BT Gunn vs Wolfgang – The End Of The World (As We Know It)



Dearie me. This is it eh?

There are very few matches in wrestling that can give you the feeling Wolfgang vs BT Gunn in a steel cage does. With the rivalry coming to boiling point, having seen them knock the utter fuck out of one and other for the best part of a year, this is the one. The brutality that was the Dog Collar Match will look like a stroll in the park with the dog after this. The last man standing match will look like some sort of really violent two-man yoga session compared to this. Even the massacre of Wolfgang in London will look like a surprise party compared to the pain these two are going to inflict on each other this Sunday. Renfrew vs Drew has a prize-fight sort of feel. Fuelled by the drive to win. Fuelled by mutual respect, and mutual disrespect at the same time. BT Gunn vs Wolfgang is a wee bit different. BT Gunn vs Wolfgang is driven by the basic human emotions we all experience in life from time to time. Frustration, unrequited love and the innate desire to knock fuck out of your cousin. Continue reading

An Interview With Drew Galloway


Drew Galloway is here. Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Galloway vs Renfrew Is So Significant


Aye I’m writing a “5/10/20/59 reasons why something topical is important, please click me” thing. So whit? When I done a piece taking the piss out of these things about Dolph Ziggler, I discovered that its fuckin fun. Fun to do the list itself, and also fun to have a wee thread of sarcasm running through it towards the fact that these articles are all you ever see these days. I’ll lay aff the sarcasm side a wee bit here, because this is serious. People don’t understand how much hinges on the outcome of Drew Galloway vs Chris Renfrew for the ICW Title at the Square Go, so I’m going to hammer it home as hilariously as possible here. For me this match carries more importance overall than Jester vs Galloway did, because truth be told, a lot of people were ready for a new champion. A year is a long time in wrestling, especially as a title holder, and even if you’ve carried the belt with pride and represented the company it belongs to with nobility, the chances are folk are gonnae get bored. Wrestling fans are always waiting for the next big thing. That thing in ICWs case was big Drew. Continue reading

Sha Samuels and Martin Stone – The Villians

sha tone

Credit to David J Wilson for the heeliest photo in the history of photos

Wrestling is an odd thing. Judging by the many Wrestling Facebook groups I’m a member of (I mainly use them to punt my writing and as a source of awful, humourless memes about John Cena) there aren’t as many “clued up” fans as you’d think Continue reading

CM Punk – Please Don’t Die

punkMMA has never really been my thing. I remember my first dalliance with it, as a lock in at the pub my pal worked in. Me, Davey, my pal, his pal and one other customer. Me playing pool, whilst the other customer demonstrated hand to hand combat on Davey by gesturing to punch him in the face but stopping his hand about a millimetre before his spotty coupon. I’ve never seen Davey look so uncomfortable, and Davey has had hundreds of conversations with my maw. The hours wore on, and eventually play fighting and talking about mediocre Robert De Niro movies became passée, so we fired the tele on. Oh some UFC? Dont mind if I do. People tell me this is like pro wrestling, except its REAL. Who wouldn’t love that? Continue reading