The Daily Thing – Day Twelve (Emma’s a tube)

Emma (real name Tenille Daschsuhin, born at some point in the 1980s) is a professional wrestler of Australian descent, currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. 

UPDATE. Emma (real name Tenille, born in a hospital) is a professional wrestler from Australia, who used to work with World Wrestling Entertainment, before inexplicably stealing a stupit Ipad case and some Rye Bread outta Walmart, and being relieved of her position for being stupit.

THIS JUST IN. Emma (real name Terry Bollea) is a part-time bubble blower, currently signed with The World Wrestling Federation, after they decided they were being awfy harsh in releasing her before.

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The Daily Thing – Day Eleven (ICW Fear and Loathing 6 Review)

Aye so, I’m cheating the day. I’ve wrote a lot over the past few weeks, and I cannae be fucked arsed the day. Was going to watch the show Progress put up and review that, but I’ve decided to do that for tomorrows thing instead, cause I’ve designated this day do half hourly masturbation, and putting 15 different flavours of crisps in a bowl so that every handful I scoop up is a TASTE EXPLOSION.

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The Daily Thing – Day Nine (Money In The Bank Reaction)

Money In The Bank eh. A wrestling show. Don’t mistake this for a review btw, I’ll do that properly at some point. This is more of an initial reaction thing, although it will contain SPOILERS and many of them, in case ye were daft enough to not get that fae the title. I think ye got it though. Ye seem like a smart guy. That’s what I’ve always liked about you pal. That intuition. That’ll serve ye well in later life. Well, that and the delicious rump ye happen tae be sporting, but this isnae about you and yer terrific tail, it’s about the Money In The Bank PPV.

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The Daily Thing – Day Eight (WWE MITB Preview/Predictions)

Aye I’m cheating a bit, so whit. Wanna fight abahd it? I cannae be arsed writing a MITB preview AND something else for the Daily Thing, so I figured we’d kill 2 birds wae the one stane and combine the two. I’ve still no reviewed RAW yet either. Fuckin disgrace man. In my defence….I don’t really have a defence, so I’ll shut the fuck up and write this MITB Preview.

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The Daily Thing – Day Seven (Ladders)

Fuck knows. I’ve dug mysel a hole here eh? Fuckin daily thing. Meaning every day. Meaning even as I lie here burst, wantin tae curl intae a wee baw and sleep tae Wrestlemania 31, I need tae try and bust out a blog post. That was one of the main points in starting this I suppose. Even on days I cannae be fucked, it makes me sit and write something. Some words. Maybe about wrestling. Maybe just havering about life in general. Who knows ma man. Who fuckin knows.

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The Daily Thing – Day Six (Dean Ambrose and why you should come to ICW in London)

So today’s daily thing is gonnae be a quick haver. That was the plan for the Red Lightning one right enough, and it turned into a 2000 word dissertation about his ICW Title run, but naw, this will be nice and short. I hope……

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