An Interview With “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson


Liam Thomson is the type of guy you appreciate if you like your wrestling done correctly. Everything always works. Since splitting with Kid Fite and working as a singles wrestler pretty much everywhere, Liam Thomson has been arguably the most consistent wrestler in Scotland. Providing the perfect old school bad guy opponent for everyone from the jovial bumbag wearing Grado, to the scary as fuck bawbag kicking Tommy End. If there’s any justice with this wrestling carry on, 2015 will be the year Liam Thomson gets the widespread recognition he deserves. Every great journey has to start somewhere I suppose eh. So before he gets to taking over Scottish Wrestling one backcracker at a time, he answered some daft questions for us on everything from Carmel to Papa Shango.

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An Interview With Wolfgang


I’ll keep this wee bit short and sweet. Wolfgang (with hauners from a certain Mr Balor/Devitt/Prince) is the reason this blog exists today. His match with Prince Devitt at ICW Hadouken was the first thing in a long line of things that brought back my passion and excitement for wrestling. Without that show it might never have happened. So to have the chance to interview the big man and to have him quite excited to do it was a buzz and a half. Probably my favourite thing about doing this so far. Fanboy shite out the road, Wolfgang has been a busy boy over the past year or so. Knocking fuck out his cousin and playing a pivotal part in the rise of ICW and Scottish Wrestling in general. I asked the big sexy bastard some inane questions and he answered them. Those answers are contained below. Enjoy.


Generic opening question. How did you get into wrestling, what made you pursue it as a career, and how did it lead you to try to kill your cousin by hanging him by the neck from the top of a cage? Sorry. That’s not quite as generic as this question usually is, but equally important.

A generic answer to a generic question. I’ve always loved wrestling since I can remember. Growing up I had two videos, Mega Matches and Royal Rumble ’91. Grew up playing wrestling out my back garden, ruining my Mums couch cushions by throwing my mates into them outside. Me and a few friends including Tam had our own we wrestling thing going. Until I learned how dangerous it was. My dad brought me the record with an article of Jake Roberts, who was in the country working. He mentioned BCW in East Kilbride, where I trained for almost 10 years. I took to it as naturally as I had thought I would, and was soon getting bookings on shows. To grow up from the age of 14 in and around wrestling has been very rewarding. Going from wrestling Tam in the back garden to wrestling him in the Barrowlands and inside a steel cage at the ABC will always be a fond achievement for me.

You wrestled Prince Devitt at ICW Hadouken in 2012. That was my second ICW show, and even though I’d enjoyed them, I reckon that match was the one that got me hooked. Is it a match you look upon fondly yourself or am I romanticising it?

The match with Devitt in 2012 was a big night for me. I hadn’t seen too much of his work before, but I was well aware of the reputation he carried. I had my work cut out for me and I had a point to prove. Dallas had put the responsibility of showcasing the guy who was/ is regarded as the best in the world on his debut for ICW. It was a challenge I was more than happy to take on. It’s always refreshing to go in the ring with someone better than you, and it always makes you raise your game. If I could wrestle Prince Devitt every night I would. We ended up winning ICW match of the year for that, and I believe it was because of what Devitt brought out in me that night is why I was also awarded wrestler of the year by ICW

WATCH IT RIGHT NOW OR YOU’RE BANNED FROM SNAPNEXXX. Even if you’ve seen it before. This is not optional

We spoke to Red Lightning recently about the GPWA, so wanted to get your take on it as well. How did your involvement in it come about?

GPWA was an opportunity that I threw myself at head first. It’d always been something I thought I would eventually do, and that I would enjoy it. Once I got the go ahead, that we could open a wrestling school, I head hunted the rest of the coaches. Each one of us brings something unique to the table, as well as a universal knowledge and experience of professional wrestling. Personally it’s reignited a passion for wrestling training again. I think we have created a great programme where aspiring pro wrestlers can learn their craft. I look forward to every training day at the asylum, and what the future has to bring.

What have you made of the trainees so far? With your second intake starting a few weeks ago you’ll probably have a fair idea of how the original group have fared.

Now we’re half way through our 2nd intake’s introduction programme, it’s been good to see comparisons in each class. The first group were very impressive, almost all of the starting team moved on to the main class. They have continued to show commitment and hunger for their training at the asylum. Intake 2 is full of exciting talent, if they all move on we are on to a great start. It doesn’t stop there though as we are continuing to gain interest from the Scottish wrestling scene. We are all overwhelmed by the response so far and I want to thank everyone that has shown their support for us so far.

For anyone thinking of signing up, here’s a photo of one of the trainers hitting another one with a plancha off the top of the cage. This is the kind of stuff you (probably wont) be learning. 


Your focus has shifted from going after the ICW Title, to knocking lumps out your cousin over the past year. As captivating as the feud with you and BT has been, is the focus going back on the big belt now the match at the Square Go is done? How did you rate the cage match up against the other belters you two have had?

After finishing my feud with Tam in ICW at the Square Go, I want to focus on keeping my strong position on the card. I’ve done everything worth doing in Scottish wrestling, it to hold the ICW heavyweight title would be the pinnacle of my time in wrestling. I’ve had chances in the past and been unsuccessful, though I’ve never been this focused on my direction in ICW. I had the chance to face Drew when he was first back, in Dundee during the Magical Mystery Tour. This was before he beat Jester at the Barras. He beat me that night, though I know if I raise my game I could take that belt off him. Though I can’t just demand a title shot, I need to earn that. If that means going after everyone on the card, bring it on.
Lets be honest, who else can catch cunts mid air and powerslam them? Damo probably. Mossy. Everycunt could probably do it to Lou King Sharp too, but BT Gunn isnae a flyweight and check Wolfy powerslamming him into next week here. What a match. Get ICW On Demand right now and get it watched. 


Speaking of the BT feud, I know you totally hate him and all that right now. I’m sure Christmas Dinner was indeed a tense affair, but how much have you enjoyed being able to create such compelling things in wrestling with someone you’re related to? Has this current run between you been the best yet, or as there some hidden gems we might not know about? (fuck, thats about 3 questions in one, just pick yer favourite and answer that one)

Working with BT Gunn over the past year or so has been my favourite time in wrestling. We had a few matches together early on for BCW, SWA. The first time we did it in ICW was my favourite match from then on. I challenged for his ICW Heavyweight title on April 1st, 2012 in the Garage. As much as I enjoyed the match hold it in high regard, it was over shadowed by Ice Man’s retirement match. So we knew that we worked well together, and that if we were permitted, we could create a good run together. I didn’t imagine we’d go through what we did though. We had to raise the bar every time, to do better than the last time. We used every opportunity we were given to make sure folk remembered us. If that meant throwing him off a balcony, or wrapping a chan round out necks and hanging each other, so be it. The icing on the cake was ofcourse the cage match at the ABC. Never thought I’d ever do that. Can’t wait to do it again.

What are your long-term aspirations in wrestling? In terms of size, and athletic ability, you’re quite unique. Not many 19 stone guys can clear the top rope with big death-defying dives. Is there designs on experiencing wrestling outwith the Scottish/UK scene?

A long time ago I let go of any aspirations to going to America. After that I never applied myself outwith Scotland. Red Lightning once told me “we don’t need to go over there, I think something bigs gonna happen here”. He was right I guess. We aren’t making mega money, we aren’t flying round the world, but we have come a long way and we aren’t loosing steam. From here on out, if I never wrestle again, I’m proud to have been part of what Scottish wrestling has become. If I helped that at all, I can say I achieved something worth while. 


And I’m………..spent

ICW go back on tour early this year. Tell us why you think everyone should shift their hole and get some tickets to some shows?

ICW is the most exciting thing going right now. If you aren’t already a fan, you don’t know what you’re missing. There’s something for everyone at ICW. Whether you’re a wrestling fan, a former fan or even had no prior interest in wrestling, I guarantee you will enjoy ICW. It has some I the best wrestlers in the world, from new talent to established world wide performers and even some famous faces show up unannounced. That’s ICW’s thing, they give the fans what am they want to see.

Favourite match of your own to date? And favourite match generally if you have one? If you don’t have a favourite for either, feel free to use this space for drawing a picture, or scribbling down a limerick.

The collection of matches with BT Gunn over the last fued are all favourites of mine, my favourite being the dog collar. My personal favourite match is Austin v HBK Wrestlemania 14. It was when I was most into wrestling I think, or at least that started my love of it. Had a poster of Tyson holding up Austin’s hand at the end and you see Michaels in the background sparkled. If anyone had that, I’ll buy it.

Mania 14 is my favourite Mania. I think this makes me and Wolfie best pals. Or we’ll at least nod at each other the next time I see him. I did ask him oot for a pint one night, and he said he’d rather impale himself baws first on the top rope. I didnae believe him so he snapchatted me this. I don’t have snapchat, so he sent me it via post and 5 days later I literally and figuratively got the picture.





Scottish wrestling has gone through a bit of a boom period over the past couple of years, with the growth seeming to continue upward. Is there a hope that one day wrestling can be your full-time job while located in the UK?

If Scottish wrestling continues to grow the way it is, there’s every chance the main stay guys can make this their full time job. I’m in a position now that between working at the asylum and wrestling for the regular running shows across Scotland, I could consider to try and make a go of it, though the La Cala is still my job.

Last but not least. Anything you want to tell us about (like any upcoming gigs for your new band featuring wolves as backing singers…Wolfgang and The Wolf Gang….that sort of thing) feel free to do that here.

Thanks for your interest and time, always enjoy reading your stuff. Hope you get that book published. I’d also like to thank everyone that’s supported Scottish wrestling these past few years. It’s because of your passion and belief in the cause that pushes myself and the rest of the guys to put on the best show possible. Everyone that has achieved anything these past few years owes it to your support. Cheers.

What a lovely, passionate man Wolfgang is. Quite cool to be thanked for my time by a guy who’s entertained me time and time again with all that good wrasslin stuff. A touch taken aback tbh. This is the bit where I usually thank the person involved for doing aye….cheers Wolfy! Here’s a picture of you doing a sexy big dive to finish us off



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Eh….I dunno. Go to the La Cala and stare longingly intae his eyes if you want to take it to the next level of creepy. 

As always, huge thank you to David J Wilson for the images. All credit goes to him and his wonderful talents.

An Interview With Sweeney


Sweeney’s a frightening man. My first glimpse of him in a wrestling ring involved him diving over the top rope in the Square Go and eliminating himself just so he could batter Rob Mackai. As poor as that is strategy wise, it shows a dedication to leathering cunts that not many can match. Things have been a wee bit different for Sweeney recently though. Dare I say it, showing a bit of a softer side since the birth of his second daughter. God love any poor bastard the lassie brings home when she’s older right enough, but maybe Sweeneys days of smashin jaws and bootin baws are behind him. Or maybe not. Thats why you interview folk. To find such things out. Have a swatch, or else what the fuck else did you open the link for? Exactly mate.

Do it.

So tell us how you got started in the life of cri…I mean wrestling. The wrestling business is what I mean. No other kind of business that may or may not be legal.

There’s no real way of answering this without sounding like everyone else. One thing I have heard in a lot of interviews is people saying they watched it as a kid then fell away from it or grew out of it. Then as they get older they re-discover it. In my case I never grew out of it or fell away I stuck with it through the good times and the bad times I still watched every week through the dark days of 1995 and then watched it become the in thing again through the attitude era.
The thing is when I was young there was no Scottish wrestling scene so my teenage years were spent getting drunk experimenting with drugs and girls along with getting into fights and being arrested. But to answer your question I found out about the Scottish Wrestling Alliance through Adam Shame. He was a friend of a friend and after contacting him he told me to come along to training. I was 25 at this point and came into wrestling already having a family. So when I see the youngsters coming up now and see the opportunities available to them I hope they realise how good they have it.

You seem to be a bit less… can I put it without you leathering me……a bit less vicious these days. Since Mark Dallas announced to the world that you had become a father on the day of Fear and Loathing. Was that something you knew he was going to do?

To answer the first part of your question yes over the last 2 months something has changed I no longer want to look for trouble or get into fights i’m looking to settle down and watch the youngsters do their thing. In regards to the Barrowlands no I did not know Mark was going to mention me becoming a father again. (I already have a 12 year old daughter) but that was the night where everything changed to stand there and have near 2000 people chanting my daughters name was beautiful and made me question what I have to be angry about. That day was the strangest weirdest and best day all rolled into one. I started the day in a hospital delivery room watching my daughter be born a few hours later I was standing in the Barrowlands in front of the best fans in the world bar none and finished the day rocking my daughter to sleep. How can you get a better day than that?

You simply cannot. Unless it involves cake, and hauf bottle, but even then, thats just a wee added bonus.

You left the last Spacebaws show under a cloud of uncertainty. Speaking of your eye being off the ball, and maybe accepting a backstage role at ICW. So I suppose the question is, is there any backstage role that needs a guy who can punch through bulletproof glass?

No there isn’t and that’s exactly my point that guys gone he’s no longer around and I don’t know if he will ever be back or if the fans would even want him back.

Seriously though, what’s the score? Are you done with ICW? Will we not get to see you heider folk over the top rope at the Square Go this year? Say it aint so.

When I was brought in it was as a bit of a problem solver. Mark Dallas had a problem he would call me I would sort it its that simple, one of Marks biggest problems was Jackie Polo who was trying to take the company from him I sorted that and he went away and so did I. Then he came back so I came back I’ve been hounding him for the better part of 2 years but after going one on one with him (and beating him) in Edinburgh during ICW’s fringe run I feel there’s not much else for me to do to him I guess you could say in a way he’s earned my respect. So no you won’t see me in the Square Go.

Spose we’ll settle for an old photo of Sweeney battering Jester then eh. 

Its awrite ref, I'm just checkin his pulse

Its awrite ref, I’m just checkin his pulse

You and Renfrew are having a cracking time as Street Justice over at Pride. Tell us a wee bit about Pride, and how the Street Justice thing came about?

Street Justice is mine and Renfrew’s way of letting off some steam and having fun. ICW is the big time and is the biggest company in Europe I don’t care what anyone else says that’s the way it is and that’s all business. So we use Street Justice as a little experiment and have a lot of fun doing it. It actually started as a drunken conversation between me and Renfrew that just kept cropping up (Renfrew was one of the first people I met in SWA and we have been good friends ever since) then Pride Wrestling got in touch and the rest is history. In regards to Pride the last year has been a great one for the company and its growing each show. I have personally suggested to the booker that he may have to look for bigger venues.

You’ve had a rivalry with Jackie Polo since you first came back to ICW 2 years ago, and it continues to be as bitter as ever. How much fun has it been getting to batter him, considering he’s a pal? Is it even possible to be Jackie Polos pal actually? I imagine he’s just Jackie Polo 24/7.

Whoah whoah whoah! hang on I didn’t say we were pals I said he’s earned my respect there’s a big difference. Next Question …..

Jackie Polo will always be an enigma eh?  Here’s Sweeney leathering Polo. One picture is from 2010, the other from 2014. Can you guess which one is which? I’ll give ye a clue, the one where both wrestlers look like younger versions of their current selves is the old one.


Aye ah fuckin know the Hollyoaks after dark hing's on the night, I'm taping it. Wantae shut up n let me batter this dick

Aye ah fuckin know the Hollyoaks after dark hing’s on the night, I’m taping it. Wantae shut up n let me batter this dick

Speaking of Polo. He claims to be Scotlands BEEEEEEEEEST wrestler. Is that something you’d agree with, and if not, who is the best in the country right now in your opinion?

That’s a tough one as the talent is so good at the moment. When I broke in Scottish Wrestling was on its arse we were wrestling in front of sometimes 30 people but we still went out there and put in a shift. There are a lot of people who have been weeded out over the years and deservedly so. Jackie gets it and he had to earn his spot the hard way he was written off by a lot of people because of his attitude but that didn’t put him off. One of the reasons he has my respect is because he doesn’t change for anyone he does his own thing and you can’t fault that. Other talent on the scene at the moment who I enjoy watching are guys like Mark and Joe Coffey, Lewis Girvan, my little buddy Solar ( who had a cracking match with DCT at Fear and Lothian II) and Kenny Williams.

Kiss the fuckin ring.

Kiss the fuckin ring.

Favourite wrestling/wrestling personality of all time?

Ultimate Warrior was the guy who got me interested but Shawn Micheals was the guy that made me stick around and keep watching then came Steve Austin who made it cool again to be a wrestling fan.

Favourite match of all time if you have one?

Steve Austin Vs Bret Hart Wrestlemania 13 hands down closely followed by Mark Sweeney vs Chris Renfrew in KWA December 2008. You can ask Chris about that one Haha.

I shall. I interview the cunt once a week these days anyway, in the meantime, here’s some photos of the aforementioned match (Sweeney vs Renfrew, not Bret vs Austin)(although that bit in brackets was probably pointless, you’ll see the photos)(thats them below)(have a look)


Worlds Greatest Tie-Up


“Knock knock?” “Who’s there?” “Sweeney” “Sweeney who?” “Sweeneys gonnae jab you. At least 10 times” “Sounds unpleasant” “Aye mate…will be. Sorry”


Here ref, ye noticed we’re wearing similar jerseys? Maybe after all this madness is over wae, we’ll become a tag team. Could even say we’d take Pride in it.


Tag team ma fuckin arse. Tag this elbow ya prick

Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about (like the new range of Sweeney name branded cowboy hats you have coming out…etc) feel free to do that here.

I could sit here and talk all day about things that I enjoy in wrestling and probably even more so about things that annoy me but we will save that for another day as that would be better suited for a podcast as there’s not enough of them around . Thanks for the chat Mertin and remember ………Patter!!

Patter indeed big yin. Hopefully the Snapmare Necks podcast is a rousing success and we’ll have the big man on for a proper chat soon. Not to ruin his hard man image or that, but he sourced out all these photos tae. I may or may not have captioned them right enough. Need to shoehorn my shite patter in anywhere I can eh. Big thank you to Sweeney for doing this, giving us a wee insight to his career/life, and keeping the Jackie Polo enigma strong.

Follow Sweeney on that twitter if you so wish, by going here

A wee picture of an imminent powerbomb to round us off. Polo’s going up hiiiigh.

Gonnae poweomb this nugget tae fuck, then I'm going to pish oan uhm.

Gonnae poweromb this nugget tae fuck, then I’m going to pish oan uhm.

Photo credits as always to the bold David J Wilson, and of course Chelsea Cochrane. And whoever took the ones of Sweeney vs Renfrew anaw. Cheers for the polaroids ma man.

An Interview With Mikey Whiplash


I won’t lie, this is the one interview in the world I never expected to get. Back when I didn’t take this quite as seriously as I do now, I don’t think Mikey Whiplash was a great fan of my writing. Which is sound. I think I won him over a bit, and I’d be utter shite at this if I didn’t at least try to get him to answer a few questions for us. He done so in a most entertaining manner. Continue reading

An Interview With Carmel Jacob


Credit to Contraband Photography for the image.

Carmel Jacob is a wee bit good at this wrestling thing. Admittedly the first few times I seen her, whilst she was clearly talented, she wasn’t a person on shows I needed to see. When she took the mic at ICW There’s Something About Maryhill and tore a strip off everyone in…well Scotland really, thats when it all changed, and she has been on an absolute tear both on the mic and in the ring since.

Usually these intros are a bit longer, but d’you know what? Carmel said pretty much everything I might have in this bit. So I won’t keep you any longer. Get it read.

I find you a wee touch….well fuckin terrifying tbh. So I’ll try my best not to ask anything antagonistic at all. We’ll start off nice and easy. How did you get involved in wrestling, and what made you pursue it as a career? Continue reading

An Interview With GM of ICW Spacebaws…Red Lightning

Thought I’d give him his full title as opposed to just calling it “Rid Lightnin interview….the second wan”
That image was picked specifically for this interview to serve as a reminder for anyone who might have forgotten, or any new fans of ICW who maybe don’t know what Red Lightning once represented in the company you have grown fanatical for. Red Lightning was the guy who pinned your hero. Continue reading