he wears specks and you should fear that. This feud for me has been Davie’s best in ICW and solidified his turn to the dark side as he went after a fuckin national treasure. Grado has been excellent since this feud kicked off as well, and when you’ve got Grado dialled in and ready to sling rapid elbows n wee boots, you’ve got some top quality storytelling every time. Lumberjack matches have never been my favourite but I think they’ll make this good. Well them and of course Big Specks. Probably Wee Boab in the mis somewhere as well. Anyone reading this who doesn’t know the background won’t have a fucking clue what’s going on but that’s wrestling eh.

12 – The Quintessential Athlete graces us with his presence

Not to diminish the participation of Scotty Davis at all. A fine performer from Ireland who had a stormer of a match with Kenny Williams in his debut on the first ICW Gonzo show. He’s very good but I cannae stress to you enough how much I fuckin love Iestyn Rees new gimmick. Its not that new but I’ve no really wrote anything in a while so this is the first chance I’ve had to give it the major thumbs up. It just fits him perfectly. He does look like he was cut from a really shiny block of granite, all he needed was a gimmick that allowed him to have the absolute unbridled freedom to tell everyone how much better than them he is. It reminds me Lex Luger’s auld Narcissist gimmick but better cause Iestyn has a heavy good spear. Really enjoyed the dynamic between him and Kieran Kelly recently and I loved that he just won that match because he’s fuckin massive. Kieran is established in ICW and has done some cool shit, but Iestyn has about 100 pounds on him and sometimes even the best wrestlers just don’t have enough to overcome that. He has a character now that allows him to be dominant in the ring and have a bit of a laugh with it. This match will have a similar dynamic to the one with Kieran Kelly and I suspect it might end up with a similar outcome.

13- The Fite Network take on Brooklyns finest 

Lou King Sharp and Krieger have been fuckin brilliant for a very long time, both individually and as a team, but I think Lou’s stint in China really gave everyone a wee insight as to just how good they can be. Krieger had a nice wee singles run and really showed all he had to offer while Lou was away making a name for himself all while his reputation grew at home. The reaction he got in his farewell match proved that people have been ready to get right behind him for a while. They’ll either stomp on together and be a big factor in the tag division for years to come or one of them’s gonnae do the dirty and instantly become the biggest villain in Scotland. No just in wrestling, just in general life. The 99 have been a nice addition to the tag team ranks, with the wily veteran leadership of Divers pairing up beautifully with the underrated talent that is Jack Morris. Big man’s cutting about looking like an Italian defender fae the 90s, then he hits out with mad flippy shit through tables. A truly dynamic performer. Lovely wee match in prospect here aye. Winners get a title shot. Big time shit.

14 – Kenny And Devlin Wrestle In Upside Down World

Kenny is a dick in ICW and sound elsewhere and apparently the opposite is true for Jordan Devlin, so expect to see them swap movesets, gear and faces to freak everyone right out. If that doesn’t happen then I guess they’ll just have a really good wrestling match. Devlin has been doing very little else for a long time now, particular in OTT and Kenny will be keen to show everyone he’s more than just bravado. More than just telling ye he’s much better than you in every way. He actually is. Probably.

15 – Aivil vs Kasey – The final chapter

If The Wee Man gets involved he’s sacked and if Aivil loses she never gets another shot at Kasey. That would suggest there will be some finality to this feud here either way. Its been one of the longest running stories in recent memory and has produced some terrific matches in The Garage throughout the past 2 years. Fitting that the decider will come on the biggest weekender of the year when they’ve been mainstays on so many Fight Club shows. They’ve earned the opportunity to show a bigger crowd just how good they are and I reckon they’ll do just that.

16 – The Kings Of Catch vs The Purge – Kings Of Insanity

Much prefer The Purge as the villains in this dynamic. They’re fuckin bikers, they’re supposed to no give a fuck. When they still had a point to prove, people naturally got behind them but since they got the better of P.O.D at Shugs, they’ve had a bit of extra swagger. Winning King Of Hauners along with BT Gunn was another string to the bow and with their big pal Wolfy stealing sinks and whatnot, The Purge have followed suit. If its anything like its predecessors the tag team version of  this match will have more than a few moments that make ye seriously consider phoning the police. I know its wrestling and that, but its really not cool to come at people with chainsaws. The Kings have been one of the most popular acts in the company for ages now and have been top class as champions for the majority of the year but they’ll have a bit of a rebranding conundrum if they win this. Kings Of Insanicatch? Kings Of Catchsanity? Maybe safer just to lose. You can always win tag titles back, but your identity? Ye lose that its gone forever.

17 – Good Housekeeping With A Vengeance – Liam Thomson vs Wolfgang

Because its the third one…..wee Die Hard joke there. If you haven’t seen the first two instalments of this modern day masterpiece I suggest you get caught the fuck up before this one lands on yer lap as the main event of Night One. Honestly the first two are two of my favourite bits of entertainment ever. Not wrestling matches. Of all the things that have ever been entertaining, those matches are two of the best things. There was a giant sponge in one of them ffs. Several ironing boards. Flour. A washing machine. Yet somehow, both functioned perfectly as wrestling matches. The gimmick wasn’t a distracting sideshow, they integrated it into a really good match both times. That is just pure talent and while its a big ask to get them to top it one more time, they are more than up to the task. Liam has had the year of his life in ICW and stands proud as the Zero G champion, while big Wolfy is currently a title holder in WWE. Representing on a grand stage while his in ring work continues to excel. Both men were tremendous in their respective Shugs House Party matches and it just so happens their opponents have found their way to each other for the main event of night two.

17 – Stevie Boy vs Joe Coffey – ICW World Title Match 

Two of the very best this company has ever produced finally going toe to toe for the top prize. These are two men who were never settling for anything less than the main event. The crowd went with them both as they moved their way up the ladder. Believing in them more and more as they got better and better. Now they stand opposite each other as the headline act of the biggest show of year. Stevie after a year out that tested him mentally and physically but one that seems to have made him stronger than ever before. Strong enough to overcome Rudo Lightning’s attempt to cash in his Square Go briefcase at France 2000. Pinning him after a thunderous knee to the back of the head, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that he is strong enough mentally and physically to lead the company as its champion. This will be the biggest test of his career. Simply because Joe has fuckin lost it seemingly. Crashing all sorts of shows telling everyone to come ahead. Joe Coffey is already a difficult opponent, but raging Joe Coffey is just that wee bit more frightening. An extra 20% oomph behind each lariat. There’s a lot of good stuff on this weekender, but don’t be at all surprised if they soak up every single minute of it and top the lot of it.

Come to the shows. There’s still tickets at Ticketmaster and Tickets Scotland. They’ll be really good. Seriously. Mon. 

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