5 Reasons Yokozuna Is Amazin

1 – He was a great wrestler
2-A good man

3- ppppppft NAAAAH THIS AINT NO LIST ARTICLE SON. But it made ye click it eh. I’ve got ye there.

No one mentions him in their favourites of all time. No one talks about how fucking terrifying a man is when the literal act of sitting on you could take you out. Thats not slagging the big hero by any means because he could fuckin move. Even when he really got huge man could wrestle. But could you have pulled a better lead villain out your arse than a man that size with that much ability? The way he sold everything The Undertaker done is underappreciated art. The Hulk stuff proper got him over as the baddest baddie. The stuff with Bret Hart was just perfect but thats just Bret I guess. Point is the man was very good and I dont hear it discussed enough so hopefully this bucks the trend and gets the wrestling universe buzzin about Yokozuna

I wont stand for it any longer guys. Watch auld Yokozuna matches. Tell yer pals 1993-1994 would have been FUCK ALL without the big guy. He’s no here to blow his own trumpet anymore so I felt like doing it for him. Feel daft calling this an “article” but if news sites can put up 50 word snippets and call it wrestling coverage then I can damn sure call this a fuckin article. God bless Yokozuna, and of course Mr Fuji

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